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Comment 28 Mar 2015

Going undefeated with a huge win over TTUN, and closing it out with blowouts over LSU and Florida after it's decided two SEC teams "deserve to be in".

Comment 01 Mar 2015

Urban will either retire here, or rebuild Notre Dame. I think he will want to stay at Ohio State, but his competitiveness might see him want to resurrect the Irish program. 

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Still love it. When I'm having a bad day, sometimes I go back to the game thread at SecRant and read through that. The comments when Bama went up 21-6 are my favorite. 

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Haha, I said the same thing. I jumped from sitting in my chair, over the coffee table and two dogs, and almost punched a hole through my TV on that play. My wife was throwing around words like problems and therapy, but all I remember is excitement. 

Comment 21 Jan 2015
This is definitely blasphemy where I'm living, and maybe even back in Ohio to an extent, but I don't think those Bama teams had the athletic talent that Urban Meyer has stockpiled here. Similar fundamentally, maybe, but not similar capabilities.
Comment 18 Jan 2015

I live 5 minutes from Alabama, and go there almost every weekend. I haven't left the house in anything but Buckeye gear since the Sugar Bowl. It's even better now that they can't tell me how Oregon is going to beat our asses. 

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Oregon had used a timeout, and had two left. They could have let the clock run out and didn't. They were also throwing the ball downfield on their final drive after it was clearly over. The game isn't 58 minutes long. There was nothing wrong with what either team did last night, and I'm sick of hearing how terrible of a thing it was to do to those poor Oregon players that have been running up the score for years.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

There is a limitation to what they can give them. These were gifts to the players for making it to the CFP championship game. They deserve these, and good on them. Oregon players received a pair as well. 

Comment 10 Jan 2015

This is great to hear, along with his selection to the HoF. Living where I live, the same tired nonsense I hear revolves around Coach Tressel "cheating" with performance enhancing tattoos, or Coach Meyer "faking heart problems" to get away from Saban.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Those are pretty easy to avoid, if you're willing to pay for some of the more sought after pressings. Even a lot of reissues are using original source recordings, for better or worse. 

Comment 03 Jan 2015

That would be outstanding. 

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Off topic, I know, but is there a thread for gifs to troll Bama fans yet? I have way too many SEC friends from military service that love to give me a hard time. I need to troll them a bit. 

There was one specifically that was the scene from Austin Powers where he kicks Mini Me, with Urban Meyer and Nick Saban photoshopped in. 

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Living in Pensacola, right in the middle of SEC country, I've been hearing nothing but this same crap since the matchup was announced. I'm very much looking forward to representing Ohio State in the Panhandle and Alabama. I'm actually going to make a point to visit Alabama with Ohio State gear as much as possible.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Only a few hours from NOLA, but I want to actually enjoy the game. 

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I live in Florida, 5 minutes from the Alabama border. There are a ton of Bama and FSU fans in my area. Beating Bama, then FSU is pretty much my dream right now.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Born and raised in Ohio, left to enlist in the Marine Corps. I'm out now, but we live right at the Alabama/Florida line and it's a good time with SEC central.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Does anyone know where I might watch a live stream of the game? Preferably not a communist site (ESPN).

Comment 06 Sep 2014

I feel your pain. They aren't showing the game on AFN, and I can't watch the ESPN stream that I pay for that to their idiotic policies. I get to wait until I can find a replay and try not to look at the score.