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Comment 3 hours ago

Here's what Hue divulged in the team's press conference last night: “He plays in the secondary, strong safety. He can play both free and strong, but I think he’s been a lot better around the ball. It’s going to be really interesting just to see how Gregg uses him because Gregg’s had so many players like this with this kind of skillset before in his defense."

Comment 4 hours ago

This film study on Peppers has me hoping that Gregg Williams can make it work.  We'll see.

Comment 14 hours ago

I didn't expect I'd be seeking words of consolation from MMan, BlueBayou, or the other Fichigan posters on here tonight.

Comment 15 hours ago

This year's and next year's firsts.  I'm alright with it: if you desperately need a good QB and don't have high confidence in any of the ones available, you might as well position yourself as well as possible for your next chance to get one.  I would have been okay with Mahomes at 12 because I think he has a higher ceiling than the other QBs in this draft, his issues are more fixable than others', and qualitative and quantitative analysis seems to combine well for him.  But since he went two picks before the Browns, I'm good with turning one first round pick into two, even if it means saying no to Hooker.

Comment 16 hours ago

Polygraphs are almost impossible to cheat.

See Aldritch Ames.  I've taken multiple pollies, and to be honest they're more of a game between the operator and the subject than anything.  Polygraph tests can highlight issues for further investigation, but they can't vindicate a person (calling them a "lie detector" is absolutely a misnomer).  That being said, I would nonetheless expect someone of Conley's age and circumstances to register quite a bit of stress on the machine.

Comment 18 hours ago

Reminder future NFL stars, Change your social media passwords right now.

And then share them widely.

Comment 19 hours ago

If you are paid to give opinions, you are going to be wrong at times.  Nothing he said was inflammatory, just incorrect thusfar. 

I completely agree.  So often we all act like players' performance in the league is predetermined and completely knowable, rather than falling into a range of probabilities.

He(ath) was definitely right about one thing though: "It'll be interesting to see how he does in San Diego."

Comment 25 Apr 2017

The methodology would be a lot more meaningful if they graded by totals rather than by averages, because total output (players in the NFL, in this case) defines "biggest factory" in any industry.  To be fair, it probably would be worth adjusting the quantity output with a quality modifier, but not simply replacing it with a quality modifier altogether.  (Separately from being more sound, grading by totals does happen to favor Ohio State, which has put more players into the NFL during the study's timeframe than any other teams for which figures were provided.)