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  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Bill Walton; only because I was too young to see Jerry Lucas play.

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Comment 7 minutes ago

I watched those teams, so47a, and you are absolutely correct. I never thought much about it but even people who were fans of the opposing teams never had bad things to say about the Bruins. They are probably the anomaly within the realm of sports hatred.

Comment 12 hours ago

Did James Franklin dress in the dark this morning? What kind of shoes did he choose to go with that nice gray suit? Is he going on a hike? Is he tending the cattle? wtf??

Comment 28 Jul 2015

But that isn't what Michael is saying. Yeah, the blowouts are the expected end result. But how is the stomach going to churn in those 21-18 matches going into the final minutes?

2006 games were all supposed to be lopsided victories, but so many of them turned into nail biters. When expectations don't meet reality people start questioning those in command. Fire Woody, fire Earl, fire Coop, fire Fickell...we have heard all of this before. Simply, reality did not live up to the hype.  

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I have to respectfully disagree. And I understand what you are saying as a comparison to the other Tressle years. However, In 2006 OSU averaged 34.6 ppg. Not exactly tearing it up. They played for field opposition and, what we affectionately call, Silver Bullet defense. That is the description of what Tressleball is, or was. Troy passed and ran for 2700 yards combined. And he won the Heisman in a runaway fashion.

As a comparison, Woody Hayes' 1969 team averaged 42.5 ppg in a totally run oriented offense, while playing unbelievable defense and field position. And like the 2006 team, they lost the naty on the last game.

Now, 2014 in UFM's spread (another run oriented offense) the team averaged 44.8 ppg. And that wasn't even the highest average in the nation. I won't go into all of the stats that we all have memorized by now but there was no similarity between this type of fb and what JT ran while he patrolled the sidelines.

Please come back if you think that the case is overstated, but I simply am saying that Troy could not have performed any better than JT and/or Cardale under UFM. And therefore I would not choose him over what we currently have. And I am a super fan of Troy Smith.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Troy in Tressleball vs. JT/Cardale in Urban Sprawl...idk. I can't imagine Troy doing better than our current reigning champions even within UFM's scheme. Troy's 1000 career yards against Michigan is an all-time favorite stat (no one has matched that feat) but under current personnel/coaching and offensive philosophy it should be eclipsed if any quarterback plays 3 or 4 years at tOSU.

Troy was great during his time here and will always be a true fan favorite, but it is very difficult to choose a qb over JT/Cardale with their accomplishments last year. 

Comment 14 Jul 2015

OSU does not have a grand history of All-American defensive ends. After Marshall and Houston in the 50's there were none of note until Zo Spellmen in '92. Maybe it just wasn't a position of national prominence, but you would figure the great teams of the 70's would produce one or two.

The 90's and 2000's are dotted with great names (maybe just because our memories are better). Vrable had a great career, statistically, but I can't get passed his dismal performance against Biakabatuka.  I asked MV about it years later and he was very uncomfortable with it. I felt bad that I asked him the question, particularly because it was a social setting.

Anyway, I cast my vote on the yes side. IMO OSU fans will be talking about Bosa for years and will use him as the bar to measure all others.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

It seems to me that all eyes are on TP as a pass catcher. What about the other nuances for a WR? He will be called upon to block, also, sometimes in the open downfield. At the college level receivers spend as much time with blocking assignments as route running. TP will have to pick up this facet of the game as well.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

To further that point, the Steelers draft OSU players, whereas the Browns have picked them off of free agency.

I gave up on the Browns when they passed on Jack Tatum for Clarence Scott at db in 1971 draft. Scott was a very decent back but to pass on the " Kodak College Player of the Decade", to me, was inexcusable.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

How many local businesses will step up to repair/replace for simple advertising rights? Vs. the working class stiffs that make $40k a  year and the same things happen. And even if he has insurance against this he still has a $1-3000 deductible.

In no way saying I begrudge the coach anything, I also wouldn't mind the average Joe catching a break once in awhile.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

Eleven Warriors has been around a lot longer than June, 2015 (your profile). Have you been posting under a different name?

And I always have to question someone when they state that they know someone (usually someone in authority or close to the center) simply to make a point that validates their position. How you would know Dr. Andrews is not an established fact. You keep writing that this is only your opinion, but you emphatically state you know it as fact.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Where to begin...hmmmmmm.

How about my total embarrassment every time Buck-I-Guy is given face time at a game. And we know the "I" in his name is what its all about. He couldn't give a damn about anything but his own loathsome self.

I cringe when I see the word "crimson". That's an Alabama thing. Yeah, you.

I don't think Tressel is 'the lord' or Urban is 'our savior'. To put that out there really bothers me and I'm certainly not religious. 

Woody was no saint. His antics were a detriment to OSU's image and punching an opposing player (and a cameraman) is disgraceful. I met him and had several meaningful discussions with him and he definitely was a glorious man however I was horrified and saddened when I saw the punch and knew what had to happen next.

Previously, no one would ever accuse Coach Tressel of being a liar, but that is what got him fired. And that bothers me. I really, really liked this man but there is no moral ground upon which to defend him.

So, two of our most glorified coaches went down in flames. One even had the University on probation and penalized by his actions. Damn!

Lastly, I dislike comments on this site by the readers who do not or will not take the time to check an historic reference. I may agree that "Hang On Sloopy" is a bit out of place at an OSU football game or that "Carmen, Ohio" may be a bit lame in todays context. Do some research and find out about the tradition and history of these timepieces. That is what college football is meant to be. Not puking in the bleachers, or smoking some pot, or yelling O-H in a crowded restaurant. History is a funny thing; like UM doing script OHIO 4 years before OSU ever performed it. Really weird shit

So there you have it. I dislike Buck-I-guy. Some readers here have bothersome monikers (to me). Our two most revered coaches had human frailties and were not pedestal worthy, and some of us have no appreciation for Wikipedia. In the words of Bugs, "Oh, the shame".

Oh, and one more thing. Spell check and grammatical miscues.

Comment 24 May 2015

I'm sorry. Somehow I missed the "IMO" in your take.

There have been countless opinions on how these coaches plan to use these players, but from our seats we freely express opinions, not facts. I think the expression "we don't know anything but we have opinions about everything" is quite befitting the posters here...IMO.  

Comment 21 May 2015

I wouldn't favor a black and yellow embroidery much more than the dreaded blue and yellow. I iterate, why isn't it in S&G? I imagine the Athletic Dept. ordered the shirts.

Comment 14 May 2015

Seems like everyone missed the greatest corner that ever donned the S&G and he also hailed from New Jersey (although born in N. Carolina). Young man that played on the '68 championship team, All-American a couple of years, had a tidy pro career although as a safety and not a CB and was called "one of our Greatest Buckeyes Ever" by Jim Tressel. The Assassin himself, Mr. Jack Tatum, may he rest in peace knowing Buckeye Nation holds him dearest to their collective hearts.

But something tells me that the great majority of readers here cannot go back further than the mid-late 90's. That's not intended as a slam, just sayin'.