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Comment 26 Nov 2012

Sarah, good write-up, per ushe...although i think this is the most 'serious' you've ever been---no pop culture references, no...ummm...no other sarah-isms....just making an observation

Comment 11 Nov 2012

This.is.awesome. Sarah, you're a rock star.

I seriously can't tell you how many times me and my friends have discussed the Tori eps in the last 2 weeks---quite sad, really...how do they just get away with ditching Kelly and Jessie with no explanation, only to bring them back for the graduation/Swan Lake episode, amirite? I still don't understand it but I have a hunch there's one man who could explain it to me, with all his eloquence: Gene Smith

Comment 02 Apr 2012

I've been waiting on this day for awhile now--I. want.this.job.....Now I just have to figure out if it's best to go the traditional route (i.e., cover letter, resume, yada yada) or if I should try to go all grassroots style on the comments across the site from now 'til April 20 in my attempt to garner a huge groundswell of support....decisions, decisions....

Comment 25 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas to the best staff and readers on the interwebs.....that picture wins all of Christmas btw

Comment 24 Nov 2011

THE Ohio State University will score 31 points, whilst UM (we're playing Minnesota, right?), will score 30 points

Comment 23 Nov 2011
That's the plan bro-I'm going to make it at Skreened soon
Comment 17 Sep 2011

I hope we go to a bowl, any bowl