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Comment 26 Apr 2016

Looks at 2016 recruiting class: 3 Ohio kids

Looks at 2017 class: 1 commit, from Ohio. One potential commit (Johnson), from Ohio

Looks at 2018 class: 1 commit, from Ohio

AJ Harris was the fourth ranked player in Ohio in the 2015 class and a lot of people are ok with him leaving. Neither Bragg nor Kennard were coming to OSU.

Jared Sullinger? Jae'Sean Tate? Marc Loving? Jon Diebler? Aaron Craft? Koufos? Mullens? Buford?

I know you just said this to be stupid, which you accomplished. But it doesn't even have a figment of truth to it, which is why it makes no sense.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

This year we had the B1G-ACC challenge against 1-seed UVA, 9-seed UConn, and 4-seed Kentucky. Last year we played Louisville, UNC, and Marquette. The year before, Marquette, Maryland, and Notre Dame. MSU has at most one more good game scheduled per year than OSU, but most years it's very similar. The early season tournaments skew this also. 

Are we really resorting to the schedule argument for our own team? That's supposed to be reserved for SEC fans critical of the OSU football schedule.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Trey Burke was in the same class as Shannon Scott, and both were point guards who were going to sit behind Craft. Scott was Mr. Basketball in Georgia and was ranked in the top 30-35 nationally. Burke, depending on the recruiting service, was in the 85-100 range. 

People need to make up their minds. Either you want Ohio players who aren't ranked as high as out of staters Thad recruits, or you don't. Can't do both.

Simpson is literally ranked 1 spot (both nationally and in Ohio, #68 nationally and #6 in Ohio) ahead of Funderburk, who is #69 and #7. I'm assuming there's a reason THad didn't offer him. Just like Kennard didn't commit to OSU because he grew up a Kentucky fan. Just because a recruit grows up in Ohio doesn't mean they are automatic OSU recruits, ESPECIALLY for basketball.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Also, I have no idea how you can say this:

Nobody has ever charged coach K or Izzo of being classy or nice

Maybe Coach K, but Izzo has always been a Grade A certifiable class act. He is always complimentary of other teams and players, has an active family and community life, and always carries himself with tremendous professionalism. There are very, very few OSU fans (let alone college basketball fans) that will say "I hate Tom Izzo because he is not a good person."

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Funny you should say that. SI just had an article about the best coaches offensively in the past 10 years, and had our own Thad at #4 ahead of both Cal and Izzo. Recalling that Thad's teams have been better known for good defense, I'm assuming you're going to disagree with SI because it doesn't fit your narrative.

Those 2 develop talent and win games they have no business winning

Like Kentucky losing in the first round of the NIT in 2013? Like MSU losing to MTSU as a 2 seed this year?

It's really funny. Izzo and MSU won 19, 22, and 18 games in 2001-2004, which was...one year removed from their national championship. As recently as 2011 MSU won only 19 games. Something Thad has NEVER done, because he's won at least 20 games in every year of his career as a head coach. 

Better yet - I want you to look up who has won more games since the 2004-2005 season when Thad became coach at The Ohio State University, Izzo or Thad. Know what? I'll make it easy for you - Thad has won 320 games in his OSU tenure, while Izzo has won 317 games in the same time period. Amazing, right?

Comment 30 Mar 2016

We also lost Tate down the stretch when it mattered most. Tate alone accounted for 17% of the team's points, 17% of rebounds, and 14% of the assists before going out. Other than assists, losing Tate's 17% of points and 17% of rebounds was greater than or equal to the TOTAL of the four freshman we just lost. 

We win one of the close games against tourney teams (Wisconsin or Maryland) and you can't even make this stupid comment. Returning a core of juniors and one senior and roughly 85% of the major statistical categories should make everyone feel ecstatic. This was not a bad team this year. In B1G play, we were the ONLY team not to lose to a team who finished below us. We beat who we should beat, we had a rough go against the best teams, and won two good games against Michigan and Iowa. That's quite a baseline to start from. 

Comment 30 Mar 2016

In the last 20 years, only 11 teams have won a national championship in basketball. We were very close in 2007 and probably our best team of the last 30 years in 2011 ran into an underseeded Kentucky. 

