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Comment 04 Sep 2014

If we don't tell Coach Urbs that he is family/we love him every time he takes our calls, he will most certainly feel unloved and leave OSU. smh.

Comment 03 Sep 2014


  • Special game sponsor Under Armour: D+. The Navy has 'protected' that 'house' a number of times in the past. A notable occurrence of such protection was 200 years ago next week. A cool song was written about it. Maybe think harder about your shitty slogan in context.
  • Baltimore Raven Stadium: D. We payed $75 for the privilege of watching a football game in your stadium. You should not make these people walk into the stadium in a 'hands up/don't purse' pose.
  • Baltimore Raven Stadium Concessions: F-. It was Labor Day Weekend, generally known as the end of the American summer. Maybe don't run out of food at your concessions just before halftime. Note: never, ever run out of bottles of water at the peak of summer. You had one goddamned job. It is not particularly difficult. 
  • Baltimore Raven Stadium Concession Workers: C. Some of you were very nice and apologetic about the lack of food. Others were fighting over pizzas as they came out of the oven. Group discipline could be improved.
  • Mariott Inner Harbor Parking Lot Tailgate Orange Crush: B+. A bit boozy in a bad way because of cheap vodka, but overall refreshing and drinkable.
  • Darron Lee, Navy Band, TBDBITL: No Grade. I have no idea what your fumble recovery or halftime shows looked like, because I was waiting in line for limited option garbage food that cost me thirty dollars.
Comment 25 Aug 2014

I did this a few years ago, but will be restoring my cable service for football/NBA season this year. Got by with AppleTV and the Watch ESPN app.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I got you this cake made out of horse meat, I hope you like it. Now, let's all smash a bunch of pint glasses together.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Apropos of nothing, The Saloon on U St is a wonderful bar to go to and have a conversation with friends. It's no good for sports, though, as they have no TVs.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Federal Hill and Fells Point are both fun. Federal Hill is a shorter walk, but the walk to Fells Point takes you through Little Italy and some really cool old-ass row houses. Some fantastic bars over in Fells Point. Apparently there's some fun things to do in the Canton neighborhood as well, though I haven't been.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Unless you're in an extremely high-level science class, the fundamental science isn't changing rapidly. The groundwork of physics is all in the Principa. The groundwork of modern chemistry is roughly a hundred years old, and modern undergraduate-level organic chemistry is at least fifty years old.