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Comment 12 Jun 2015

I am 41 this year and am still embarrassed when my parents yell OH to some guy who obviously got his OSU shirt from Goodwill...but they giggle and seem to enjoy it....and they are old so I should give them a pass.

I bought a replica National Championship Ring of aliexpress for $25......

One of my best friends is a M*ch*g*n fan.

I don't like some of the Gaudy OSU shirts etc.  give me a simple Block O any day....and I hate the "official logo" with a passion.

Comment 17 Feb 2014

This is wrong on so many levels....looks like these guys have a video coming out about "The fans" in a few months:  This little gem scares me a bit....

There are many others here.... including profiles of the ones mentioned in the articles.  I am not affiliated with these folks in any way, found them when searching "Big Nut" in Google......Clearing of History in progress.

My personal experience sitting directly next to BuckeyeMan and Woody look alike at a game with my wife.....they are all about self promotion and are quick to tell you how much money they spend for their attention grabbing endeavors.


Comment 07 Nov 2012

Talking to someone who knows Michigan insiders, word is we may see Gardner at QB and Denard lining up as RB in the Shoe....