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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Anyday OSU beats Mush-again in any sport.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Bill Walton; only because I was too young to see Jerry Lucas play.

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Comment 09 Nov 2014

Please remember the difference between the two infractions; one was for improper financial benefits and the other was for harboring a pedophile. There is no way the NCAA could possibly rule the two similarly. But then again, it is the NCAA.....

Comment 03 Nov 2014

That statement is very accurate. On defense, MSU will bring five every play. And that fifth comes from all different angles. JTB needs to use what he has learned this year and read the defense correctly and react accordingly. MSU will be beaten if JTB makes enough of the correct reads and the O-line gives him those precious seconds.

Comment 30 Oct 2014

History begs to differ. TTUN had a miserable 20 year run from 1951-1968. But then they reached out to a disciple of Woody named Schembechler. A coach that had no previous attachment to the school. And I am going to end this parallel here.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

"had to get conservative to win the game"...Usually when a team gets conservative it is "not to lose the game". Tresselball was notorious for this philosophy. And more often than not, would  end up winning by not losing.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

I don't really care for commentators that feel a need to sing their own praises but in this case I have to side with dmac. JT was late on many of his incompletions; for example, the immediate three following his first nine completions. Trying to force the ball into Spencer didn't allow him to flow with his normal progressions, ending up with late passes, behind the receiver, falling incomplete. The fault may be on the coaches for wanting to reward Spencer more than on Barrett for bad passes.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

Y.T. - I agree with all that you have stated, but let's take it to the next level. Witness the teamwork and props to teammates, etc. UFM is also developing them as members of a community and preparing them for their lives post-football. Job Fares, resume writing classes, open discussions about life after playing days are over...these are the things that this coaching staff bring to the table.

The X's and O's are great but the complete mature adults he is producing is truly remarkable and memorable.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

DSK - Not to discuss QB specifics, last years offense was terrific at protecting the ball and keeping the defense out of harms way, until the last two games. From my pov the major factor in both of those losses was exactly those problems, they turned the ball over and put the defense in bad field position.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

It remains very evident how woeful our pass defense was, but let's not forget about the short field our TO's put the defense in with those two losses. Without those, possibly two very different outcomes. We'll just never know.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

M Man - Let me start by saying I have always appreciated your objective commentary and your non-trolling approach at this website. Apparently, many of the fans here cannot see past the winged helmet icon and get the gist of your message without getting their knickers in a twist. And I certainly understand your valid point that _ichigan's ticket sales can be based on factors other than shitty product. IMO when OSU did not have sell-outs at a specific game it was simply because we did not put a very good team on the field. Ticket costs, televised games, etc. has never been the issue here and therefore it is hard to envision your listed "other factors" from our perspective. Please understand where some of the commentary is coming from.

BTW, this will not be the first time we led the nation in attendance. As a matter of fact OSU led the nation in the 50's and 60's without having the largest stadium and some of those years our on-the-field product was a wreck. But our fan base still filled the seats.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Man, Cplunk, I think your summation of any offensive game plan is spot on! There can certainly be many good comments/ideas here, but by end of day, who could argue with the philosophy "you take what the other team gives you" and if DW is blanketed every play by good defense you attack elsewhere.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Troy Smith is the only player to account for over 1000 yds for a career in The Rivalry. M Man, I am sure you are not alone among the *ichigan faithful to suffer at the mention of the name. I still enjoy watching the TS-led Buckeyes in those three games. He was spectacular!

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I don't agree with everything you wrote, but it was one entertaining read. Kudos to you for the heart-felt saga. War and Peace is still a few pages longer, however.