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Comment 07 Oct 2015

"Like I said to Tyvis, when you graduate from Ohio State, your degree will not say Jim Tressel or Urban Meyer. It will say Ohio State University."  And how cool is that?

Comment 04 Oct 2015

JRB22 - I couldn't agree more...kinda. It had been noted by some pundit (I can't remember) in late spring that upon review of last years games, all of them, JTB was able to score very successfully inside the red zone. CJ's strength came from big strikes, outside of the 20. He was not terribly successful inside the RZ.

I have been patiently waiting this notation to rear its' head again.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

IDK. it seems that the offense is just confused at the start of every game by what they see across the line. Go back and watch every game in '15. The announcers even comment on how confused the line blocking and assignments are. It is quite easy to see that the offense is confused and out of synch. At half time the unit coaches make the appropriate changes and things become much clearer. We have become a second half team.

So the question becomes, is the opposing team starting the game with such a different look at OSU that they have never seen before or are they not properly prepared at game time? Period.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

I've always wondered about the Tom Herman vs. the Tim Beck connection. There was always a strong connection between Herman and the QB room. He seemed to always be on the same page with his game-time QB, whoever it was. In 2014 his play calling was within the flow of the game. Not so much now, even though it is not Beck making the calls.

And I know that UFM keeps referring to the entire offense, and that it is not in sync, etc. Not to start any black cloud bull shit, but there sure seems to be a disconnect between the QB's and their coach. We just don't hear anything from Beck over the current situation.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

It appears opposing DC's are using miles of tape to decipher tOSU offensive alignments and tendencies. Everyone is throwing lots of new looks and wrinkles into the game. It had been said many times in the off season that OSU would have a target on their collective backs and all opponents would bring their A-game.

This coaching staff is too smart and experienced to remain static.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

VaTech fans simply surprised me with their courteous and friendly behavior. At the stadium this human mountain actually came over to me and put his tree limb-like arm around me and wished us luck. He said that his parents were treated so warmly last year in Columbus (the third time I heard that from a VT fan) that he was a Buckeye fan (other than this game) forever! And then their fans were congratulating us after the game. No excuses, no hard feelings, no pissy comments. Unbelievable. And this seemed to be the overall consensus of the VT fan base. I've become used to other forms of behavior from our opponents' fan base. It's difficult to dislike when people are so disgustingly nice.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

As a student from 1968-1972 (yes, the five year plan) I had the absolute privilege of watching that team. Watching Rex hand the ball off to some of the most brutal ball carriers of the day, Jim Otis, John Brockington, Leo Hayden and, my favorite, Larry Zelina, is a far, far cry from the read spread of today. Please don't misconstrue my take. I relish in the very memory of Rex Kern and that team.  But he was a different ball player in a different era. IMHO, they cannot be compared, except as true leaders and masters of their teams as you so aptly stated!

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I understand UFM's overall persona to the recruit, but I have been with Pantoni when he fielded phone calls from Coach Meyer asking his opinion or his advice on a certain recruit. I am not saying any of this just to say I know so-and-so. I am a nobody to this administration but I have read enough comments from UFM to know the importance he places on Pantoni.  

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Sorry, WB28 - To leave out Mark Pantoni leaves out recruiting which leaves out the raw talent that Mick forges into the player we see on the field. DJ hit that one out of the park.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

GTH - How did you get involved with tOSU? Are you from this great state? And how did you come about identifying with this favorite historical Buckeye, Chic Harley? I never thought about it until this post of yours.