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Comment 07 Sep 2014
A lot of people need to give a loss 24 hours before posting. Lots of harsh cristisms for a sophomore.
Comment 27 Apr 2014
This should be the year that he and Braxton both live up to all of their hype and potential. There will be absurd amounts of speed all over the place as well a couple backs that can run up the middle. As long as the offensive line keeps Braxton upright for a few seconds this offense should be a nightmare for defenses.
Comment 16 Apr 2014

If Embiid had stayed I think we might have had a decent chance but with him leaving I think it's even more than a long shot that he chooses tOSU but the amount of big men Thad has sent to the league and the fact that we truly need him compared to the other teams could help.

Comment 16 Apr 2014
I'm not sure why you're getting down voted so much for that opinion. The only thing we should care about is what our buckeyes do because that's what will change opinions on them. Opinions on the B1G won't change anytime soon but if we can continue to dominate in conference play and win the big games perception of us will change.
Comment 06 Mar 2014
I think he's primed to run a lot less this year. So many weapons on the field. 4 more than capable running backs and a ton of talent at wide out. If he just improves even a little at the mental side of the game he could have a damn good year.
Comment 21 Feb 2014
The whole thing is great but the last line of this is by far the best part.
Comment 13 Feb 2014
Always loved watching this guy play. If he's healthy I can't see him not getting signed somewhere.
Comment 13 Feb 2014
I don't see many of these guys redshirting. Urban really wants depth and many of them add it right away, at least it appears that way. I don't think upper classman will just be given starting spots, especially WR, LB, and DB. Just too much speed in these past two classes to sit. UFM knows that and I'm sure he's been preaching it to his assistants as they've been saying each position is an open competition. Fall just cannot get here fast enough. Go bucks!
Comment 10 Feb 2014

Family is always most important but certainly tough to lose a guy that would've made an impact. I'm sure he'll be successful if he decides at some point to return to football. 

Comment 10 Feb 2014
I love that he's bringing in guys with the capability to make instant impact whether that be actually playing or simply competing to make the two deep on a consistent basis. We need playmakers on both sides of the ball and he keeps bringing them in.
Comment 21 Jan 2014
The problem is zero consistency from anyone night to night. AW played like he figured it out for awhile and now he looks like he has no clue again. Lenzelle can't hit the broadside of a barn right now. And Scott and craft are turning it over right and left. I would like to see more of loving and Ross on the floor at the same time but I'm sure Thad will get something figured out.