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Comment 15 Nov 2015

It's all abou our oline. They have not been good this year, especially in pass protection. They've looked good in spurts but they need to come out firing. If the line has a good game MSU can't hang with OSU and we win going away, with an easy covet. 

Comment 14 Nov 2015

12-13 mph will feel a lot stronger in that wind tunnel. Everything gets amplified there. Could be worse but I bet it's still an impact

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Va Tech is 3-3 in the conference to UNCs 5-0. the chance of that being for the coastal is minimal as UNC would need to lose to Miami this weekend, at Va Tech then also at NC state. Which is to say, that game will be irrelevant other than being Beamers last home game.

Edit: Va Tech would also need Pitt, Duke, and Miami to lose multiple games. I think they may even be eliminated with a lot of those teams playing each other and one having to win. Dont have time to go through full ACC schedule remaining, but the point remains this game will not matter for ACC title in any way.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

JT did something everyone would do in that situation (And most, myself included have) in trying to get out of a ticket/arrest. And the cops, somehow displaying human emotion, laughed at a very ironic situation with cardale coming. HOW DARE THEY!? 

This kind of sucks and isnt a good look, but it is so soooo minor in the grand scheme. Let the haters hate, move along, beat illinois 

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Did you see penn state vs northwestern? They had absolutely no offense and relied on a couple trick plays to move the ball. Their defense is going to have play amazing to compete with Michigan seeing as they'll likely be on ththe field quite a bit

Comment 05 Nov 2015

If you have different browsers you can vote in each. Also i think if you open the voting page in multiple tabs BEFORE voting you can place a vote in each tab. worth a shot, lets beat bama!

Comment 05 Nov 2015

agree with this. It would be a nice surprise but i dont see it.

Comment 05 Nov 2015

There are a lot of really good articles on how to spot fake cubans for when you are abroad. The most obvious is if you are getting a 'discount' (as you said). I went to the LCDH in cayman when i was there a few months ago and talked with them at length about spotting fakes and basically they said the easiest way to avoid it is buy from them and no one else!

Comment 05 Nov 2015

i have been very into cubans for the past couple years and my personal favorite brands are Cohiba (duh) and H. Upmann. For specific cigars i really like the H. Upmann magnum 50 and the connie A, and most of what cohiba produces although they are crazy prices. Also love Bolivar Belicosos Finos. Sure would be nice if they were available in the states and could be had regularly vs only while traveling!

Comment 05 Nov 2015

brilliant. if i could afford esplendidos or Siglo VI to smoke regularly, lord knows i would. little too pricey to be more than a once and again choice though!

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Its crazy to think there are only two more games in the shoe for braxton. Especially since he was on the radar as early as what, his sophomore year of HS? It seems he has been 'part' of the program for damn near 8 years. 

I also think its crazy joey bosa is in the same boat, it feels like hes been here for ten minutes, cant it really be coming to an end!?!

Comment 25 Oct 2015

I had the completions correct with 14 but I said he'd attemp 18 passes when it was 19. I was high on the passing yards guessing 291 when it was 223. I was close on ypc saying he'd tote 16 times for 120 yards when it was 12 for 102. I got the five total td right. Basically I'm Nostradamus 

me: 14/19  291 yards and 2 TD. 16 carries, 120 yards 3 TD

real: 14/18 223 yards and 3 TD. 12 carries 102 yards 2 TD