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Comment 28 Mar 2014

I work in Dayton. Absolutely SURROUNDED by Catholics who went to Alter and UD and are 2nd and 3rd generation alums. So goddamn obnoxious. It's sickening. I've never given an ounce of shit about UD or anything it's done or will do in sports or anything else. They can have their moment or whatever, but it's driving me to the point of wanting to punch people who provide me with paychecks.

Shit, I would imagine most Buckeye fans would root for them if it weren't for the attitudes. The Dayton Daily News is bad enough normally, but that front page was just... dumb.

It's bad enough carrying out my existence in this grey ass, abandoned, somewhat smelly city. But having to deal with people heckling me with my OHIO STATE shirt in fucking OHIO is just... well, it's too much. That actually did happen. True story.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

Yea, that's why you don't create forum posts with links to the trolls' works. It helps them accomplish what they set out to accomplish. Page views.

There's a reason ESPN lists headlines that look like "Jim Tressel once rigged a raffle and killed a guy in a bar fight?".

Sort of like when the talk radio host that you find so obnoxious says something... obnoxious, and people call in to tell him he's obnoxious. 

Not science folks.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

I don't get the Musburger hate.

I am legitimately bummed... not a lot of announcers that don't make me constantly roll my eyes. And you have to crack up at his blatant gambling drop-ins. 

Awesome old-school announcer. Shouldn't have to go out like this. Dicks.

Comment 15 Jan 2014

Yea i find it hilarious when people that I know constantly, year-in and year-out come up to me (because I'm the college football guy) and they're all "man, can you believe what espn is saying? mark may's an ass. blah blah". I'm like... yeah. I can. It's really not that hard to puzzle all of it out. Espn protecting it's properties? Yea, makes sense. So glad this is the college football world we live in now.

i.e. "here is a nice piece of shit. consume it."

Comment 22 Nov 2013

Ramzy is spot-on in every way. Especially the last point. 

The narrative at this point is so out of control there's no going back this year. The ONLY hope we all have is if somehow the B1G pulls a respectable bowl season out of it's ass, and somehow, someway that translates into a different narrative moving forward into next year.

...that is assuming they'll allow B1G teams in bowl games this year. With how "awful" the conference is this year, you never know.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

Remember when Danielson said the spread offense in the SEC would never work?

Why he is still given a microphone is beyond me.

Comment 29 Aug 2013

You know what else would "enhance" the game day experience in the stadium?

...cheaper tickets. I know. It sounds nuts. But it's true. Better wifi believe it or not, is not actually the answer.

Comment 07 Aug 2013

I've tried to hold off posting a comment because I didn't really want to be "mr. internet comment guy". But I can't help myself.

So is anyone else tired of reading about how big of a tool you are for: 1.) Thinking Maziel is a bit of a douche. 2.) Looking at pictures players arriving at camp. 3.) Rooting for OSU even though you didn't attend. 4.) Having or seeking an autograph????

Yea, I mean I guess some of the stuff is funny and all, and yea, i get the anger and all. But I guess I'm just not sure if I should apologize to someone? 

I mean, is this all a joke I don't get, or is it really not ok for me to meet any of the aforementioned criteria? 

I guess I'll go ahead and post my apology for...

1.) Yes, thinking Johnny Football is a bit of a douchebag.

2.) I did take a peak at some of the pictures. I didn't like... touch myself or anything. He made it sound like it was some... disgusting, creepy act. Really, I was just kind of curious as to what some of the players actually look like.

3.) I'll admit. I've been a lifelong fan of Ohio State. I... i'm sorry. This is hard to say.... *cough* *sniffle*. I didn't..... go to Ohio State. I'm sorry. I know. It's bad. I actually went to Miami. I know. I know. I guess I should have forgotten about OSU while I was miles and miles away in Oxford. I guess I should have packed up all my old buckeye gear and donned the favors of my beloved redhawks.

4.) I don't have any autographs. But I guess if someone gifts one to me or my child, I'll apologize in advance. I mean, I know it's creepy and all.

Phew. I feel better. Thanks DJ. Glad I could get that off my chest.

Comment 26 Apr 2013

Michigan St. game that year, specifically the second half. Almost blew it when they started really blitzing him. He was ass the rest of the season really.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

This is what I assumed you meant... how your meaning got lost in translation is beyond me.

Love Tress always, but love destroying or at least attempting to destroy people wayyy more.

Comment 01 Jun 2012

I'm so fucking tired of this.

So I'm guessing if the SEC had an agreement with the ACC or the Big 12 to play each other every single year, Georgia would definitely play the 9 game conference slate, the Big 12 or ACC opponent AND Ohio State? Riiiiiiight. Isn't this the same school that went like 40 years without going west of the Mississippi for a regular season game?

Comment 11 May 2012

I hate this idea that because our team shares a conference with another team we should root for them to "represent". Why? This kind of shit didn't happen before this SEC run and the stupid chants.

The southeast is an entire region of the country with short-man's disease. Let's not fall into that trap. If you want to hate Michigan, hate them. Root for them to lose every damn game. Who cares what conference they're in. 

I for one, am not going to buy into this gang-like attitude "oh they're with us, so i hope they win". Screw that. 

Can they both lose? Is that possible?

Comment 31 Jan 2012

Completely agree. It's getting (or has gotten) progressively worse. It seems now most shit they put out is either a.) mail from really dumb people OR b.) some stupid list ranking some pointless crap. The kicker for me was when Rittenberg posted the day after (or some time shortly thereafter) about Paterno's "legacy" basically right when the bomb was dropped. I mean, who gives a shit about his legacy when you're dealing w/ rape of young kids. Give me a break dude.

I used to include them on my daily routine of college football browsing. Definitely do not anymore.

Comment 14 Dec 2011

I don't think anyone would argue that changes are being discussed. Everyone has reported that.

My point was, the BCS as it exists, is currently under contract w/ ESPN until 2014. Unless they work out an agreement with ESPN to change the format, nothing is happening until 2014.

Comment 14 Dec 2011

The way I understand it is, it'd take an act of Tebow to get any post-season changes to the BCS before their TV deal is up in 2014. But when that happens, I guess it's likely? Maybe a seeded +1?

Comment 23 Nov 2011

Comment 23 Nov 2011

All I'm saying is, don't expect our offense to suddenly resemble Oregon or Ok. St.

The one thing I think you can count on is, we will have better effective play calling and strategy (read: not running draws before we throw a pass) and a generally all-around better coached team than before.