Top 10 finishes in basketball are something to be proud of, especially as an OSU fan. Aside from Kentucky, there are 0 teams who every year can realistically compete for a national title. Teams like Kansas, Duke, UNC, etc all have their down years with recruiting and departures from the program. 

I'd be very curious to see how you felt about OSU football between 2003 - 2015. I would argue it's easier to win a football national championship than a basketball one (see: Michigan State this year, Virginia this year), and it took us a whole 12 years! You must've gotten really antsy when we didn't win 6 national titles in that time. I'm glad you didn't jump off the wagon. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

 You complained that Thad's recruiting dropped off and I responded with the 5, 6, and 7 ranked classes in the last five years. You can't respond with "but look at how those classes turned out." You can't just fit your narrative to whatever sounds best to you. Either you want top classes (which we have) or you dont. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

I'm copying and pasting what I wrote in reply to someone else who had a similar argument.

OSU was the 5th ranked class in 2015, and 6th in 2014. 2013 we only had two scholarships available, and they went to top-75 players. Two recruits will not a top-25 class make. 2012 we had very few roster spots and the only recruit was Della Valle, who was starting to pan out before jumping ship. One player does not a top-25 class make. 2011 OSU was the 7th ranked class nationally. 

I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers from, but a 7th ranked class in 2011, a 6th ranked class in 2014, a 5th ranked class in 2015, and two seasons of three total recruits sounds pretty good to me. 

If we bring in Wesson, Johnson, and this grad transfer - the 2016 OSU class jumps into the top-10 or top 15. Thad's recruiting hasn't dropped off. Four years ago we were in the Elite 8, five years ago the Final Four. People have recency bias, and it's not fair to Thad. You think UNC fans are mad that they're in the Final Four this year after Roy Williams won 25, 24, and 26 games the last three years (and 20 in 2010)?.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

None of the top 5-6 Ohio guys are coming to Ohio State

But the #7 is. The #6 in the state is #68 in the country. Funderburk, #7 in Ohio, is #69. Man oh man that one spot is a dagger. #5 is 10 spots up, #4 is 16 spots up. Ohio State didn't even offer some of these guys. We can't get guys (or miss on guys) we don't recruit.

We aren't Kentucky. We won't be able to land 5 top-30 recruits every year. Thad occasionally wrangles a top, 5-star recruit which is a coup in and of itself. That's just how it works.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

I suggest you check out his Twitter account. He's all over the transfer sitch right now. Retweeting Birm and Lyle, just got done talking with Lyle. My guess is with news of the grad transfer the other day, and the offers to Wesson and Johnson (and the potential for him to reclassify) made the writing on the wall a bit easier to read. I highly doubt any of this is a surprise to Thad and his staff.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

We aren't recruiting Ohio's best players successfully

Please do explain. If you're talking about Kennard and Bragg, then you're wayyyyy off base. Neither of them wanted to come to OSU from the beginning, and I think it was Kennard that even grew up a Kentucky fan (that lived in Ohio). If we can recruit the rest of the country successfully (D'lo, Lyle, etc), why does it matter that we don't land in-state prospects that have absolutely 0 connection to Columbus??

Comment 29 Mar 2016

You have 100% absolutely 0 idea what is going on behind closed doors. First, Harris hasn't been officially announced. Second, Giddens is supposedly leaving for family reasons. Third, Mitchell was already wavering on his commitment to OSU before even coming here. He was a marginal scorer, a greaet passer, and aloof on D. His brother transferred from OSU as a high-profile football recruit to be closer to his family. Who's to say Mickey isn't doing the same?

Grandstaff is his father's puppet. His father spoke to the press as "we" and was mad about PT for a terrible defender and by all indications selfish player. Hope he has success elsewhere, but not with Thad.

Our best players, top scorers are still with the program. Lyle is throwing crazy tweets right now about his "former" teammates. By all indications it was with the players, not the program. Makes room for more who want to don the Scarlet and Grey.

Comment 26 Mar 2016

Thad's job isn't any easier or more difficult with this. Literally Thompson is just seeing what NBA teams may think of him and give him areas to work on (hint: most everything).

As for Coach Cal, his entire team, walk-ons and all, declared for the draft this year. No easier, no harder.

Comment 22 Mar 2016

Case closed? Thad missed on them. Urban misses on recruits. Kennard didn't even take an official visit to OSU, only to Duke. He also passed on Kentucky, who was admittedly his favorite childhood team. Maybe sometimes....Ohio players don't want to play for OSU? 

