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Comment 2 hours ago

The booing started after they were caught filming hand signals. And Bill acted like didn't know it was wrong. That was not until 2007. Brady was in fact mediocre prior to 2007. And after that, he has been down right spectacular. No denial here. What else did they do prior to getting caught. Unless you are like Kansas and Notre Dame and think Charlie Weis was a genius.

Marshall Faulk was asked and he still says they filmed the walk through even though the tape was not a part of the evidence turned in. As if. The Rams say they changed the plays, they didn't use the playbook after halftime because of it.

The Patriots are bigger cheaters than baseball steroid users. I don't like Barry Bonds, but he still had to actually contact the ball. The equivalent scandal would be the catcher telling him the pitch like seen in Bull Durham.

Comment 5 hours ago

Speaking of the Browns, it is another NFL championship for the Paul Brown tree, knocking over George Halas/Mike Ditka tree. Kind of different in that defense is what won it for the Broncos, yet the strategy remained. Instead of having the standard 325 lb Danny Shelton like (wasted pick) defensive players and linemen, all his players are athletic.

Comment 6 hours ago

 I attempted to educate them on the merger, and how the AFL and NFL came together and called their championship the Super Bowl

Did you attempt to re-educate them later since that is not what happened? That is no more a personal attack then you "educating them" in the first place. The merger in 1970 isn't even the first merger. Nor is it the year of the first Super Bowl which was the AFL Champion against the NFL Champion. The NFL was embarrassed that the AAFC kicked their ass. The Browns led by Paul Brown played in 10 straight champions games, winning 7 times in 2 different leagues. That is the greatest dynasty in pro-football history.

 Their NFL titles are equivalent.  But the '66 Packers also beat the '66 KC Chiefs, the AFL champions.  So the '66 Packers were the first ever AFL-NFL Champions.  Cleveland cannot make a claim to that.

No, they beat the NFL Champions when they entered the league because they were AAFC champions. The game was scheduled to put the AAFC in its place. It was the first Super Bowl, in a way. I don't count any of the Browns 8 Champinships as Super Bowl wins, just so you know. They are NFL Champions and AAFC Champions, and the most dominate dynasty in pro-football.  

Comment 6 hours ago

I though about starting a thread on it just to gloat. I am tired of the spin saying people don't like the Patriots because they are tired of winning and it is human nature to root for the underdog. They cheered wildly for the Steelers and 49ers, even the Cowboys. They booed his cheating ass for being part of a cheating system. It's like internet poker when they could look in your hand.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

They won't show signs of success until they take the right players in the draft. Shit in one hand and put hope in the other and see what fills up first.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

I don't listen to either one, in fact, I can't tell you about any music from One Direction. However, you are clearly wrong. At no point will anybody ever bring anything from One Direction into Rick Harrison's pawn shop to sell because it has value.

Comment 06 Feb 2016

I won't get over the intentional snubbing regarding first ballot. Nor the leaving out Randy Gradishar who is better than Jack Lambert. But that is also a symptom of American defect about "rings" which go to teams. The Hall is for players.

Comment 06 Feb 2016

Cleveland sucks because the previous management, mostly since 1999, takes the wrong players. Instead of taking Zeke who has NFL talent and is selfless, they draft turds like Johnny Football who doesn't have NFL talent and is a cancer. That stops by not taking Manziel and taking Zeke.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

There are plenty of people here older than me but.....the 1970s were a great time, even for kids. Back then even the baby sitter beat our ass. You have seen Dazed and Confused right? The teacher just laughs at them. The baby sitter did it because our old man told him to do it. I'm glad I don't have to relate to kids. To hell with cook and hip.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

This was a good read. I only saw the edited title earlier today and thought it was about Brady Hoke eating a pizza.