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Comment 02 Apr 2016

The red seat backs in the section they serve beer at are not in the picture.  It is clearly a fake.  

Comment 24 Mar 2016

Might be like the George Hill situation last year...Or maybe it's just B.S.

Comment 19 Mar 2016

I was in Vegas for the conference tourney.  Dropped $260 on Bucks to win $100 vs Penn St.  Had to do it to them.  You gotta punish the casino.  

Comment 04 Mar 2016

Get the fuck out of my pool puts on a good show. 

Comment 26 Feb 2016

We've had some very athletic players the last few years, but not a lot of consistent shooters, last in the big ten in free throw shooting. Also, they had Amir down low.  Matta has been loading up on post players in recruiting because he knows he's screwed if he puts all of his eggs in one basket and settles on one guy.  It worked with Oden, Mullens, and Koufos, but it's game over if his choice doesn't pan out.

Comment 25 Feb 2016

Bosa or trade down.  No qb in this draft is worthy of a number 2 pick.  I prefer Goff over Wentz.  The only game I saw Paxton Lynch play was when he got shut down vs Auburn in their bowl game.  Goff tore it up in his bowl game, dude passed for close to 500 yds.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Hard to believe Hamlin will pick Bucks since he's announcing on a local TV station in Pittsburgh