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Comment 18 Nov 2014
Arkham City Baseball Stars NCAA Football Tecmo Bowl NHL 95 Honorable Mention: Bill Walsh, Coach K, and Rampage
Comment 17 Nov 2014
I recommend checking out the comedic stylings of Louis CK to give you an idea of wht you're in for.
Comment 12 Nov 2014
Nice piece. Sometimes we take it for granted how good we have it.
Comment 08 Nov 2014
His confidence appears to be skaken, though. We'll see how mentally tough he is. There a lot of playmakers, and he's going to have to prove he's trustworthy.
Comment 25 Oct 2014
Yeah, it's the jerseys fault.
Comment 03 Oct 2014
That quote is what made me think of it. I've got a fever...
Comment 03 Oct 2014
"Easy, guys.. I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records. " Bruce Dickinson
Comment 28 Sep 2014
You're saying this in hindsight. You don't know what the guys intentions were. It's s been said before, but I'll say it again. Tom Gamboa. Monica Seles. I know these are only two examples out of the thousands of of these on field rushes that didn't end in violence, but you don't wait to see if there is a threat. Some people are dumb, and some are effing crazy.
Comment 28 Sep 2014
Looks kinda like the QB from 22 Jump Street.
Comment 13 Sep 2014
Were you in a hurry to be the first to submit a raekwon thread? Haha