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Comment 18 Oct 2014

i believe air force runs a flexbone option offense. and army runs a variation of it as well. now, granted the talent level of army isn't at navy or air force, but i would think these arguments would be valid against scheduling any of the 3 military academies. i for one, dont believe i'd ever exchange navy for air force. army maybe.

i'm not convinced that less game planning for navy would have resulted in a better outcome vs. VT from what we've been told. it seemed to be a matter of inability to adjust in-game to what VT did.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

On the Nebraska music/fan thing.... How about we hear the fucking band? God, I hate piped in music. So fucking lame.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

don't sweat it. the mouthbreather contigent are typically the lionsshare of the posts here. between the tough-guy bieber comments and the unbridled, unabashed displays of homerism there's little room for realistic, objective #hottakes from the masses in the comments area.

bottom line:  good player. tough team. solid talent. should be a good game. does not equal autowin. dunno where that fucking rumor got started.


Comment 19 Jun 2014

If someone complains about the current "style of offense" I swear to God I'll bring down the Internet and everyone connected to one of it's tubes. Seriously, you're either a.) way to fucking old or b.) have been subjected to too much matt millen or gary danielson. In the first case, you're excused. It's nature. Just make sure you admit yourself to an accredited retirement facility. In the other case, I also can't blame you for this. There aren't a lot of options. At least Craig James is gone. Try to educate yourself. You can be saved.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

I actually agree with this. I get the feeling that if TP wanted to, he could have lit the fuse and a lot could have went up in smoke. He didn't. He says the right things now. Played his ass off. Bring him back.

...and there's nothing wrong w/ calling him a bit of a douchebag. I mean, he acted like a bit of a douchebag. It happens. Just yesterday, I did some shit that afterwards I was like "man, i was a bit of a douche back there". So yea, if someone were to call me out on it, it wouldn't be unwarranted. Same situation. Different scale. 

Comment 05 Jun 2014

He doing the typical Tennessee hustle, claiming patches on his older brothers' bomber jackets. So after a while, I clocked him with the B1G's undefeated record against the SEC in Civil Wars.

I had UT season tickets for like 5yrs. (long story, don't ask), and had countless arguments of this type. I can say that if you're having an argument with someone and their main point is the teams they lose to are better than the teams you beat... I don't see any other response. What do you say? You're right Tennessee man, there's NO way OSU could handle Kentucky, Vandy, Ole Miss, Miss st.,  [insert name of any other not-alabama-lsu sec team] year in and year out. Totally would win like 4 games year. HEY JUST LIKE TENNESSEE RIGHT?!!!??!! Soooo dumb.

I usually just made a comment about their neat orange satin jacket and excused myself.

Comment 24 Apr 2014

Maybe missing the point? Not formations alone. It's all about the idea of bread & butter and constraint plays. i.e. get YOUR inside zone play. The play that nets 3 yards even though everyone in the stadium knows it's coming, and then constrain it. Michigan was all over the board last year. Wtf DID they do well? Align themselves? 

This reminds me of the Tressel / Pryor years. Did we ever do anything to constrain dave? How many times did the backside defensive end crash the living shit out of that play when all we had to do was run a little bootleg off of it w/ TP every now and again?