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Comment 15 Nov 2014

So you're saying "the committee" isn't watching the games? Why do you think OSU was 14 last week and 8 this week? THEY WATCH THE GAMES.

The real question: what did they see? I saw a frustratingly close win that was never really in doubt, on the road, in the freezing snow. OSU lost the turnover battle, and STILL won against "the committee's" 25th ranked team.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Not sure I agree with that dogfight designation.

In the parts of the game I watched (a good deal of the first half), Iowa was outright terrible. They were the kind of hapless that would have had Cardale scoring point 62 midway through the third quarter. By contrast, MN looked competent, if unspectacular (yes, 35 points is a lot for a first half, but Iowa REALLY was sorry.)

These games are played by young men, so anything can happen, but the expectation should be OSU over MN like MN over Iowa. Anything less and, weather or not, it doesn't impress. The basement expectation should be for OSU to beat them as bad as TCU if the game is to have relevance to OSU title aspirations. (TCU isn't all that, either, IMHO--frankly, no one is this year--but they've already beat MN by 3 TDs.)

Comment 13 Nov 2014

I sometimes wonder if people have sat through a FULL MSU game. They are eminently beatable, and Bama will roll them this weekend. Prescott is the manager people hoped JT would be, while JT has become Mariota. OSU can beat the Tide, but MSU can't.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

I already walked away. The Decision was my Waterloo with pro hoops. Basketball, for me, was the last of the Big Three to fall, and, yeah, that's because I came from that area, and was indulging in a little front-running with LeBron leading the way.... 

It's pretty clear the whole of professional sports (PARTICULARLY basketball) is driven by money and ego. Why give in to that? Don't we see enough of that EVERY day in EVERY other aspect of our lives (work, politics, family)? Shouldn't sports--which, let's be honest, is a trivial endeavor meant to fill the times between when we're serious about ourselves--be an escape from that? Isn't it supposed to be fun?

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Great stuff. Thanks.

And, yes, Gardener was amazing that day. When people play like that--with the pain obvious, but the will untamed--they usually win. People have been bleeding all over about how bad the OSU defense is--and they certainly weren't good, but when someone plays like the way Gardener did, you just have to tip your hat and congratulate them. 

Only in this case, OSU got to keep the win.

Comment 24 Oct 2013

So, we're going to the "little brother" realm with PSU?

I think the PSU fella is right--people need to loosen up about TTUN being OSU's "one and only". I don't care all that much for UW, and that makes it a game to look forward to. I think the same applies to PSU, only moreso: putting a beat-down on PSU is only slightly less satisfying than a victory over TTUN. 

In other words, open your hearts for PSU. They're not UM, but they should still be forced to genuflect to OSU each year, and we should take great pleasure from that.

Comment 13 Oct 2013

Slight correction: Clemson did NOT roll over BC. Indeed, the game was in doubt until the last 10 minutes (when a BC turnover-for-touchdown provided breathing room and the final margin.)

One could say they were looking ahead to FSU, but they still squeaked by an average BC team. At home. 

Comment 10 Sep 2013

About the women's volleyball team--did anyone else notice that there are SEVEN B1G teams in the top 15? That's getting into serious SEC territory.

I don't know if dozens of people chanting "B1G, B1G" will play as well on TV, though.

Comment 12 Aug 2013

I think what you missed in your analysis was a change in coaching philosophy between 2011 and 2012. On the one hand, that plays to your points about Miller carrying the ball more, with a decided emphasis on him being the featured player. On the other hand (Bollman troll alert), the SCHEME of last year was much more integrated, even when Miller was making mistakes, than before, virtually guaranteeing better over-all output.

The training wheels are off this year, with knowledgeable players working within a consistent scheme. Regardless of the "pro ratings" of the line (which, really, who cares? this is college, not pro, thank the deity), it is certainly reasonable to expect them to be better this year than last, with the possibility of ALL the failings you note being wiped away by shared experience and repetition. 

And, yes, Miller has that going for him, as well. Combine the two, and I think questions of being "elite" won't really matter.