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Comment 28 Jun 2016

Woody was a teacher first, who happened to be a damn good football coach as well, and like all the great ones, ultra competitive.. no one would out work Woody's teams..  but Woody the man was light years beyond Harbaugh (who I think is great for michigan, which is great for the B1G, and great for The Ohio State).

Woody had a heart of Gold, and like Bobby, couldn't give two shits about what the masses thought.  A) I think Jim Harbaugh actually cares very much what other people think about him and view him, and B) Jimmy has no heart.

Comment 28 Jun 2016

courtesy ESPN:

It all came to a head when the replacement Eagles went to Dallas to play the not-so-replacement Cowboys. Tom Landry's team had 18 players who crossed the picket line, including quarterback Danny White, running back Tony Dorsett and defensive stars Randy White and Ed "Too Tall" Jones.

Dallas won 41-22.

Two weeks later, the Cowboys played the Eagles at Veterans Stadium. The strike had ended a few days earlier. The Eagles had returned to their locker room en masse. On the field, they took revenge on the Cowboys team that had embarrassed their replacement team two weeks earlier. They sacked White five times and held Dorsett to just 32 yards rushing.

The Eagles led 30-20 as they lined up in the fourth quarter with time running out. Instead of taking a knee, quarterback Randall Cunningham dropped back and lofted a deep pass to wide receiver Mike Quick, who was streaking toward the end zone.

Quick drew a pass interference call. The game ended with Keith Byars plowing into the end zone from the 1-yard line. The scoreboard read 37-20. Ryan ran up the tunnel toward the Eagles locker room and spotted a knot of reporters in the hallway.

"F--- 'em," Ryan shouted.

Comment 28 Jun 2016

I'm a lifelong Eagles Fan.  Obviously our biggest rival is the Cowboys.  Back when Buddy was coaching the Eagles, one comment he made to the media leading up to an important Eagles / Cowboys game was classic..  "Well, come Sunday, there's goona be a lot of butt-kicking going on, and Dallas is gonna be supplying the butt."

RIP Buddy

Comment 28 Jun 2016

Robert Montgomery Knight is also one hell of a golfer..    *(earmuffs for the sensitive Sallys)

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Disagree.  Strong options, Wondo is a big space eater, can finish in the box, I guarantee you he will have a few chances tonight.  And Beckerman is still our best option for defensive middy marking, the heart and strength of Argentina.  Really a no brainer, but i see Nagbe subing in for him late in the match regardless. 

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Disagree.  4-3-3 with those forwards let's us know Jurgen is going to go for it, play aggressive.  Why not?  We'll see.  If we can stay competitive for the first 45...

We will definitely see Pulisic and Nagbe tonight, IMO

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Good Bradley = 2-1 bad guys, competitive match.

Poor Bradley = 4-1 bad guys, yikes.

Hope I am wrong.  I like the fact Jurgen is going with 3 forwards up top.. If Argentina has any weakness.. it's their back 4.


Comment 11 Jun 2016

NBA basketball is difficult to watch.  The refs set the agenda and tone, but it wasn't in favor of one team last night, there were missed fouls on both teams throughout the game.. real tough to watch.

That being said, I think Cleveland pooped the bed again.  They went ISO again in the 3rd and 4th.. no ball movement, no flow, and LeBron wasn't able to get off as a scorer.  As much as I hate to say it.. I thought Green outplayed him on both ends.  I'm not a LeBron basher, I think he is amazing; however, in this crucial game, especially the 2nd half, he didn't assert himself like I thought he would as a scorer. 

Yes, the referees are stinky bad.. but it went both ways last night, and while the king had a nice stat line, he didn't assert himself enough on the offensive end when his team needed him the most. 

Game. Set. Match.  Series over.  Bring on Buckeye football.