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Comment 19 Apr 2015

Considering since the first episode just aired last week and most people that watch this show are true fans, they don't want to get ahead and watched the leaked shows.

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Comment 14 Nov 2014

1981 McKinley beat Moeller. Massillion last state title game apperence was 2005 agaisnt St. X

Comment 21 Apr 2014

This behavior has been with him all of his high school career. He was in in-school suspension his freshman year right when he got moved up to varsity for Massillon and the playoffs. His sophomore year he was escorted out of a pep rally by the principals and also suspended later that year for a food fight.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

My sophomore year of high school I was seeded 3rd at our sectional swim meet in the 100 backstroke behind two seniors from a rival league school who had been beating me all year long. The kid that was seeded 4th was also a senior and one of the biggest trash talkers i knew. I knew going into the race that getting top 5 would be good enough to get me to the district meet the next week even though the first and second made it automatically and did not have to worry about at large bids. Halfway through the race i was ahead of the 4th seed and I knew I had a special race going. On the last turn I looked over and saw I was right with the top seed. I pushed off the wall and gave it my all to win and upset the two seniors who were seeded ahead of. I proceeded to the do the John Wall as a post race celebration then i talked to the news paper reporter and had a decent sized article in the paper the next day. The next week at districts I had a chance at make the state meet and i proceeded to choke because of nerves. My swim along with a teammates that day showed that our program was becoming a force to be reckon with for an inner city school who cared more about football and basketball.