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Comment 33 minutes ago

I think Mullen is a good coach. Other MSU has been dreadful but he's brought them some stability. Plus hes a damn fine offensive coach. Could be fun for the rivalry

Comment 1 hour ago

The problem with all the attention paid to recruiting these days is kids aren't allowed to develop.  If they arent a superstar from day 1, well then shoot they just never will be. Some kids don't blossom in year 1 as a starter and that's fine. If he's playing to his current level by mid or end of next year, then fine let's worry. But let him get some experience. 

Comment 5 hours ago

yep, the fact their coach basically said 'we will know who plays QB Saturday" means a line is unlikely for this one

Comment 5 hours ago

If you're putting pressure on medical personnel to lie, then pack it up, you're gone. Goodness

Comment 7 hours ago

understandable that the usc game was not a great experience for you. I was lucky to enough to have good friends living in santa monica so while getting out wasn't the best, the overall experience was great. We went up there and tailgated early and spent the day around some amazing fans. Having to walk back to LA from that stadium though....ouch. anyway thanks for your sharing your favorites!

Comment 8 hours ago

I would love an excuse to go see a game down there. Maybe this will get thrown on the 2024 schedule

Comment 8 hours ago

I think bad weather would help this team. A lot of our passing vs cincy was quick hitters, relying on moving the chains. Our inside and power running looks to be getting better each week. Moving the chains is at a premium in bad weather games, and being able to get small chunks of yards. Coming off the most first downs in ncaa history, I think bad weather favors OSU

Comment 8 hours ago

I have a group of friends who were at that game and said it was an incredible venue/fanbase and loved every minute of it. Still mad I missed that one

Comment 8 hours ago

What about NON-neutral site games? I think the rose and title games etc. are obvious choices, but for true road environments?

Comment 8 hours ago

Yea I think it was 100% never about player safety. I said as much in my edit to try and make my clear my point. I think he is adapting to a rule he hates. A rule he hates because his teams have trouble against offenses that utilize the rule, NOT because of player safety. That's just his BS excuse to cry foul

Comment 9 hours ago

I haven't read the article, but unless saban says something to directly contradict what he said previously this is nothing. He is adapting to the rules to stay on top of the game, that doesn't necessarily mean he likes the rules.

EDIT: I should add I don't believe for a second that saban gives a single f&ck about player safety. I know that's the excuse he uses to want offenses slowed down. I just don't believe this article represents a changing of the heart for saban. (Im confusing myself too)

Comment 10 hours ago

The metro DC forecast has changed each day since the 10 day forecast came in range. Yesterday morning it was going to be mid 70s and sunny Saturday and sunday. then the high was low 60s. now mid 60s with rain. ill be interested to see what it says as we get closer to Saturday. that being said, 90% is some high confidence in rain so cant hurt to pack the rain gear if youre travelling!

Comment 10 hours ago

Thanks for sharing. He was a great coach and by all accounts better guy. Cancer sucks

Comment 10 hours ago

nothing beats a good ol meltdown over nothing at all