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Born and raised in Columbus, OH. Went to Grove City HS, where I played football. Went into the Marine Corps after high school and I was stationed in Washington DC. Stayed in DC after I got out and have been enjoying life to the fullest!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: I was part of some really good high school football teams while at Grove City. We were near the top rankings in the state and country. My junior year we played Troy who had Ryan Brewer. It was an offensive slugfest that we wone 43-45, but it was amazing! Ryan Brewer scored about 4-5 different ways. My senior year we went undefeated and were ranked #1 in OH, #6 in the country before we lost in the playoffs in the 2nd round. We played a big game vs Canton McKinley and a couple games in the Crew's stadium. Insane atmospshere!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Mike Doss (passed on the draft to come back and win a NC)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Michael Redd (Best player/person ever for OSUBB)
  • NFL TEAM: Colts
  • NHL TEAM: Capitals
  • NBA TEAM: None
  • MLB TEAM: Cubs, Nationals

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Comment 08 Oct 2015

He has the talent, size and ability that NFL scouts love!! His stats aren't great right now, but they will be when the season is over. He compares to people who were overrated, but still drafted #1!! By the seasons end, I expect Jones to be on par with most of Russell's stats!

12 Gauge

YEAR TEAM    CMP     ATT      PCT      YDS     AVG     TD     LNG    INT     RAT

2015   OSU        63      106        59.4      867       8.2        5        54       5       134.3

2014   OSU        56       92         60.9      860       9.3        7        50       2       160.2

JaMarcus Russell

YEAR TEAM    CMP     ATT      PCT      YDS     AVG     TD     LNG    INT     RAT

2006    LSU      232       342      67.8      3129       9.1      28       58        8      167.0

2005    LSU      188       311      60.5      2443       7.9      15       50        9      136.6

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I agree, I think this team will peak when it counts the most, similar to last year. They have the talent to blow ANYONE off the field but I hope they don't get into a position that comes back to haunt them with the underwhelming play on "O" lately. Hopefully 12 Gauge can hit his stride soon and get the Offense rolling. We can ride 'Zeke until then, but you don't want to ride him too much.

Comment 14 Sep 2015

He also said that they need to shut the heck up about OSU's schedule AND focus on beating the cupcakes they scheduled!

Comment 03 Sep 2015

Just an FYI in case you missed it, Meyer said yesterday that Parris will play a lot on Monday. The wording of your title made it seem like you were unsure how much he'd play on Monday.

  Guys like Evan Spencer and Jeff Heuerman were brought up and how well they blocked on the edge last year, and all Meyer said was "The best." He added that Parris Campbell has done a really great job recently with edge blocking and "will play a lot Monday."


Comment 28 Aug 2015

I think the stadium will be loader than you think. I believe the stadium is situated in a valley so the noise echos. Also, it sits at an altitude of 2,057 feet above sea level — making it the highest stadium in the Eastern United States. Not saying this will have a profound impact on our boys, but it could make the 4th qtr harder... if its even close by then!


Comment 28 Aug 2015

Yeah, I was a receiver too and rain sucked. You knew they would go more to a ground game and it made catching/throwing the ball harder. I was fun playing in the mud and sliding 5 yards after being tackled!!

Comment 28 Aug 2015

If we are talking High School, then it would have to be Ryan Brewer from Troy, OH!! Before he destroyed Ohio State when we played South Carolina in 2000, he was a one man show for Troy HS. I played for Grove City and we were loaded and ranked pretty high in 1998. Our coaches warned us about this player that did everything (RB, LB, Punt, Kicked Off, FG Kicker). He was an athletic big guy too, about 230lbs but fast. We won the game, something like 43-45 but not for lack of trying. I know his stats for the game, but I bet he had 4-5 TD's himself, 250-300 yards rushing, another 100 yds receiving and a couple FG's too. I've never seen a guy in person take-over a game like that. Fortunately, the rest of his defense couldn't stop our passing attack and we won. He went on to win Mr. Football Ohio in 1998.   

Comment 28 Aug 2015

You are exactly right, Teddy and Braxton have to be 1a and 1b. I would give Teddy the edge b/c he had less touches, but made the most of his touches. When he got the ball (reception or punt) you actually stood up and started cheering b/c you knew he was going to make a play or take it to the house. Whenever he reversed field you could almost always just add another "6" to the scoreboard!!

I think Braxton will have that same ability... now! He always got the ball and either went up the middle (and got beat up) to get by everyone or he had to get the edge and shake people. Unfortunately, when he gets the edge from a QB standpoint, he already has everybody from the opposite side in persuit and taking angles on him. Now that he will likely get the ball on the outside or have a running start (option or tip pass), I think he will have more big plays (can you imagine that).

Also, I'd have to give some love to the defense. I loved watching the likes of Winfield, Doss, Springs, Whitner, Hawk, Lil Animal, Bosa, Gholston, etc... destroy people. My favorite though, was Andy "Big Cat" Katzenmoyer!! He was out to kill people!!

Comment 28 Aug 2015

The best turf is still harder on the body than grass. I've played on a lot of turf fields and while they are great to play on, you will get messed up eventually when you hit the ground (It will take a couple layers of skin off). That aside, they have come a long way since the Astroturf days (basically concrete, little padding and carpet). I hate the smell and how heat radiates off of the turf fields. I loved playing on a perfect grass field! Of course, you can't control all of the variables/wear and tear regarding the grass and most likely it will be worn out by the end of the season (see our 2006 season).    

Comment 28 Aug 2015

As they say, wet conditions benefit the offense the most as they know when/where they are cutting. I hate to say it, but I think wet/sloppy conditions will help VT as our skill players will be slower in and out of their breaks. It takes me back to Minny in the bad weather and how it effected our players. This is different scenario, but still sloppy conditions just the same.  I'm not concerned, but just hoping we will be at maximum efficiency for the game.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Unless you have 2 QB's sharing time and therefore no 1 QB gets too much publicity!! With that being said... I do think that a Buckeye will win the Heisman this year and JT will win it before he's done playing at OSU (just maybe not this year).

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Before hearing Braxton on the TV last night, I did think we'd have a 2 QB system with him.

I thought we'd get used to seeing him next to whoever the QB is, especially since we heard about it earlier in camp. It wouldn't be 100% of the time, but rather a package. You can use the jet sweet/option with Braxton and the QB. You could direct snap to Braxton for a package. Doesn't seem like he's comfortable passing just yet, but when he is I would expect to see this package.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Move JT/Cardale to a WR position while Braxton takes a couple snaps/runs. Do this a couple times throughout the season to get teams used to it. Then, when we play TTUN, have Braxton fake the run, toss it to JT/Cardale for the double pass to Thomas 70 yards down field!! TOUCHDOWN BUCKEYES!!!