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Comment 26 Sep 2014

"Minnesota has not defeated Michigan since 2005 and has won just three times since Bo Schembechler took control of the program in 1969. Schembechler effectively killed Tresseled that rivalry."

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Agreed on Tyvis Powell.  In the gif above of Navy's longest run, I love how it looks like he came out of nowhere to prevent a TD.  Sure, coming across the camera accentuates the perception of his speed, but he still had to have been moving faster than any of those guys to catch them all while they were running straight and he was coming in from an angle.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I think Bert was in that tub with him, washing each others' backs.  (Now there's an image to get out of your head! Or for someone to photoshop....)

Comment 22 Feb 2014

Jason's first paragraph was professional but let's be honest, his second one was a personal attack.

I agree with your comment about the staff's commitment though, so it's not surprising that some natural human frustrations have begun to show.  Ruthless evaluation and continuing changes will position us best though to incorporate what improves the site and discard what holds it back.  It's important that the new site works much better under the hood, but as noted further down in this conversation, this baby does have some ugly spots that would benefit from additional changes.

Comment 20 Feb 2014

I can't promise that these musicians would actually hit a groove together, but here goes:

Lead Guitar: Dicky Betts (Allman Bros)

Rhythm Guitar: Jimi Hendrix (of course this would be a waste of his talent, but he throws in a lot of innovation even when he's just playing rhythm.  Also gives the option to have dueling guitars)

Bass Guitar: Bootsy Collins (James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic)

Percussion section: (Rusted Root)

Fiddle: Eileen Ivers

Accordion (that's right) : Juan Küffner (Zydepunks)

Mandolin: Chris Thile

Lyricist (words) : Todd Snider

Lyricist (melody) : Jackson Browne

Female Vocals: Shakira

Male Vocals: Dee Snider Bruce Springsteen

Cowbell: Will Ferrell (Blue Oyster Cult) DiasporaBuck

(edit: Dee Snider and Will Ferrell were supposed to be struck through, but for some reason it won't take)

Comment 20 Feb 2014

(Hopefully this comes across as constructive)

Thanks Jason, that's interesting to hear.  I'd definitely be in favor of an image-lite option, because for me they just take up a lot more real estate so that now I have to scroll all over the page and train my eye to ignore them all so I can see and triage the choices of what new stuff there is to read since my last visit.  Pictures are great for emphasis or breaking up lots of text, but to me we've gone way too far in the opposite direction and now have to swim through a sea of pictures in hunt mode for content titles.  If pictures are instrumental to the storylines that would be one thing, but they rarely are - 11W's writing is what makes it stand out.  (Although a gif party is a fine side dish from time to time.)

My first experience with this type of layout was the redesign of foxsports' webpage, and my first thoughts to that page were "God I hope this design style is a fad that dies a swift death" and "illustrations do not equal content (with occasional exceptions)."  I now visit foxsports' redesigned site (even) less than I did before (which is just as well), but unfortunately I've also begun visiting 11W a lot less, because wading through the barrage of images tires me out.

Comment 16 Feb 2014

So far I'm with you.  It takes me more clicks to find what I want, and in my opinion anything that makes a webpage look more like the redesign of foxsports.com is not a positive.  Hopefully, ongoing refinements will get it to a point where I'll like it better than the previous site, but we'll see.  I never thought the old site was broken (at least from a user standpoint), so "fixing" it seems to me more like a neutering.

Comment 16 Feb 2014
Looks like we're moving to full on "sarcastaball rules"

(I assume this image from the Sarcastaball episode is Brady Hoke getting doused in "Butters' Creamy Goo")

Comment 16 Feb 2014

It's probably best for high school kids not to publish their 40 times until the drinking age gets lowered

Comment 07 Feb 2014

I have a friend who visits Chicago occasionally and brings me back various Three Floyd's beers when he can (they don't sell here in the DC area) but I'm still waiting for a chance to try their Zombie Dust and Alpha Klaus, so color me jealous.  As for my current favorite (D)IPA, it's still a Pliny the Elder clone that I copied from an online recipe (even though I completely botched the conversion to my brew rig.)  It was an intense cornucopia of NW American hop aroma whose citrusy pungence was tempered by the tropicality of simcoe hops.  If the real version is anything like that (the hop aroma did begin to degrade after a month in the bottle, so commercially distributed versions might not have the same olfactory immersion) then I really need to visit the west coast or some other part of the country where they sell it.  As for the comment about rye, I was just singing the praises of Firestone Walker's Wookey Jack black rye ipa in a post on the old site just before they converted to the new format.  As far as I know its distribution is national, and so far it's the best black ipa that I've found - I absolutely recommend it.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Hopefully the performance of future Buckeyes in today's game and two more impressive commitments to one of the nation's best recruiting classes will help some folks begin to inch away from the ledge after last night's game.  Watching the Army All-American Bowl was therapeutic - the sun will rise tomorrow.