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Comment 23 Nov 2015

I do not recall seeing us run a single HB slip screen all year... With as good as Zeke's hands are, and how good he is in the open field, you would think this would be a go to play call. Hell, even work in Brax or Jalin or Dontre in that mix of throwing a true slip screen to. Not that little swing pass to the sideline...

So many playmakers... SO. MANY. And in all reality, NONE of them were used much this year... 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Man, I feel for Smith. He was clearly an emotional leader for us. Despite never putting up monster numbers at WR, in my opinion, he was the heart and sole of some special team units. I can count many, many times, where he would provide a big hit on Kick Offs to help spark our D for a big stop. 

Get well young man. 

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Subscribed without thinking twice about it! 

Don't tell me wife. She's the Bama girl. The $85 would hit too close to home for her still...

Am I the first 12Wer from the state of Alabama??? 

Comment 18 May 2015

Living in Birmingham, AL, all I hear is rumors about Braxton. Most of them are just talking heads stirring the pot, but there is a good amount of "insight" out there giving the Bamers some hope. With that being said, I personally love getting to read some pro-OSU stories about Brax.

It goes without saying again, but keep it up 11W. You guys truly do have the best site around.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Which former Iowa State basketball player is logging on to downvote this? GO AWAY CYCLONE!

Comment 22 Apr 2015

The football spring game and #QBDecision has given a back seat to the Russell decision.

Would also love to know if anyone has heard anything.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

This one certainly is picking up momentum. Living in Birmingham, I hear all of the Bama garbage all day. I do not put much stock into any of that hogwash.

With that being said, I have several friends who are active members to the Bama Online services, similar to our 11W. They have several staff members posting that this is picking up some steam, and that there has been serious conversations from both parties. I cannot speak to the validity of any of this, but I do know if one of our 11W staff member posted something of similar thought, we would trust their opinions / sources.

I do agree Bass, the easiest way to silence all of these topics is for Braxton himself to address the issue head on, which to date, he has not done.

Comment 10 Apr 2015

I may be in the minority here, but I am a fan of Tiger. (On the course that is. Don't really agree with some of his moral decisions, but who am I to judge)

He was at his prime as I was a kid growing up beginning to watch golf. Basically every tournament I remember watching with my dad and older brother has memories or Tiger in the hunt. Tiger really is the reason I began to enjoy watching and playing golf. As previously mentioned above, I too always like to root for the Americans.

With that said, I do also love the new run of young Americans the game has now. Guys like Spieth, Fowler, Keegan Bradley, should certainly help keep the interest of young kids in the game.

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Birmingham, AL here. Right dab smack in the middle of the Alabama / Auburn shinanigans.

The last 4 months have been incredible. I don't even have to say much at work. My Ohio State flag that hangs over my desk and my various OSU polos I wear does most of the talking. I just keep the same shitty grin on my face constantly now.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

I beliebe you are the first to mention this Andy, and it gave me chills.


Keep fighting Bass. We are family here. We are here for you.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

I tend to agree, I think this matchup cuold play in the favor of the Bucks. OSU over the past few years has always played their best basketball when they can run and be athletic in the transition game. With Scott and Russ on the floor, the pressure defense does not intimidate me that much.

Best way to prepare for a defense like this? Have 7 or 8 defenders playing the scout team D. You can never simulate the intensity with 5 guys in practice. So you add a few more bodies out there, to literally give the effect of "Dang, these guys are everywhere"

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Agree Hove.

Living in Birmingham, AL, the Sugar Bowl was so much sweeter to me. Hearing the Bamers talk for months and months about how we did not stand a chance. It was a surreal moment watching Zeke spint those 85 yards. An outer body experience almost. It happened in slow motion. Those 85 yards have hands down been the sweetest college football moment of my life.

I am married to a Bama grad (which by the way, God bless these tan southern sundress wearing women).(Another side note, we would have been in the Super Dome had it not been for a last minute illness and change of plans) Since I already had been standing for most of the game, when Zeke hit the hole, I  sprinted behind the couch where my wife could not see me. ( I was trying to somewhat not rub it in, as she has always been classy to the Buckeyes as well). I silently jumped up and down with both hands raised as high as they could get in the air. I ran into the bedroom, shoved a pillow in my face, and screamed as loud as I possibly could. Calmly walked back into the living room, and remained standing for quire some time with both hands still raised in the air.

What a moment. I love you all Buckeye Nation.