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Comment 06 Jun 2017

Yep, from the Freep: Detroit Lions left tackle Taylor Decker underwent shoulder surgery on Monday for an injury he suffered last week and will miss at least the rest of the team's off-season program.Detroit Lions left tackle Taylor Decker underwent shoulder surgery on Monday for an injury he suffered last week and will miss at least the rest of the team's off-season program.

Comment 24 May 2017

The line at 5Dimes is tOSU -230 against Towson, pretty heavy favorites. The laxers have beaten the other three teams in the field, but have a one goal loss to Maryland to boot. 

The Buckeyes are the third favorite at +260. Maryland is the fav at +115. Denver is +255 and Towson is +635.  

Withers was 11-2 from the faceoff dot against Towson earlier in the year in a 6-3 win. If Withers can dominate like that again, the Buckeyes should win. The weather was brutal in the game against Towson earlier in the year,you can see snow piled up on the sidelines in the highlight video. Temp was 24

Comment 11 May 2017

The shitty thing is our house is being tented for termites this weekend and I can't DVR the game (or any other game). Headed to a sports bar to watch but I like going back and seeing the play is slo mo

Oh well

Comment 11 May 2017

tOSU plays Sunday at 5, not Saturday. Game is on ESPNU

Buckeyes have never made it past the second round, would be huge to make it to Championship Weekend

Comment 02 May 2017

If Withers can continue his domination from the FO dot AND the Buckeyes can cut down on their turnovers, they will be a tough out in the B1G tourney as well as the NCAA tourney. The only other FOGO he has not destroyed is Baptiste from Denver, who has a sick .743 FO winning %. Withers is 3rd in the NCAA with a .683%. Withers was 19-26 against Johns Hopkins FOGO's and that translates into a lot more possessions. tOSU is 29th in the NCAA in turnovers per game, a stat that has to improve. The Buckeyes rank 6th in GAA and could have been better with fewer TO's. Hopefully Carey can continue his stellar play in goal.

IIRC, tOSU has never advanced past the second round on the NCAA tourney. I have a good feeling that this year could be the year they go deeper in the tourney

Comment 21 Apr 2017

The problem with "recruiting more offensive linemen" is that OL can only do one thing, play OL. Other positions i.e. LB, DB, WR, etc can play special teams. Remember Corey Smith against 'Bama? Several huge ST tackles. Teams only have 85 schollies to give, you can't have 20 schollies tied up in the OL, max is 14-15. The problem is when you have under performing OL they take schollies away from guys that can contribute 

Comment 16 Apr 2017

Pretty sure you are referring to Dick Mack. He only played lax after his football eligilbility had expired IIRC. He was a two year starter at guard in 73 & 74. Saw him play at the outdoor facility on Olentangy. He lacked skill but brought a strong intensity to the game

Comment 02 Apr 2017

@KevinJ, you should look into the Slow and Sear, made for kettles

Turns your kettle into a top flight smoker and is perfect for doing steaks via the reverse sear technique. I have smoked brisket, pork, ribs, salmon, ice (yes, ice for a killer Bloody Mary), chicken and a whole lot more.

Comment 31 Mar 2017

If you guys haven't visited , you are missing out on the single best website for all things on the grill / smoker is the technique for pulled pork. I currently have four butts smoking on my WSM for an event tomorrow. I will pull the pork tonight, use my Food Saver to vacuum seal the meat, get up early and place the meat in water at 175 degrees in my oven until ready to serve.

I have competed in several BBQ comps and got a second (first loser) in brisket once. Granted, it was a wagyu brisket but it was tremendous