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1987 graduate of The Ohio State University.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ted Ginn's punt return for TD against those bastards from Ann Arbor in 2004. I had been down for a few months since the death of my father, followed by a really disappointing football season for the Buckeyes. That glorious win against the scUMmers felt so good. The sun was shining again.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin. Troy Smith is a close second.
  • NFL TEAM: Patriots, sometimes the Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Boston Bruins, and the Jackets are a close second.
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • MLB TEAM: Red Sox, sometimes the Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Ohio State

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Comment 22 Oct 2016

How many times did we run a formation with no rushing threat other than JT? I know in this situation it's tempting to say "we're working on things" but I really think we're working on the passing game, primarily the receivers.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Sammiches made from deep fried porkk tenderloin are awesome. Dave's Smokehouse Restaurant in Seabrook, TX has an especially good one.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

The main thing is expect to be there awhile after the game. There are only two-lane state routes to get out of there on. If you have a light RV (like a pop up), spending the night may be the way to go since there is a lot of grass field parking around the stadium.

The fans aren't really any more obnoxious than most other B1G opponents. It's more hype than reality. 

Comment 15 Oct 2016

The next jet sweep from the Badgers where we look like we've never seen one before is going to make me have a brain hemorraghe.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

what's your favorite cheese? To me, it depends on what I'm eating it with or on. I don't think you can ever go wrong with pepper jack. Good by itself, great on cold sandwiches, amazing on burgers. Gouda is another good one that is very versatile. And I do love some crumbled bleu cheese. Great when it's cold on salads (or eating it like popcorn when no one is looking). But also get a nice mixture of crab and crumbled bleu cheese and put it on a blackened NY Strip...pop it under the broiler for a few minutes to melt the cheese....

For some reason when I read this, I heard it in my head in the Larry David's George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld voice.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Sounds like the cyclist was at fault in your incident because he was on the sidewalk. But then you say bikes shouldn't be on the roads but on the sidewalk. So I'm confused by what the heck you are trying to say exactly.

By law bicycles should be on the road, like any other vehicle. They shouldn't be on the sidewalk, unless of course, they are being ridden by someone less than 10 years old.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Even CBS sports agrees it was stupid.  The media only rarely criticizes officiating. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/the-browns-get-hosed-on-a-ridiculous-taunting-penalty-against-terrelle-pryor/

Comment 01 Sep 2016

I didn't remember Pitt being very good that year. I looked it up and they ended up with 7 losses including one to Temple. But yeah, it was good that BYU won the MNC, because if they had lost it would have been Florida I think.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

BYU hadn't played anyone all year and then almost lost to a very mediocre TTUN. They would never be allowed to claim a title with that resume these days.