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Comment 17 hours ago

i think he looked great last night in large part due to the inability of wisconsin DBs to make plays on the ball. at least 4 deep passes he just heaved up into coverage, but the wiscy DBs overran the play or failed to make a routine play on the ball. the psu WRs had size and used it well, but there were multiple plays where a DB should have easily knocked a pass down and the play ended up going for 20+ yards. I dont see it being that way vs USC

Comment 17 hours ago

i agree. usc has actual DBs with athletic ability. When trace throws up the hail marys he was completing last night, USC will actually have playmakers who go for the ball/defend the pass.

Comment 17 hours ago

im interested in the florida vs iowa game, chance to set a punt record

Comment 20 hours ago

thats awesome, thanks! hopefully clemson stays turnover prone for one more game

Comment 21 hours ago

i wonder if ESPN wants bama winning by 49 being the primetime game though. maybe thats better to them since a lot of people wont watch no matter who it is that night, let em play late and no one watches it, let our game be featured in the 4pm eastern time slot?

Comment 21 hours ago

hopefully they learned their lesson and put bama as the early game this year. let 60-0 happen first

Comment 21 hours ago

I said he'd be good when he was first fired, but when I found out why I agree with everyone else. NOPE