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I enjoy a good Ale, watching a good beat-down of that team up north, owning & growing my own business, coaching youth sports, and being an active dad with my three kids.


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Comment 10 hours ago

ahh.. but Luke is a sapling of the famous Vestus Cercis Tresseladensis, a structurally sound conservative growing tree native to north eastern Ohio.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Actually, Texas is a program on the rise.  They have the QB.  The talent level is pretty good.  Herman knows Texas and the top notch Texas high school programs, as relationships have already been established and built years ago.  Facilities, recruiting, boosters, alumni/fan base, it's all there for Herman.  I suspect a quick turnaround down there.  I do expect Herman to get a few flips into this Texas class, but not J.K.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

However, I truly believe Jurgen's true intentions in the 14 WC was to use it as a stepping stone, learning experience, with 2018 in mind and the ultimate goal.  I think Landon's actions before WCQ and training camp made that decision very, very easy for Jurgen.  

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Agreed with your assessment minus the Landon example - Landon took a sabbatical two months before WCQ started, when he showed up, he showed up fat and out of shape, entitled.  I thought Jurgen sending a message to HIS team at the time that was no longer acceptable was strong leadership.. and truth being told, Landon would not have offered that team in 2014 much, maybe a sub in the right situation in the 75th minute at best.  Landon in 2014 was a shell of his former self, good decision to let him walk.

Jurgen rolling out that 3-5-2 formation vs Mexico (a formation they have never played before in a match) in a must win (basically) home game to open the Hex was mind boggling.  When Bradley, Jones, and other players approached him after the first goal was conceded to Mexico said a lot, seeing how that lineup went buhbye quickly after that.  That was a coaching error.  Having no one mark Martinez and no one on the back post in a tie game in the 88th minute is on the coaches.. another mistake by Jurgen. 

The Costa Rica match was the least inspired USMNT match I have ever witnessed.  The players gave up on Jurgen. 

We were ranked 20th in the world when Jurgen took over the team.  He cost us 20 million, and now we are currently ranked 24th in the world, and while we will most likely still qualify for Russia 18 (in large part due to the forgiving and easy qualifying rules of CONCAF), I could easily argue Klinsmann era was a failure.  Are we really better off than before? 

Comment 23 Nov 2016

meh.. the last 18 months have been bad.  eliminated from the gold cup.. some bad losses in friendlies.. two untimely bad losses in WCQ this past month... never could figure out his starting 11, his back 4, where to play Bradley, dissent on the team, always throwing the players under the bus, never taking credit for the blame..  Klinssy HAD to go, and go now... the wheels were already wobbling pretty badly for a while now.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Ramos?  lol.  not a chance in hell. 

Bruce is a solid stop gap, short term hire.  smart move, and I don't really like his coaching style, but smart move for now.

USMNT will hire another experienced, foreign coach.  We will get a top quality coach.  Klinsman should have just coached the team, he had too many pokers in the fire, wearing too many hats, especially as director of player development.

Klinsman had to go now.  Good move.  Bruce will keep the team together, make solid decisions, and leverage any and all positives the home town MLS has to offer...  Klinsman wasn't even on speaking terms with the president/director of MLS. 

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Bruce is not my favorite coaching candidate, but he is a good hire for the short term.

Bruce is now 64, and the day to day grind of a club team can be a lot, but for the national team he has his days off and time to evaluate and make good decisions.  He is a perfect stop gap until a long term coach can be convinced to take the job. 

That 4-0 loss to Costa Rica was painful to watch... team gave up on Klinsman.  He had to go.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Too easy.. You're obviously a lonely fat boy, who most likely has very, very little athletic ability, so your uneducated opinion is worth the equivalent of the steaming crap I took this morning.