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Comment 25 Jul 2014

One time when I was living on 17th behind the McDonalds, I walked down towards Frambes to give a roommate a ride to a party. A guy was walking out of his house a few doors down, put his beer on top of his car, and backed out. He missed my knee by about four inches. I was pissed that I didn't get a shredded knee/all that guys' family's money. Later I got back from giving my roommate a ride and watched the end of the Duke/UConn (Emeka Okafor years) NCAA Championship Game by myself on the couch.

Cool Story, Bro.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

No, because mathematics is wizardry and is not to be trusted.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I really don't think that this is a sign of america turning into cats.

That's what 'pussification' means, right?

Comment 25 Jul 2014

“He’s obviously probably the finest athlete in the country,” Trent Dilfer said at the Elite 11 camp.

Trent Dilfer has obviously probably studied at the Peter King School of Hedging.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

/swoops in

The second point – the thing about common sense – is far, far more important. 

That said, I couldn't stomach looking at the comments yetsterday. Problems with the growing internet village, etc., but I don't find it as enjoyable commenting here as I used to. I think critical mass vis-a-vis stupid has been reached. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014


Comment 23 Jul 2014

/whistles, saunters away.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Bakersfield in the Short North had it for $3 the night that Ramzy and I careened through last fall. I think it was a nightly special, but still.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

In any other industry, there would be zero issue with Windhorst's leveraging his past experience to move from a local paper beat to a national tv/online entity. And yet, because of petulance and LeBron and ESPN reasons (the latter two fall under the umbrella of the first), here we are. 

"I'm mad at a sportswriter for taking a huge career step up" is not an argument to take seriously. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Yes but can you purchase Four Roses Single Barrel from that taco truck for three dollars ($3) per pour?

Columbus, your taco scene is sublime. 

Comment 17 Jul 2014

This is a moronic idea.

Comment 17 Jul 2014


I very much enjoy this website, but come on, dude: you and I and the forum crawlers aren't exactly the "we" of the staff.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I would say worse things than that but its probably not appropriate.


The only reason I am here is for the money. The traffic, people, politics all suck butt. I recently bought a condo in the Arena district. One to have a place when I visit Columbus. Two to have a place to live in Columbus.

It's nice that you are making money! It is unfortunate that you don't like DC. I don't drive a lot, have very nice neighbors in a quiet neighborhood, and don't worry much about the politics. Congrats on your purchase in Columbus.

DC is appealing to 25 year old and gays. I am neither.

You live in Dupont Circle. I'm not sure what other vibe you would expect.

By the way, let me help you with that Quote you botched.

                                                                            A man sees in the world

                                                                           What he carries in his heart.

                                                                                          - Goethe-

I didn't attribute the 'quote' to anyone, as it is an aphorism that cannot be 'botched'. I'm not sure why quoting a Gotye song is appropriate here, but that quote says more about you than it does me.

Sorry to hear you don't like the District of Columbia. Try as you might, you're not going to convince me that I don't like it here, or that I'll want to flee for the suburbs when my kid gets into school, or that I'll be a bad parent for not doing so. I'm quite happy and comfortable with my decision to live and raise a family here.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I've been on board that thought train for a long while. Would love/loathe that, which is more than I can say about Hokémon.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Go out see things. Learn about other people and places. Find out what it is you enjoy and a place that makes you happy. And then if you want to return to Ohio, bring the spirit of those other places back with you.