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Comment 25 Feb 2015
I went to Wittenberg to play bball and fizzled out my freshman year. I played so much freaking AAU bball and trained so much that I got burnt out on it. It's a fulltime job playing sports in college. I was over it before I even stepped on campus. It was pretty much decided for me at a young age that I was going to be trained to receive an athletic scholarship. The best advice I can give is let your kid know what he's getting into if he wants to play in college. It's a huge commitment.
Comment 14 Feb 2015
I think the Bucks get it done today. Perhaps I'm still drunk from last night but I'm pretty confident. I might mute the game if Valentine is the ref. Sparty already has a dude named Valentine on their squad. The commentators are going to go apeshit over it
Comment 14 Feb 2015
Sounds about right. I wish I was in Vegas right after Braxton got hurt last yr. They were 50-1 odds to win the natty.
Comment 13 Feb 2015
Who the hell said Harrington won a Heisman? I was lumping him into a category of all the other QB's from Oregon who sucked in the NFL. You're inherintley drafted by a bad team if you're overrated. Great for him if he gets drafted by the Titans, he will still suck. Mariota's numbers were inflated because of the weak defenses he played against in PAC 12. He didn't do a whole lot vs TOSU defense...He is a SYSTEM QB, a lot a 1 read dump offs. He throws across his body a lot too. Good luck to him but I hope to God the Cleveland Browns don't buy the hype. Overrated
Comment 12 Feb 2015
Joey Harrington was pretty good. So was Akili Smith, or whatever his name is. How about Dennis Dixon? How many deep balls to Mariota throw? It looked like a bunch of short dump off passes every time I watched him. I.e., system QB. Not too many successful heisman winning qb's in NFL...
Comment 12 Feb 2015
We're talking about politics on eleven warriors now???? Nope
Comment 12 Feb 2015
Hopefully the kid put on some weight. He was super skinny coming out of St. V's. He is very young still.
Comment 12 Feb 2015
Mariota won't do anything in the NFL, just like every other qb from Oregon. He's a system qb. I hope to God my Brownies don't draft him. I would not be surprised if they do though. Browns Super Bowl C, or whatever the roman numeral for 100 is.
Comment 06 Feb 2015
I did some class calculating on 24/7 and the Bucks will finally dethrone Bama's reign atop the recruiting rankings starting in 2016. It's coming.