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Comment 29 Aug 2016

Interesting thing, every Ohio State game is on here in Saint Louis. Between ABC/ESPN and the occasional BTN broadcast I get them all. And I also get a bunch of Sparty, so I can stay up to date.

Comment 28 Aug 2016

I was thinking of the show. So that would be laugh my ass off at the signage.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

10. Posted by scuba steve Thu Dec 17 10:53pm EST

ohio state might hang but there not going to hang with the high powered duck offense! and they may even hold it in check for a quarter or two but there not gonna hold it for 4 quarters! just not gonna happen! OREGON 35 ohio state 21

. Posted by EG Thu Dec 17 6:17pm EST

Lets look at the facts. This year The USC Trojans had an off year because we're rebuilding. We lost most of our D line & at least 1/2 of our O line , we lost our QB & lost 3 coaches and even then in our rebuilding year The USC Trojans beat the buckeyes at the horseshoe. That doesn't speak well for Ohio St. I tell you what is going to happen. The Oregon duck will beat the Buckeyes & the PAC 10 Dominance over Ohio St will continue.

12. Posted by Jeremy B Fri Dec 18 1:43am EST

To me Oregon is clearly the better team. I believe that they're just too fast for Ohio State. I believe that Masoli wants to show Oregon that he shouldn't have been second fiddle to Pryor last year when they were recruiting.

Having said that Ohio State defintely worries me because they're still a descent team and a team we could easily overlook because of the Oregon/USC game and USC/Ohio St. game. If Oregon doesn't win this game it will be absolutely embarrassing for the Pac-10.

Oregon's offense will be ready. The question is will their defense?

36. Posted by WAWebfootInMichigan Mon Dec 21 12:30am EST

The difference here can be stated simply in one word: time. Whenever Oregon has time to prepare their team the coaching staff has the team completely prepared. Remember how Washington was supposed to have their "breakout" game against Oregon? The Ducks had two full weeks to prepare and knocked the Huskies back to the Stone Age. At the same time time has never served Ohio State well...the layoff between the Michigan game and their bowl game always makes OSU sluggish at start, and the combination of those two factors will have the Ducks well in the lead before anyone knows what happened. Most pundits are predicting a 10+ point Oregon victory based on those factors.

17. Posted by TheREALDanG Fri Dec 18 11:41am EST

Oregon. Ohio St. is OVERRATED

14. Posted by pussburghstoolers Fri Dec 18 7:28am EST

I have a feeling Oregon will punch out the suckeyes it will be a TKO. After all Oregon blew out USC by 27 and OSU lost by 3 to USC. The streak continues.

61. Posted by ifcdave Fri Dec 25 2:41am EST

If someone I knew personally offered to bet me Oregon would win by 24, I'd bet them the farm.

Oregon by 24...that's funny!

You got any more jokes that good?

I'd be willing to bet Oregon doesn't even score 24!!

60. Posted by Chimney13 Thu Dec 24 11:47pm EST

The past means nothing. If you want it to, then Oregon is national champs if Dixon doesn't go down. Ohio St is a mediocre team at best. The Ducks will rip their heads off if they decide to show up. No one has won on the blue grass in Idaho, I wonder why? Why are they allowed to even have it? Stanford was VERY underrated. O showed up for neither of those games. Our superbowl was the Beavers going doen, the other OSU is an after thought. Buckeys, I appreciate being dedicated to your team, but not this year. Prior sucks and so does your team. O by 24

77. Posted by Dawgmeat Mon Dec 28 1:40am EST

Oregon - 56
Ohio St - 10

76. Posted by Dawgmeat Sun Dec 27 10:42am EST

Big 10 fans sure talk tough for a conference that hasnt even won the Rose Bowl since 2000. 0-6 in their last 6 trips to Pasadena. Oregon is going to crush Ohio St. Ohio St couldnt even beat Purdue or USC for christs sakes ....... but theyre going to beat Oregon .... haha, funny.

66. Posted by FANTASY FREAK Fri Dec 25 10:03pm EST

42-17 oergon, Pryor is a choker in big games until he proves me wrong he will have another 4-5 turnovers in this one as well....he cant pass unless his wr is wide open. and with ohio not wanting to use his full skills oragan will tea off on him and he will stay in the pocket and throw his weak ass balls to oergon deff....peace out

114. Posted by Dawgmeat Thu Dec 31 3:01am EST

#112 ......... you obviously have me mistaken for somebody who gives a sh*t. you SERIOUSLY think the Big 10 is even HALF as good as the Pac 10 this season ???? lol ...... comical !!!!! im not somebody who puts an extreme amount of weight on the bowl games ..... i look at the entire body of work over the course of the season ....... and its quite apparent the highest the Big 10 is ranked this year is 5th. Big 10 fans are just as delusional as SEC fans ..... only SEC fans at least have SOME merit to their claims. Big 10 fans have looked at season after season after season after season of failures ..... and they STILL think they have a good conference.

