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Comment 30 May 2013

What the press thinks is going on in closed door meetings, requiring a FOIA request: conniving, cheating people swimming in money a la Scrooge McDuck.

What is actually happening: bad jokes.  Shoot, have to make a story out this somehow!

Come on, Press, get a life!

Comment 22 Oct 2012

I still call shenanigans that Braxton is symptom free; if nothing else he has got to be pretty sore.  But, good point Chitown Buckeye, with all those other things, it is kind of a miracle that we're 8-0!

Comment 08 Oct 2012

It was truly an honor to be able to be at this game.  Thank you to OSU for making it a Homecoming to remember!

Comment 24 Sep 2012

Although the play has been less than stellar, I want to avoid going chicken little. Having the bowl ban in place, I think this might be an opportunity to experiment and develop players, with no real consequences.  There are a ton of true freshman playing. There are multiple coaches experimenting with balance (Urbs, Fickell/Withers sharing DC responsibilities, etc). I also wonder if they didnt try some of this out against "lesser" opponents, but are going to show a better aptitutde for the fundamentals once the B1G schedule begins. (Let's hope).  Lucikly, we're still at 4-0 despite all of this!

Comment 24 Sep 2012

I dont think encouraging more constructive comments is bad (just more to read through).  Glad you all found a solution that rewards good users, punishes the bad, but doesnt remove anyone from just reading and enjoying your content.   Thanks and Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Sep 2012

Agree ^!  As an out of towner I always get in late the night before, get 3-4 hours of sleep, and take my dad who gets winded making the treck up to the 38th row of C Deck.  Give him (and me) and break that we're not standing and screaming until our voice goes over Miami.  (This is not to say we don't have a great time, because we do and its annual event we both look foward to, but for heavens sakes I'm not the 18-year-old whippersnapper I used to be and I just like sitting down when the action isn't gripping)

Comment 10 Sep 2012

You know, I really don't care what a random sports writer (or coach that we've met all of 1 time) has to say about the decibel level of our home games.   Its like someone coming into your house and telling you they don't like something about it. Kind of rude, but they're not the ones that "live" there.  We all know we can be loud when we want to, and for those games, we don't want to.   (Also, if you think about it, the opposing teams probably wants it to be loud, because thats what you expect. To be able to hear a pin drop in a place that holds 107,000 has to be a bit intimidating, too.)

Comment 17 Jul 2012

I was in an Intermediate Microeconomics class with Nugent after he played a season in the NFL with the Jets. I was quite impressed that someone who had so much already assured in the bank still cared about getting his OSU degree.

Comment 13 Jul 2012

NW Buckeye-

I couldn't agree with you more, on all accounts.  I want to emphasize too that I think this is an important moment for all college football fans, not just PSU, to be a bit introspective. I think there are plenty who are guilty of investing too much in a football hero, whether it be time, money or trust. Penn State has and will continue to pay dearly for that mistake. I just hope we learned from that, too.

(I also want to clarify in case there was any confusion on my point about the death penatly.  I think they deserve to have it handed to them, as I think it will be the only thing that gives them the true wake up call.  But, since JVP was good enough at covering his tracks PSU doesn't have a major NCAA infraction against it. Since being a repeat offender is a stipulation of the DP, they may escape that penalty through a technicality, not because it wasn't warranted).

Comment 13 Jul 2012

^ Agree completely. 

I feel like way too many people keep saying "What about the football team? You can't do that to the football team! That will hurt the Penn State (or Big Ten/College Football) brand (or identity/bottom line)"    Isn't that what Paterno/Curley/Schultz/Spanier said, too?

I actually don't think that Penn State will get the dealth penalty primarly b'c the rule stipulates that you must be a repeat offender. And Penn State has been very good at staying out of the NCAA purview until now.   However, the punishment should be severe. It should be severe enough to serve as a wake up call to their fan base that the football-first mentality played a role in this.  It should penalize the Institution enough that they will have no doubt in their minds as to how to act on those situations in the future. And it should serve as a cautionary tale to all other institutions and fanbases on the consequences of overblown football hubris.

Comment 05 Jul 2012

Absolutely! I'm still having a hard time with the mental association of Urban Meyer with OSU.  Tressel is responsible for turning me into a die-hard football/OSU fan.  I guess a certain part of this is sentimental (I wasn't alive for the Woody Hayes days), but the Tressel decade was pretty darn outstanding. Sure, Tressel lost some big games, but he also got us consistently in the conversation.  Also, with Urban's longetivity issues, who's to say that he wouldn't leave at half-time? ;) (Don't get me wrong, I do hope Urban does really, really well in this job and stays a while. He just doesn't have the best track record of that to date)

Comment 05 Jul 2012

Actually, the question only asked one coach to win one game. It actually never specified what type of game (whether it was a BIG, bowl or a game against Youngstown State).

Comment 05 Jul 2012

That's exactly how I feel.  Im not sure what it is (perhaps annoyance at the 2006 National Championship is still at play), but I don't feel 100% latched on to Urban Meyer yet. Time (and wins!) may heal those wounds.   Tressel, in my mind is tough to beat, with all the the winning he brought to OSU. I look forward to the challenge that Meyer brings to that high expectation, but until he does it, Tressel is my guy.