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Comment 04 Oct 2014

At least Virginia Tech won today. That situation was getting embarrassing.

I dunno, I kinda felt like that game was supposed to be "who's less worse than ECU". Which isn't intended to be a slight on ECU, those guys are rocking. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

Best Bo comment from the HBO film "The Rivalry": "I have several of those gold pants myself. I don't talk about that around here" (standing in a skybox at The Big House)

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Is there any significance to the unit crests Navy wears on their jerseys? At this point not even the seniors know where they are going, the Navy guys probably haven't even picked a designator yet.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

A .22LR bolt gun. Cheap to shoot, fun as all hell, and it really brings your fundamentals to the next level.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

I haven't seen .22LR at my local Wally World (Bethel and Sawmill) since late 2012.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

I used to love banging away at killer tomatoes with .50s and 20mms. Some of my best days in the Navy.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

I just bought a new Winchester Super-X3. I can't wait to haul it out to Briar Rabbit and bust some clays on their new traps. I've also got a S&W M&P15T that's just a joy to shoot.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

I wonder if Roby will have a legitimate cause of action against the Division of Police if he can prove that he lost money due to the arrest?

Comment 24 Apr 2014

Don't CABS buses have dashcams like COTA buses? There are like 5 or 6 cameras on a COTA bus.

Comment 19 Mar 2014

In case anyone cares, Clarence Darrow did not actually win in Tennessee v. Scopes. Scopes was convicted and fined $100. The case was appealed to the Tennessee Supreme Court, which rejected all of Darrow's assertions, but ordered the case to be nol. prossed because Scopes was no longer teaching in the state.

Comment 21 Feb 2014

we’ll give it to the vets or something. 

I don't want that shit, and I doubt any other Ohio vet wants it either! 

Comment 29 Jan 2014

As much as I dislike that guy (merely for being a *ichigan Man, mind you), I gotta agree. Everyone should read that book.

Comment 28 Dec 2013

So, after reading the post, I slid over to the athletics site to look at tickets. There seems to be no way to even see where the seats are at without making a ticketma$ter account. $50 ain't bad, and I'm already in Florida visiting family, but fuck Ticketma$ter. And fuck Gene Smith with a rusty rake for using them.