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Comment 01 Feb 2016

Tate is shooting over 50% from the field this year, and 37% from 3 point, which is higher than guys like Deshaun Thomas at any point in his OSU career. He's 6'4" and is .1 rebounds away from leading the team. He leads the team in steals by .5 per game, and is second on the team in assists per game. Yes, his free throw shooting is terrible but that's something he can work on.

Saying you don't understand why he gets so much love indicates you either 1) haven't watched OSU basketball this year...or ever, or 2) just don't know how to evaluate guys. Tate's motor and love for the game is apparent and reminds me a lot of Craft, and we know Thad loved Craft.

We have several bigs who have shown more potential in these 20 games than Amir Williams did in four years. Lyle is talented but just needs to shake the freshman blues (remember Jon Diebler's freshman year? <30% from 3). KBD is Evan TUrner waiting to happen. AJ Harris is going to be a first team all-B1G point guard before he leaves. Last year's team at least made it to the dance, and these guys just ooze raw ability. Just have to pull it together. 

Thad has never had a team this young (very few coaches have), and none of these guys are going to bounce to the NBA until at least their junior year - there's a lot of time to build on a solid foundation. We're likely an NIT team this year, bordering on a tourney team (with a good win or two or solid B1G tourney showing), why would we be NIT bound next year?

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Absolutely no way we end up .500. That means they only win 3 or 4 more on the year. We still have Penn State, Illinois (again), Wisconsin (looking very beatable), Northwestern and Rutgers (again), and Nebraska. If you're telling me we drop everything else (Maryland 2x, MSU 2x, Michigan, Iowa, Purdue), we still come out over .500 at 18-13. 19-20 wins in the regular season puts us in the Dance (assuming a win or two over one of the ranked teams), and if we win a game or two in the B1G tourney, 21-22 wins is a decent season. Teams have been in the tourney with a lot less.

Comment 11 Jan 2016

Kam is a breath of fresh air, as are most of the guys playing this year - finally nice to have big men who are active on both ends and at the very least hustle back on D. 

What's evident in these clips is that when they get clean cuts and make the extra pass (or two) that opens up Lyle, Kam, or Loving. I'd be happy to see some more inside-out game because while I do like our big men, it'd be better for them to attract the defense and kick it out so that one of the wings has a good look to drive or take a jumper. A lot of this was missing yesterday. Also, Loving needs to take better care of the ball. Too many careless dribbles affects the offense or turns the ball over. 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

The first place votes are for division only. It appears that the East Division is supposed to be completely terribly, which is why only West teams are favored to win the MAC Championship.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

FYI Clintonville is its own neighborhood within the city of Columbus. UA, like any other suburb, is in no way reflected in Columbus city proper population numbers. 

Comment 13 Jun 2014

Did a quick bit of crunching. At the very fastest (4.3s 40), a potential blocker could get to the punter in a straight line in just about 1.6 seconds. That means that the punter has just about a second to take a step and get the ball off. Now consider that it's rarely ever a straight line and rarely ever a 4.3s rusher. Even add another yard to the 15 yd drop and the time goes up to 1.72 seconds. A good long snapper = less chance of a blocked kick (unless you're Ben Buchanan).

Comment 18 Jan 2013

Saw it. He literally looks like how I think my dad would look at his first hip-hop concert. An air of uncomfortable to it, but still brings a smile to my face.