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Comment 26 Sep 2013


Sounds like we will definitely be down Kenzel Doe at WR (a problem, but he's not a tremendous loss), probably down Pederson at TE (this is a big loss and someone Stave would have liked to rely on a bit), and some others are questionable including Lawellen at center (I'm not sure how big a loss this is...we are thin elsewhere along the line, but the backup here might be fine. Still, don't like to see it.) CB Peniel Jean is also questionable, which might be the biggest issue. We're already young back there, and losing a junior (even if he isn't quite all big ten caliber, IMO) is a big deal against you guys. 




Comment 25 Sep 2013

Ha, I hate it! But that was an awesome play. It ended up not mattering since you went three and out and then we tied it up anyway (only to lose in OT, sigh), but that was big time. 


Comment 25 Sep 2013

Not for nothing, but that gif of the pass to Spencer is exactly why you can't take anything away from that FAMU game...I was watching that live and just rolled my eyes. That's literally playing against air. 

NOTE TO BUCKEYE FANS: Not ripping on your sked, ours has mostly sucked too. Maybe Tenn Tech would beat FAMU head to head? Dunno. Who cares. Neither game tells us anything. Just pointing out we won't really know what we've got until you get hit in the mouth. Both teams are going to sock each other good on Saturday.