Oregon is going to RAPE Ohio St ..... the game wont even be close.

105. Posted by Dawgmeat Wed Dec 30 2:19pm EST

#95 ..... you are a FOOL. Oregon St beat Notre Dame in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl (for the 2000 season) and Oregon beat Colorado in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl (for the 2001 season). weird how the official website for the University of OREGON has the box score on their site .....


Joey Harrington ..... 28 of 42 for 350 yards and 4 TDs. hmmmm .... remind me, where did Joey Harrington go to school again ??????


134. Posted by M Thu Dec 31 9:44pm EST

ifcdave, you little f*cktard, I have a little geography lesson for you. I'll keep is simple because I don't beleive you can handle complex thoughts.

California is Oregon's neighbor to the south.
California has about 10 times the population of Oregon.
Therefore, yes we recruit quality players out of California.
Yes, Oregon pulls top talant away from "home teams" like UCLA, USC, Stanford, and CAL.
How do we do it? Easy! We have a top notch program that wins games.

Final Score
Oregon: 48
OSU: 27

160. Posted by Dawgmeat Fri Jan 1 12:56pm EST

Michael ..... Ohio St is NOT going to shut down Oregon's running game. it is not a conventional rushing attack. they use misdirection plays very well, to the degree that sometimes the cameraman doesnt even know who has the damned ball. they force the defense to chase them all over the field and wear the defense out ..... and just when the defense is tired from chasing James all over the field, Oregon will bring in the bruiser Blount.

i do not see how Ohio St wins this game. anything is possible ...... but i expect Oregon to put at least 35 on the board, and i dont see Ohio St matching that.

157. Posted by TOML Fri Jan 1 12:36pm EST

ohio state fans sound like idiot,s talking trash. look at the stats before talking crap. the teams played and the scores OREGON fans r the only 1,s who should be talking smack we got the numbers to prove it OREGON 41 ohio state 17

192. Posted by RussD Fri Jan 1 4:55pm EST

Ducks are going to rollllllllllllllllllll the buckeyes!

207. Posted by Dawgmeat Fri Jan 1 5:53pm EST

iffy ..... you spoke too soon ...... Oregon just rushed for 50 yards on two plays. i tried telling you guys its the misdirection plays Oregon runs that kills teams ..... exactly like the misdirection play that netted 37 yards. you seem to be fairly intelligent ..... dont make the same mistake so many make and think football games are 15 or 30 minutes long. do i have to remind you that Ohio St shut USCs offense down all game long until a 14 play 86 yard drive that won the game for USC ? ive personally been at games where a team was losing 21-9 and won 36-21 ..... and a game where a team was losing 24-0 and won 55-24.

there is a LOT of football left to be played.

198. Posted by David Fri Jan 1 5:05pm EST

Wow are you Ohio State fans pathetic and blind. This team couldn't beat a real team all season long. They had to go into overtime against an Iowa team that didn't even have its starting Quarterback. They beat an over rated Penn State team, good for them. They were beat by USC who was a complete joke this season. Also lets go down this road, when you are embarrased by Purdue who went 2 and 10 this season, you shouldn't be allowed into a bowl game, let alone a BCS game.

Year after year Ohio State goes into a BCS game and embarasses not only their entire state but the entire Big 10 Conference. They stuff more coffers then USC could ever wish too.

Oregon can easily open up a 21 point win on this pathetic team. Their D isn't anything to be proud about and on top of that, they have no offense at all. For the sake of it all though, Oregon 42 - OSU 14 if they are lucky.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

Ohio State's defense held its ground and forced Southern Cal coach Pete Carroll into making a decision on 4th-and-1. Carroll didn't hesitate and Stafon Johnson scored to give the Trojans a 7-0 lead just over three minutes in. A silent nervousness fell over the record crowd of 106,033.

Although he didn't actually score. Kind of like our kick with Penn State. Those are the breaks with all the bad decisions, especially with how instant replay is used. Having is not bad, how they do it is terrible. But, we win some, we lose some.

Knee down, ball on his hip. Even using something simple like MS Paint, you can draw a straight line up and the ball is short. And the Buckeyes responded.