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Comment 03 Apr 2014

An open mouthed portrait logo just makes it too easy for their rivals. Sorry FSU fans. 

Comment 28 Mar 2014

All these things happening around Desean really don't support the SFGate article about how Cal players are "winning in life."

Comment 09 Mar 2014

So a win today would likely result in a November ACC/B1G Challenge match-up with either Duke(3rd) or UNC(4th). Louisville will be slotted into the rotation somewhere near the top or we could end up with them as well. 

Comment 28 Feb 2014

The bit on Alex Amidon is a great story and I'm glad 11W brought it to my attention. This morning on my daily visit to espn.com, which is a routine that needs to be kicked worse than cigarettes, I didn't see anything about that story. Unfortunately active players doing great and unusual things is much less important than the "8 second call" headline thanks to the business of media. 

Comment 16 Feb 2014

I totally agree. Maybe I missed it, but a spotlight on the new B1G hockey would be great. I expect our hockey program to become profitable, if it isn't already, just like these baseball teams. Having a B1G game follow the USA-Russia encore on NBCSN last night was a great spot for the league. This year OSU has the worst attendance among B1G teams and still gets over 4,400 on average, 6100 on average in B1G games. I can only imagine that will grow quickly now that we are out of the old CCHA. With no disrespect to the teams, it's much more exciting to watch us play Michigan St and Wisconsin than those like Ferris St and Lake Superior St. 

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Bring the game to the nations capital. Mild weather in the first week of December. 10,000+ Alumni per school live here already. Good for regional recruiting. Maryland will not be in the game anyway so it wont be a huge advantage to anyone, just like Indiana and Purdue in Indy. 

Comment 06 Jan 2014

This is my chance to complain about Teamtix. When we lost to MSU the Teamtix rights for Auburn shot up to $500 a piece and FSU prices were already up there. Add that up with the $325 face value they would have to pay for endzone seats and the cost was $825 for "face value" seats. I don't know why these articles are talking about how face value was $325 when there was zero possibility of getting face value on the open market. That thing is such a scam in so many ways but the worst is the thousands of fans across the country that bought into a ticket right for their team and lost 100% of that money. The whole thing is basically gambling. I'm sure back in the summer there were plenty of opportunist who bought FSU or Auburn rights for $20 or so. Kudos to them for picking the right teams. These who thought they struck gold are also the ones who are likely flooding the market with tickets that they never intended on using and meanwhile FSU/Auburn fans were discouraged from making travel plans when the tickets were already going for $825 "face-value."