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Comment 21 hours ago

I hate to admit it, but the Ohio State brand helps. We get televisions turned on. 

I'm glad you see it my way, this is all about $$$$

Comment 21 hours ago

If we're talking bball that's a different story.

Comment 21 hours ago

There is no way UNC gets in over us, they don't have the "brand" that is tOSU.  ESPN controls the cfp, this is ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS!!!!

Comment 22 hours ago

I have always said this, it's all about $$$, tOSU will bring in a lot more viewers than UNC.

Comment 23 hours ago

Sick and tired of the domer's arrogance for no reason what so ever, you have a loud mouth coach, that's about it.

Comment 23 hours ago

I like ND in the rose bowl, hmmm do I keep my tix or do I sell for a lot of Christmas money??

Comment 28 Nov 2015

^^^^^^This guy knows what he's talkin about^^^^^^

Not sure what you're speaking of 3cent BUT the Rose Bowl isn't called the "Grand Daddy" of em' all for no reason.  If you've never experienced a game in Pasadena on New Year's day you don't know what you're missing.  If we're not going to the cfp it's Rose Bowl or bust!!!  

Comment 28 Nov 2015

_ichigan has a descent defense, how did we not dominate on the group in other games this season, wtf...

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Not that I think we could have made noise in the cfp this season BUT we really fucked ourselves last week, that's all I have to say.