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Lurker since TatGate in 2010 and then finally signed up for an account a few years later. I post rarely, but read the site several times a day even when football and basketball are in the offseason.

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Comment 19 Sep 2016

But I can't stop watching!  Sort of like when the river caught fire.  (Sad to say I never personally witnessed the river catch fire, although I grew up upstream from where the fires probably were.)

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Being a Browns fan makes me savor every single moment of being a Buckeye fan, and to do so with humility.  Incidentally, while walking down my new street today (I recently moved to the side of Pittsburgh after 13 years in the DC area) I saw a buckeye on the sidewalk and looked up to see, lo and behold, a buckeye tree.  Definitely a good sign for my new home.

Comment 04 Sep 2016
JT's least favorite moment was a creative, fun addition, but I remember feeling last season that, after sooo many iterations, it had run its course, become predictably formulaic, and was ready to retire and have its jersey hung up to celebrate the good memories before it became decrepit. I'd rather see 11W's talented writers express their creativity in other ways rather than beating that tired old horse.
Comment 31 Aug 2016

I treat being a Browns fan as simply maintaining balance in The Force for the privilege of also being a Buckeye fan.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

It's unlikely he'll play meaningful minutes this year with Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel ahead of him on the depth chart

Cardale is the guy who turned 3rd string into some of the most meaningful minutes ever for an already storied Ohio State program.  Maybe this depth chart means that Bills fans will finally get to experience some meaningful minutes.