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Comment 03 Aug 2012

Great story- I have always thought that tabloid journalism was for celebrities and Hollywood. There are still stories that contain reckless allegations and half truths out there with no concrete proof of anything  My question: With all of the countless pictures and Facebook posts (REAL EVIDENCE) -How is it that T-town men's warehouse in Alabama did not get as much as a blog post on ESPN.  I have never said I was perfect, but they took that story too far and made it personal.  It's great to read unbiased journalism with no agenda and desire to destroy lives to drive advertising dollars   Kudos to the professionals at Eleven Warriors and Go Bucks!!! 

Comment 21 Feb 2012
I actually took a break from shooting for the winter. I have been published all over the world, have photos in sports cards, and if I'm on a sideline- someone reports that I'm trying to get recruit a player. Makes no sense at all! I have talked to a few people about trying to form a lawsuit- 1. I don't have the large amount of $$ to fight in court 2) It is VERY difficult to prove malice. Plus like above they often cover themselves as "its being reported or sources say". Hard to fight that- People have no idea how much heartache this entire thing has cost my family. My health, employment, and relationships. It was a living hell!
Comment 21 Feb 2012
Will this nightmare end? We are talking about photographs here. There is a huge disagreement with the university and many photographers over the editorial rights of the images. This fight has been well documented and the truth has been blurred often. I am not affiliated or associated with Ed Riffe (tattoo guy) in any way. If you read the letter from the NCAA- the punishment and bowl ban is because of those actions. I'm not asking for sympathy- Just look at the facts. I did not have any double top secret autograph sessions with Terrelle or any other current players. Quoted in the article "OSU spokesman Jim Lynch told The File university officials were never able to substantiate any of the tips they received about Talbott and that the ongoing communication with Talbott shows that the university was "closely monitoring the memorabilia marketplace."
Comment 22 Dec 2011
Lol! Well, some bridges are worth burning. I guess I could have done a million things wrong in my past. However, the proof is in the pudding. I had ZERO to do with bad publicity and the NCAA sanctions. I could sit and point fingers or take the mid six figure book deal that was offered. However, to what end? Those that know me, know that I am a dedicated father and friend. The past is just that! Thank god for today- it's a gift and that's why it's called the present. Thanks again to friends and family!!
Comment 21 Dec 2011
I think reading 34 pages of the NCAA sanction report will sum up everything for those with doubts. Please take note that my name was not mentioned. I never received a call from the NCAA. They didn't need too- I remained compliant with Ohio State and the athletic department. I was collateral damage in a massive witch hunt. In the end, I remained loyal to Buckeye Nation, the athletes, and the program. It did, however, make for interesting reading each day in June. So many "I know a guy, who know a guy, that saw Talbott hit tressel with a candlestick in the Library". Go Bucks!!! Thank you Eleven Warriors for reporting the facts. Oh yea, the tpryor license plate was for a tailgate van driven 6 times a year. The plan was to change the plate every 4 years to honor a new player. To do again, I prob would not make that choice. :)