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Comment 24 Jan 2015

No matter how the future unfolds for Braxton I am very happy that he got a chance to receive a NC ring from tOSU. Not very many of our truly great players have that piece of hardware and yet we, as fans, would like to think that they all deserve it.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

One more thought on the bonuses, everyone agrees on the importance of Mark Pantoni, and yet his name is glaringly absent from this list. C'mon, man!

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Thank you LP713. With that information everything that Cardale said makes perfect sense. An opportunity to sharpen some skills, earn the degree and add credibility to his short, but impressive, resume while fulfilling some personal goals and living up to some other expectations (insert Ted Ginn, UFM, Tom Herman here).

He is really, really cool!

Comment 16 Jan 2015

25 - you have brought up something that I have wondered about since mid-season and yet no one has brought up the subject. Everyone keeps talking about this pending quarterback controversy between JT and Braxton in the upcoming year (lets leave 12 Gauge out of the conversation for the moment). All reports have stated that Braxton won't even be ready until  one year after his surgery which was late August. What school and/or coach would throw him into a game without the necessary time spent practicing. And as you have pointed out, it isn't just OSU where this problem exists; it would be at any school. So where is the controversy if Braxton cannot be prepared in sufficient time? I don't thing anyone would be foolish enough to play JT for half the season until they thought Braxton would be ready. So can someone step up and completely answer this situation?

I wish the media would actually do their job instead of trying to peddle their wares. The term "Quaterback controversy" just sounds so magical to the general public.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Does anyone know where Cardale stands as far as semester hours towards earning his degree? Is he graduating in 2015/16? This article is not very effective with a substantial time line; it's almost written like Cardale was a goof-dick up until the time JT went down and then he started getting serious about his classes and football. I don't think that is the way it happened. 

As far as the national media personnel, they all need a nice cup of STFU. 

Comment 13 Jan 2015

A stroll down memory lane, if you will...

1939, the first NCAA National Basketball Playoff is scripted out and the two finalists playing for the championship are tOSU vs. Oregon.  Oregon wins on a final score of 46-33 and it would be another 20 years before tOSU would finally win.

Well, it seems like we hold grudges a long, long time because those ugly ducklings have since gone 0-9 against the football Bucks. And I still don't think we have evened the score against them for that one game.

Comment 29 Dec 2014

This map is a graphic depiction of "fans", not alumni. And as we all know fans tend to get on and off the bandwagon very often. I'm not even sure this is a picture of which team is favored to win it all, just which team is liked. Turn this into a map featuring alumni from each school and this map would gray out with a few pockets discriminately placed.

Comment 28 Dec 2014

M Man, If you are ever to go back and review your body of work you will find that I am, and have always been, one of your true admirers. Your input into this site has always been very respectful and usually insightful.

I had originally posted that Stanford is now an average team, no more than what they were pre-Harbaugh. Remember, Stanford had some pretty good coaches before JH was enlisted to carry that banner. However that post was blowed-up by an internet worm. When I re-posted, I stated "all" of his coaching jobs, blah, blah, blah for simple time constraints. My sincerest! Stanford is not in shambles. They are however, mostly irrelevant to the national scene again.

Most coaches (except St. Nick) that have gone from any professional level to a college coach only aspire to get back into the professional ranks, especially as the HC. Let's face it, certain coaches can only see that. I do believe that JH falls into that category, maybe just through sibling rivalry. Who knows? As far as Mr. Spielman, I do believe the blood that runs through those veins is pure scarlet and gray. The HC at tOSU would be the top of that man's job list. Can we agree that maybe, just maybe, in regard to U of M that statement is not so true for JH?

Comment 28 Dec 2014

I do not believe "promotion" is the correct term for getting run out of S.F. Yes, he will be paid a king's ransom for his attempt to put some respect back into the Michigan program, but let us not put lipstick on that pig by referring to it as a promotion. To carry your comparison one step further, as Harbaugh has been magically available when an opening occurred at the U of M so was UFM when the job at OSU appeared. By golly, there just is no end to the coincidences...except with the ultimate success of winning championships.

I am not going to rehash the health issues that shortened the tenure of Coach Meyer at UF. But we all know the documented facts of the stress he felt from obsessing over the daily minutiae and the 18 hour days he put in because of his lack of trust in newly hired subordinates. IMO, his newly constructed approach to life, work and family should alleviate these problems in the future.

Comment 28 Dec 2014

Harbaugh's approach to every team he has coached has been short term. He has never spent more than four years at a program and by the time he left or shortly thereafter it was in shambles (as you even concede with Stanford and we can all see in S.F.). He may inject some life blood into the anemia up north, but in time the nfl will beckon and he will be gone, and probably leaving the program in worse shape than he found it.

Jim is not John. Jim Harbaugh is the shiny bauble every preschooler is fascinated by. But after a very short while is left in a drawer, mostly forgotten.

Comment 27 Dec 2014

SB10 - No one's afraid. Really? Go back up and read some of the comments, especially at the beginning. I don't understand. Urban Meyer is the HC of tOSU football team. There is no better coach in the nation (no offense, Nick). I welcome ttun to get whoever the fuck they want, pay him in pizza earnings, and meet us here, there, anywhere and play a little pass the rock. Their glory days are over. Sure they will win 7, 8, 9 games some years. Hell, they will beat tOSU again a few times. But as far as being legitimate power anymore, sorry, the tea leaves have spoken and they're on the flip side.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

Pretty powerful shit, Jeff. Summed up a season unlike any other imaginable. Left a huge hole in our chest as each loss crested and then filled it with the warmth of camaraderie, pride and a fitting saga.

Thank you.

Comment 20 Dec 2014

Personally, no, I feel Tyvis Powell is very good at what he does. But I would like to know your rationale for suggesting this. Maybe we just haven't seen enough of Cam Burrows to make that leap. Can you give us more? As stated above, Burrows has been beaten deep more than once.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

And let us not forget one HUGE name not listed here, Mark Pantoni. If you understand the inner workings of our athletic department then you have a good grasp of this man's incredible value to the recruiting process. His ability to relate to these 16/17/18 year olds and manage the detail oriented process within all aspects of recruiting has been nothing short of phenomenal. And I can state no matter how much they pay him it isn't half the value that he brings to his job.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

According to Gino Torretta, "Tim Brown said, "I wouldn't vote for anybody that wins the award to win it again. I think Archie should be the only two-time winner".

The entire article is a wonderful essay on Archie. For those of us lucky enough to watch this man run every Saturday for 4 years in the Fall it was sheer excitement. If you haven't read the Maisel piece yet, get to ESPN.com and read it. Then go to Wiki and read about his total accomplishments at tOSU. OMG!