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Comment 6 hours ago

Personally, no, I feel Tyvis Powell is very good at what he does. But I would like to know your rationale for suggesting this. Maybe we just haven't seen enough of Cam Burrows to make that leap. Can you give us more? As stated above, Burrows has been beaten deep more than once.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

And let us not forget one HUGE name not listed here, Mark Pantoni. If you understand the inner workings of our athletic department then you have a good grasp of this man's incredible value to the recruiting process. His ability to relate to these 16/17/18 year olds and manage the detail oriented process within all aspects of recruiting has been nothing short of phenomenal. And I can state no matter how much they pay him it isn't half the value that he brings to his job.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

According to Gino Torretta, "Tim Brown said, "I wouldn't vote for anybody that wins the award to win it again. I think Archie should be the only two-time winner".

The entire article is a wonderful essay on Archie. For those of us lucky enough to watch this man run every Saturday for 4 years in the Fall it was sheer excitement. If you haven't read the Maisel piece yet, get to ESPN.com and read it. Then go to Wiki and read about his total accomplishments at tOSU. OMG!

Comment 10 Dec 2014

From everything I have ever heard about Cowboy Clown he does nothing without getting paid for it; pictures with your kids, walks through Children's Hospital, appearances on talk radio shows, etc. I certainly cannot see him passing up an opportunity to knock down a couple thou for a tv spot...especially from the money pit of ESPN. 

This moron is a total embarrassment to all OSU fans everywhere.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

DaytonBuck1980 sums up this clown in one sentence. Kudos!

Comment 07 Dec 2014

With the Selection Committee doing their guess-work every Tuesday eve for the last several weeks, and now coming up with their final foursome, I would like to lay this idea at everyone's feet. They have taken the computers out of the decision making and placed it in the hands of 12 souls that (supposedly) have a lot of football wisdom between them. But the Committeees hands have still been tied to certain guidelines and they are not allowed beyond these guidelines.

Just suppose there really were five (or six, seven, etc.) truly deserving teams to vie for the NC trophy. The number is set at four and that's it...too bad, so sad! Instead of being EXclusive, empower the SC to be INclusive. This year provides a perfect example. We don't hear ANY team ranked seven (7) or lower bitching to be included. They don't deserve it and they know it! Give the Committee TRUE powers to discuss and invite all deserving teams and if there are only three or four, then that's it. But what about the Auburns and the Oklahomas of past years that certainly had the record to put them in the championship mix, but had to be excluded because there was no room for them. And in a year where there are an odd number, #1 gets a bye week. NBD.

I don't agree with a set number (two, four, or eight) invitees. BTW, I can't recall any year where eight teams could lay claim to the throne. Nor do I advocate a team that finishes second in their own conference or a team with two or more losses being invited. TCU and Baylor may have legitimate complaints and in the coming years the media will be using them as examples of these system shortcomings.

Anyway, it's just an idea that I was toying with since they announced this new format last year. The BCS was bad but IMO the current solution is still very limited in a critically flawed structure. And the only change would be to empower the Committee to truly legitimize a National Champion. UV or DV will let me know if you don't want to post. Sorry about the length.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

I agree with G1B's opinion. The Big12 Commish already stated that they will announce TCU and Baylor would be presented as Co-Champs if one or both have a shot to get into the Final 4. If not, they will declare Baylor the league champ based on head-to-head and they would be awarded the BCS bowl game. On the prospect of OSU "jumping" TCU, if OSU wins B1G Championship, they will replace TCU. Conference Championships carry a ton of weight with the group, especially victors with no-loss within conference.

To be upset or worried about OSU's placement anytime prior to the final decision is pointless and serves no purpose. If OSU wins next week, especially with a dominant victory, and they do not get an invite then we can all be upset together. Until then let's enjoy this team. They have given us a season to be proud of.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

To add to this thought, in the spring Cardale was announced by UFM to be Braxton's backup based on the incredible spring practice he had. And  through most of August he was still listed as the 2nd string. Only a few days before Braxton's injury was JT promoted over him because he showed he could "move the chains". I think everyone may be selling CJ a little short because we want to judge him on a few reps during mop up time in games.

Let's all take a deep breath and get into the "now" and give CJ our full support 

Comment 28 Nov 2014

The loss in 1970 is not my contention in regards to the championship listing that year. That championship is an award from the NFF, the National Football Foundation, not the AP, UPI, FWAA or Coaches. And if OSU is to count that "championship" then they should also list the ones from 1933 and 1961 where they were awarded other dubious national championships from similar organizations.

Furthermore, in 1970 there were five (5) national champions crowned by various organizations. Whereas I want OSU to win the NC every year I do hot wish to water down or misrepresent what a NC recognizes.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

I P - None of ttun's Heisman winners were from that state. Harmon was from Indiana and the other two were from Ohio.

And in regard to your list of OSU NC's I really don't think we should place any emphasis on that 1970 listing. The OSU team from 1968-1970 was one of the finest football teams EVER. They just couldn't get it done in 1969 and 1970, ending both years in losses.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

That's funny. Of course Under Armour came into existence 50 years after the snow bowl.

But, alas, it is that dreaded letter _.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

18, I take no fear in anyone we face. Your trepidation in facing a runner of Gordon's caliber is understandable, especially in light of our last several showings. He will get some yards and scores, but I have no doubt that we win that one. Wisconsin is the embodiment of the one trick pony with Stave showing all of 800+ yards passing after 11 games. This game won't be in the snow or the rain or the cold. Their defense stats are what they are however tOSU offense is a little overwhelming for anyone once the team is focused and not looking ahead or busy patting themselves on the back. MSU comes to mind with what is possible.

And as that wonderful Buckeye receiver says, "C'mon, man!"