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Comment 21 May 2017

I married a first generation American. The family came after WWII. Her dad was born in Fasano, Italy. They cut it square. And the brought it here. It is possible for people to think up the same thing independently.

Comment 21 May 2017

 I had to crib wikipedia because I never saw it until I left Ohio. And I don't go there because the food sucks. But that is my opinion, and I don't hold your tastes against you. I especially don't like the fries. I also think In and Out Burger is very over rated. I don't get the hype on that one. But that can be another thread.

Comment 19 May 2017

The tie in 1992 was kind of like watching the Browns draft since 1999. We were sitting around the TV near the end and it was close to the first down marker. And somebody said, "just don't try something stupid like Frey running an option". All laughed.

Seems like the 1973 game featured Greene with a broken digit, and Coach Hayes called exactly zero pass plays because of it. So Michigan knew every play, and it was a 10-10 tie. Not quite the spin the UM crowd likes to try and put on the game.

Comment 17 May 2017

One thing I love about the Notre Dame–Ohio State "rivalry" is the Irish have nothing to trash talk us about other than "academics" ... whatever those are. They better buckle up, too, because each recruiting class gets farther away from the Irish's last national title, which even I, a 30-year-old, don't remember.

Before the BCS, ND ran a schedule from hell in 1988, and beat every body on it. And by hell I mean top ten ranked, even top 5. Other than that, they have nothing in my lifetime. They do have their most talented team getting run off the field by the fighting John Coopers twice. 

Comment 15 May 2017

He took us to see Woody Hayes make a public appearance in Clyde.

I can also think of a loss. He took us down to see the Tribe in 85, only to have some guy named Saberhagen throw a 2 hitter. Andre Thorton had a 20 hopper through the infield, and I don't remember who had the other.