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Comment 22 Oct 2014

There is some truth to Fowler's statement. Financially, SEC football at is best is worth slightly more or equal to B1G football at its worst. We see this through current distributions. Chicago, Detriot, Washington, New York, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus, etc. are much greater markets than Atlanta, New Orleans,  St Louis, Nashville, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Little Rock etc. 

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I think that would be awesome, but some people will always show up to get on TV. Then ESPN would just mock the school for a poor turnout and recruits would see. A large Tifo that they couldn't crop out of the set would be the best.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Couldn't agree more. It's a short term gain for them that could really crush them in the long run. And while they could earn us back, that would be treason in the South so they really can't change now. Fox is slowly putting the pieces in place to take down ESPN for most of the quality programming. Their game production quality is already better. I think the biggest thing hurting their viewership is that people I have ESPN memorized, but have to channel surf to find FS1, NBCSN, BTN, etc. 

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Brett Bielema is a great coach to me because of his genuinely wonderful relationship with his wife Jen. Did you know she didn't find out he was a football coach until several months after they met?

Comment 20 Oct 2014

He is an Ohio native who has a pretty good track record. I could see it hurting the SEC because he wont want to look like a homer, but then again the media backlash for picking two even three SEC teams would be little to none considering ESPN's dominance.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

One of my favorite touchdowns of all time was against Texas when Boeckman laid one up for Pryor to go get. 

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Is that in addition to their Big 12 contract distribution? 

I think the B1G wouldn't mind keeping the Longhorn network, but they would definitely force Texas to add that revenue to the sharing pot. I doubt UT would be into that concept even with the added exposure the network gives them. There's a lot of room to speculate, but I don't know their agreement with ESPN and how it could shake out. 

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Bama starts the year with -0.5 losses so when they lose they are the first 0.5 loss team. Its been standard for 6+ years 

Comment 07 Oct 2014

60+ comments and no mention that Fox Sports has much better game coverage? Give them your viewership and it will only get better. ESPN has become to sports what MTV has become to music.

Comment 03 Oct 2014

ESPN prefers FCS schools over the B1G

Comment 02 Oct 2014

Anything that is more than two blocks from campus is not where you want to be. 

There really isn't any secret to tailgating at Maryland because you will get stuck in traffic trying to leave no matter what. I can say that the Terps a good job tailgating, but many of their student go take a drunk nap during the game, check the box score, and go out later. You shouldn't have trouble finding a good spot to set up and Buckeyes will be everywhere. One thing to note is their campus is massive like Ohio state, except with a worse layout, so if you are trying to meet someone it could be a half hour walk. 

As for going out after/night before -  

UMD might have the least bars per student of any school outside of Utah. It’s been an ongoing mystery for the students and alumni. From what I know the non Applebee’s options are Cornerstone, Barking Dog, Bentley's, and the recently opened Terrapins Turf. There is no shortage of students at these places so expect a line and a packed house with loud music if you go at night. It’s not Rutgers, but the Jersey presence is very heavy in College Park. Just embrace and you will have a good time. 

If you're looking to go out and are done with the college thing but still like to get loose, then downtown spots like the U st. Corridor, Dupont, Georgetown, H Street NE(cab from gallery place), and Chinatown are all viable options. If you really like to party, like sloppy drunk forgot where my shoes are kind of party, then head to Adams Morgan. I will not guarantee anything good or bad will happen, but I can guarantee something will happen. Each one of these options has different style and a simple Google search should give you the run down. 

Another itinerary for someone driving to and from the game is grabbing a hotel in Downtown Bethesda (about 20 minutes west of College Park). Weekend hotel rates are relatively cheap with the business travelers at home. If you aren't around for long enough to dive into the city then you might as well stay 20 minutes closer to Ohio. Bethesda is an urban style suburb with way too many nice restaurants and a couple decent bars. It's nothing insane, but its a safe option for going out and plays well if you are limited on time this weekend. I recommend Caddies or Brickside (my personal watering holes). 

Hopefully that helps. 

Comment 02 Oct 2014

It's funny they think the stadium will be "Rocking & Packed" when its not even sold out and there are 2000+ seats on Stubhub. I agree that if anyone will be rocking the house its our fans. I'm picturing a very pro buckeye crowd, but unfortunately their red will blend with our Scarlet. Let this serve as reminder to the folks in Ohio that there is plenty of time to grab a ticket and get on the road. Its only 6 1/2 hours from Old Columbus Town. 

Comment 01 Oct 2014

LSU plays everyone at night so at least that part of the equation is covered.