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Comment 11 Apr 2012
I saw on Buckeye Extra that his coach says that he's not fully matured physically and wouldn't be surprised if he could put on another 30lbs. On top of that he runs a 4.6. Freakin stud.
Comment 29 Jan 2012
Alex I had a question for you. Based on what I've read and his highlight video (along with destroying Michigans hopes of getting him) I am stoked we got Reeves. But I don't have a trained eye or have any sort of expertise, so why are you, or any other of the 11w staff for that matter, so excited for Reeves?
Comment 29 Jan 2012
Freakin yes!!! Huge pickup.
Comment 20 Jan 2012
Alex I remember you saying that Cam was your fvrote LB prospect the Buckeyes were going after. And ive learned to never doubt your judgement. What makes him a better prospect than Perkins or Marcus in your opinion?
Comment 16 Jan 2012
Overall I'm really pumped about the new staff. Does anyone have any idea who the new DB coach could be? Do you think Withers could take over since he was the DB coach for the Titans? Or do you think they will hire someone else?
Comment 15 Jan 2012
I saw on 24/7 that Harris committed to A&M (which is where his dad went). Hopefully he still takes the visit to C-Bus and Urb can convince him otherwise.
Comment 14 Jan 2012
Speaking of TEs, Hernandez is looking great tonight, as usual. I'm stoked to see what Urban can do with Stoneburner.
Comment 05 Jan 2012
Hey Alex, thanks again for all your hard work. I saw on ESPN that PSU will announce that the Patriots OC will be there new head coach on Saturday. Does PSU now having a head coach affect our chances of getting Camren Williams?
Comment 22 Dec 2011
This site and updates never cease to amaze. Thanks a bunch Alex.
Comment 22 Dec 2011
Do you think Studrawa may potentially still be an option? I know there were talks about him signing an extension with LSU but I haven't found any articles to confirm that he has indeed signed the extension. Is it possible that maybe he an Urban have a silent agreement that they won't make it official until after the championship game?
Comment 13 Dec 2011

Getting Jones would be huge. I noticed you both had him as a commitment. Have you heard anything about him seriosuly considering tOSU or are we just so confident in Urban's magic? Also, do you think Diggs is an option at all?