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Comment 29 Jun 2015

It seems to me that all eyes are on TP as a pass catcher. What about the other nuances for a WR? He will be called upon to block, also, sometimes in the open downfield. At the college level receivers spend as much time with blocking assignments as route running. TP will have to pick up this facet of the game as well.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

To further that point, the Steelers draft OSU players, whereas the Browns have picked them off of free agency.

I gave up on the Browns when they passed on Jack Tatum for Clarence Scott at db in 1971 draft. Scott was a very decent back but to pass on the " Kodak College Player of the Decade", to me, was inexcusable.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

How many local businesses will step up to repair/replace for simple advertising rights? Vs. the working class stiffs that make $40k a  year and the same things happen. And even if he has insurance against this he still has a $1-3000 deductible.

In no way saying I begrudge the coach anything, I also wouldn't mind the average Joe catching a break once in awhile.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

Eleven Warriors has been around a lot longer than June, 2015 (your profile). Have you been posting under a different name?

And I always have to question someone when they state that they know someone (usually someone in authority or close to the center) simply to make a point that validates their position. How you would know Dr. Andrews is not an established fact. You keep writing that this is only your opinion, but you emphatically state you know it as fact.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Where to begin...hmmmmmm.

How about my total embarrassment every time Buck-I-Guy is given face time at a game. And we know the "I" in his name is what its all about. He couldn't give a damn about anything but his own loathsome self.

I cringe when I see the word "crimson". That's an Alabama thing. Yeah, you.

I don't think Tressel is 'the lord' or Urban is 'our savior'. To put that out there really bothers me and I'm certainly not religious. 

Woody was no saint. His antics were a detriment to OSU's image and punching an opposing player (and a cameraman) is disgraceful. I met him and had several meaningful discussions with him and he definitely was a glorious man however I was horrified and saddened when I saw the punch and knew what had to happen next.

Previously, no one would ever accuse Coach Tressel of being a liar, but that is what got him fired. And that bothers me. I really, really liked this man but there is no moral ground upon which to defend him.

So, two of our most glorified coaches went down in flames. One even had the University on probation and penalized by his actions. Damn!

Lastly, I dislike comments on this site by the readers who do not or will not take the time to check an historic reference. I may agree that "Hang On Sloopy" is a bit out of place at an OSU football game or that "Carmen, Ohio" may be a bit lame in todays context. Do some research and find out about the tradition and history of these timepieces. That is what college football is meant to be. Not puking in the bleachers, or smoking some pot, or yelling O-H in a crowded restaurant. History is a funny thing; like UM doing script OHIO 4 years before OSU ever performed it. Really weird shit

So there you have it. I dislike Buck-I-guy. Some readers here have bothersome monikers (to me). Our two most revered coaches had human frailties and were not pedestal worthy, and some of us have no appreciation for Wikipedia. In the words of Bugs, "Oh, the shame".

Oh, and one more thing. Spell check and grammatical miscues.

Comment 24 May 2015

I'm sorry. Somehow I missed the "IMO" in your take.

There have been countless opinions on how these coaches plan to use these players, but from our seats we freely express opinions, not facts. I think the expression "we don't know anything but we have opinions about everything" is quite befitting the posters here...IMO.  

Comment 21 May 2015

I wouldn't favor a black and yellow embroidery much more than the dreaded blue and yellow. I iterate, why isn't it in S&G? I imagine the Athletic Dept. ordered the shirts.

Comment 14 May 2015

Seems like everyone missed the greatest corner that ever donned the S&G and he also hailed from New Jersey (although born in N. Carolina). Young man that played on the '68 championship team, All-American a couple of years, had a tidy pro career although as a safety and not a CB and was called "one of our Greatest Buckeyes Ever" by Jim Tressel. The Assassin himself, Mr. Jack Tatum, may he rest in peace knowing Buckeye Nation holds him dearest to their collective hearts.

But something tells me that the great majority of readers here cannot go back further than the mid-late 90's. That's not intended as a slam, just sayin'.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

The 2015 Buckeyes won't miss who Grant WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, BUT They'll sorely miss who he ACTUALLY was.

Incredible honorific. Twenty words that we all wish were said about us as we persevere through life.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

One can only wonder how good Rashad Frazier could have been without the injuries he suffered his junior and senior years. As a walk on transfer from Purdue he just never caught a break, physically, to reach his potential. But every time he did get on the field, omg, he was a beast opposite of the beast.

He reminded me of Nathan Williams and how disruptive he was before all of his injuries limited him and his playing time.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Homey - I do not disagree with you. And like yourself, I do not understand why the NCAA recognizes the NFF championship in 1970 when the team lost the Rose Bowl in it's final game. However, to clarify, OSU counts that national championship because the NCAA counts it. Why? Who knows why the NCAA does anything for they are clearly an unbalanced scale.  

Comment 17 Mar 2015

MDM - Great summation of the saga we knew as Rod Smith. All we got was Rod Smith's credentials coming out of high school, then to hear the players talk about this "incredible rs freshman, then to hear about his pre-season work in the weight room, on and on every year, and then, and then, and then...bust!

I sincerely hope he doesn't spend his lifetime regretting what he wasted.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

yes he did but sadly, traded it for a fifth of rot-gut shine that destroyed his kidney. I thought you had read the news article...

Comment 04 Mar 2015

Oyster - You are spot on with your take on the  crime and the punishment. Tress was/is a good person. And I know you are not saying otherwise. And if he would have thought through the transgression/problem he might've seen a 3-5 game punishment for the players and then all is well and you move on. But he didn't. Why he chose otherwise Is still a huge debate. You stated very clearly, the bottom line is he lied to the NCAA, not once, but three times. Tress should never be demonized for his actions, and on the other hand should not have sainthood bestowed on him either.  He was a very good coach for tOSU football program.

He has made the most of his life and we should all be grateful that he came to OSU when he did and shared that decade with us. To relive the end of that era is masochistic.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

Txs - that statement is not too far from reality. Looking at current lineup, Daron Lee, qb in hs now a fantastic lb, Jalin Marshall a qb in hs now a playmaker at H-back. Things happen at college that we cannot foresee at recruitment time. UFM even stated that he liked all of his playmakers to have qb experience. IMO we should all be giddy with the development we'll see. Apparently, these coaches have incredible ability to see beyond the present.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Sorry, Coach Wilcher, but there can't be an automatic pass given on this issue. You went public, not once but twice, with a personal condemnation of Coach Meyer and tOSU for supposedly defrauding one of your players. You said it was "a black eye for the university" and that Coach Meyer recruited Mike Weber "under false pretenses". Many of the fans can say bygones will be bygones, and how you were simply standing by your player. You went to radio and newspaper(s) along with Twitter to state how you disliked Coach Meyer for coming up north to take the no. 1 recruit from _ichigan two years in a row and now they have to start showing some respect (wtf?). 

The olive branch has been extended and, presumably, you have accepted. So ok, all can be huggy and kissy once you make the same national gesture and go on radio and newspaper and tell the nation how you simply spoke out of turn and everything is resolved  with tOSU staff and Mike Weber has made HIS own decision and you gladly stand by him.

Other than that, I never liked you when you played for ttun, either.