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Comment 29 Nov 2016

I have watched every Alabama game this year (unfortunately) and there is no possible way for Ohio state to blow them out. The reasons are ryan anderson, Tim williams, and Jonathan Allen. Do you honestly think Ihah prince can hold up against that. I'm not saying we can't win. But we would need to grind out a victory.

Comment 26 Oct 2016

I don't know why people say he has the brains to be an Nfl qb. I think that's one of his weaknesses. He reads defenses slow and doesn't anticipate

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I don't think people are defending beck. But the fact is Meyer has most of the control over this offense. That's who I'm directing my aggregation at. The point about Herman is true as well. the comment section was littered with sarcastic Mensa jokes. Trust me I can't stand the play calling, but the fact is I haven't liked it for the past 4 years (besides a 3 game run). All I know is something needs to change. With that being said beck is not the guy to make those changes.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

It's a tough combination on saturday of a line who was struggling, receivers who couldn't seperate, and most importantly a qb who can't throw receivers open. Typically QBs with lesser arm strength make up for it with anticipation. At this point in his career JT can't create separation for wr.  He needs to wait on receivers to be open and this is why he under throws the deep ball. His little double pump hitch is grinding my gears. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

The offensive line and lack of play makers on the outside obviously stuck out but I don't think we can win a championship with a quarterback who can't push the ball down the field. JT is an awesome leader but we don't beat Bama with him under center. He is not dynamic enough to create junk yardage. Granted we need to find a way to get our playmakers the ball. Even teams like Baylor do not run the best routes. They use nothing close to the full route tree. So there has to be ways to create big plays without nfl caliber route running. At this level team speed on the outside is enough to create plays. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I am grateful to have Urban as the head coach. But a lot of blame has to go on his shoulders for that debacle. Play calling was god awful all year, and nothing changed in that game. Urban either made a  majority of those play calls, or he didn't step in to make in game adjustment. Either way it was terrible coaching. Not to mention his time management has been just as bad. In the Indiana game he almost blew it by snapping the ball with 20 seconds on the play clock multiple times. Last night he uses no time outs on the last drive to stop the clock. I understand they got the first down and it wouldn't matter, but that was inept time management.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Im a lot higher on this kid than most. i personally think he is the next Mike Vick. He is an athletic freak who throws an absolutely beautiful deep ball. He also has a cannon for an arm. He would be an absolute stud in this system. 

Comment 19 Jan 2015

i actually think thats why the offense was so efficient. Urban has a tendency t get to caught up with the read option and quarterback run game. The offense becomes so QB-centric and often can become stagnate in big games. With Cardale skill set it forced herman to get the ball into the play makers hands and push the ball down the field. CJ is the starter with similar plays being called.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Cardale ceiling is just so much higher than JT. I also think JT ccuracy is overrated. He missed a lit of deep crossing routes, and other routes with receivers running wide open. Cardale ability to push the ball down the field brings an element to the game that JT simple can't. The mark of a great coach is adjusting the system to the talent of the players around him. thats exactly what he did the last 3 games of the year. Cardale beat 3 out 4 toughest teams on the schedule. basically the only teams worth being evaluated against. Cardale is the closest thing to Cam Newton that college football has seen. Jt has a bad habit of taking his eyes off receivers when pressure is in his face. A lot of the time his athletic ability will allow for him to escape. But give me CJ ability to stare down the loaded gun and make throws down field. JT is going be a great quarterback, but if CJ continues to mature there is no way he is not the starter come VTech. I don't think people fully understand how talented and how good he has the ability to be. We are talking top 5 NFL draft talent. 

Comment 19 Jan 2015

It shocks me that so many people think Jt should start over cardale. CJ brings natural talent and arm strength that JT doesn't possess. The offense is so much more explosive with his big play ability. JT also missed a good amount of deep crossing routes, I would argue Cardale might be a little more accurate. It isn't a coincidence that Elliot went off once CJ became the starter. Cardale is the closet thing to Cam Newton that the NCAA has seen. Lets not forget Cardale beat 3 out of the 4 toughest teams on the schedule. JT had a great freshman season and helped get the Bucs to the playoffs. I personally believe a lot of his stats were padded against bad teams. Im a big believer in the eye test, and my eyes says Cardale. 

Comment 04 Jan 2015

yah i thought i was the only one who caught that. I personally think the Bucs D struggle against mobile quart backs. Look at devin gardner the pst 2 years. MM has break away speed, great accuracy, and doesn't make the big mistake. The Bucs are going need to score 40 plus to win. I think a lot of people are over confident because they actually haven't watched any of Oregon games. If you seen them play you know they are the real deal. They are no longer a gimmick team, and with their improved defense, the buds are in for a dog fight. 

Comment 04 Jan 2015

The tempo is really going to test our lack of  depth at the cline.