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Comment 24 Apr 2013

Well ZBD..... it would be your loss. Thank the good lord above your name is not Urban Meyer. First of all he was born in Ohio. Secondly he has only visited 3 schools out west. 2 of which are in Arizona. Third I believe most kids have a hard transition moving from middle school into dealing with the rigors of high school work. Oh and did I mention he has a three sport athlete freshman year? Lastly and most importantly, Jalen has more passion and drive than any kid I have ever met. His gpa isnt a 4.0 but you can ask any adult that knows him, he is the most well behaved, polite, driven kid you will ever meet. You will never hear him address an adult as anything other than yes ma'am or yes sir! You will never find a team mate that has played with Jalen that will say he gave up in the third, even though he played both sides of the ball for the entire game. No my son works hard on the field all game long. So your comment ZBD doesn't hold much weight to anyone that knows my son.

Comment 24 Apr 2013

He didnt miss two seasons. He missed most of his freshman year because of a knee injury. It wasnt a major injury but due to a major growth spurt it was slow healing.