Bragg had nearly identical stats this year to Giddens, except worse rebounding numbers, though he didn't play as much. Bragg didn't include OSU in his top 5 so it isn't like we lost a close one to anyone. OSU also already had Giddens, Thompson, Bell, Diop, Loving, and Tate in the frontcourt in committed and experienced players. 

Just because players are born in the state of Ohio doesn't mean that they have to come to Columbus, especially for basketball. There's a lot of good basketball played in the Midwest, and OSU doesn't offer the same "incentives" as UK or the pedigree as Kansas or Duke. If a player has little affiliation to OSU, then why should it matter that they went elsewhere?

Comment 21 Mar 2016

I don't know that you understand how basketball recruiting works. It's difficult to have a top-10 class year in and year out when you take 5 players one year and 2 the next (like this year and next). Whenever Thad brings in a full class of 4+ recruits, they're top-10 classes. 

OSU was the 5th ranked class in 2015, and 6th in 2014. 2013 we only had two scholarships available, and they went to top-75 players. Two recruits will not a top-25 class make. 2012 we had very few roster spots and the only recruit was Della Valle, who was starting to pan out before jumping ship. One player does not a top-25 class make. 2011 OSU was the 7th ranked class nationally. 

I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers from, but a 7th ranked class in 2011, a 6th ranked class in 2014, a 5th ranked class in 2015, and two seasons of three total recruits sounds pretty good to me. 

Comment 21 Mar 2016

There has always been a correlation between veteran presence and winning lots of games. Coach Cal has truly been the only coach to turn blue chippers into NC contenders year in year out. Aside from the Thad Five year, this has been true of Thad's best teams. The 2009-2010 team - ET, Buford, Diebler, Lighty all played major roles as juniors and sophomore (Buford). 2010-2011, while Sully was the force down low, the team was anchored by Diebler, Lighty, and Buford as seniors and junior. 2011-2012, the Final Four team, was led by an experienced Sully, DT, Buford, and Craft.

We still have blue chip recruits coming in and pretty much everyone on the roster was a top-100 recruit. All people are saying is to allow young players to mature. It's evident that the 2011 class (Scott, Thompson, Amir) didn't pan out, nor did they provide great leadership for the current sophs and Loving. Thad's history stands for itself, and to try and throw that aside for really only one or two bad seasons (a 21-win and 24-win season) is ridiculous.

Comment 21 Mar 2016

Koufos was a solid player averaging 14 and 7 in 27 minutes a game. Not terrible for a freshman. If I recall correctly he came up pretty big in the NIT run as well. 

has floundered in Europe

He's in the NBA and hasn't played a minute of professional basketball in Europe. While he hasn't blown up, he is still playing in a reserve role on an NBA team after 7 years. 

2011 was 5 years ago.

2010 was six years ago. A Roy Williams UNC team went 20-17 and lost in the NIT final. In 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 UNC was also knocked out in the second round, and won 25 and 24 games. Last year they were 26-12 and made it to the Sweet 16. This year they're great and a legit shot for the title. Do people not have any room for ups and downs? Really? There's no coach in the game today that hasn't had a few "down" seasons, except maybe Bill Self...and that's because the Big 12 has really only recently been any good. 

Comment 21 Mar 2016

Except the year we went 22-11 was the sophomore year of Evan Turner, David Lighty, Jon Diebler, and Dallas Lauderdale. Buford was a freshman. While it's true that people were "looking ahead" to what walked in the door TWO YEARS LATER (Sully), the setup is very similar to this year. A very young team with a lot of promise. I don't necessarily recall people thinking that ET was going to be NPOY the following year either. That year we also had BJ Mullens as a one and done, and otherwise didn't really lose anyone. 

This year's team is overall younger than that team, and while no one will mistake Funderburk for Sully, it's ridiculous to say that he will "struggle to see the court." If he practices well and competes, he will see the court. It's not like he's as raw as Dave Bell, and I don't think they're expecting him to only play the 5. He can come in and play a 5 for small ball and otherwise play a 4 with Thompson/Giddens at the 5. It's not unreasonable to assume Thad will play a 9-10 man rotation, since we played a 9 man rotation before Tate and Diop were out.