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Comment 28 Jan 2015

I would also like to submit the following for the 'Captain obvious quote of the day'...trust urban and he coaching staffs evaluation of the players more than the stars rankings 

I know if its measured, urb eants to win as does everyone else, but star rankings doesn't have 4-star EZE on this team, instead replaced with 5-star Derrick green. Make no mistake, this class is as Baller as it gets...even if auburn throws some bags of cash at some flippers

Comment 28 Jan 2015

I would like to keep the hetero bro-mance on Birm going...you the man.  The recruiting updates kind of hide of the fact there's no games til August.

Where do you see the final numbers coming in?  I know we have the 3 extra / full roster next year, but I think you've covered about every other recruiting question that's floating out there.

props also for respecting the Davis situation and using some self control to respect the timing.  

Comment 22 Dec 2014

My biggestq concern is OSU Oline vs their d-line...I know that is viewed as 'strength v strength' but we need that to be a formidable matchup for the bucks to have a legit shot.

Mad scientist Warinner, it's your world Baller, we're just living in it

Comment 05 Dec 2014

I'm sorry to be this guy, I truly am...but where is this confidence in Cardale coming from?  I'm trying to figure out if I'm missing something or if this is just the fanbase trying to talk themselves into Cardale being great-

his sample size attempting to throw the ball  has been bad, hope im wrong.  Jalin is going to need to ball out hard to have a shot....same with the defense and running game.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Good point mtrotb...see Joe Haden- qb...rb? Nah, how about top 6 drafted corner-  

This Urban guy is kind of descent at what he does

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Great use of the term 'sumbitches' 

there are assholes in every fanbase and Osu has quite a bit.  We all know some fans that are quick to trample anyone who says anything not positive about osu, regardless of how correct it is.  

Herby got chastised for 'jumping up and down' in excitement at te 02 game...made it a point not to be a homer with his takes, suffered the wrath of the degenerate Buckeye fanbase, now is I viosly getting it from the south with the bucks in he top 4.  

Dude is a buckeye and has good perspective regardless of if its pro-buckeye, so stay classy bucks fans.  He shouldn't have to worry about that nonsense from buckeye nation

Comment 21 Nov 2014

You bite your tongue...Warriner is a saint and not going anywhere-

herman to smu job seems pretty legit, so elevate Warriner to OC, still have him work with the o-line, and pay him what he wants- done

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Great breakdown-  glad to see Bell progressing well a a sophomore.  Powell is coming along well also.  I don't know if this is just my surroundings, but a lot of people have been high on Bell and quick to jump on Powell, but I think they've played pretty even...both sophomores, getting better week to week, but obvious areas To improve-

secondary looking great for the next few years

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Thanks for writing the article and shining the flashlight on it, DJ.

these village idiots used to only embarass themselves and drive other fans up a wall, in bars or on radio shows...but now they have direct access to annoy the players

great job 'fans', really appreciate your 'contributions' to the program...stay classy

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Let's just commend Florda State for starting an investigation into an assault pf a woman the same year te 'alleged' incident happened...baby steps 

Comment 27 Oct 2014

Sec is the best conference..by far.  Are they getting a lot o national be fit of the doubt? Absolutely.  But take their top 4 and bottom 4 against any conference...it would be ugly- 

OSU won on sat, ugly.  If you're a sparty fan, I think you have a gripe, but OSU is at the bottom of the 1 loss pecking order.  Until that clears out, it is what it is

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Thanks for the write-up, let's not gloss over the defense made some big time mental errors down the stretch...and that's not finger pointing, this is a young team.

down the stretch, there were two missed pics one by apple, another by reeves, blown tackle on a poor angle by bell on 3rd and long, and two roughing te passer penalties...before saying 'defense was good' we need acknowledge this was almost given away due to poor execution-

It was ugly, it's a win and I'm sure the coaches will let them know and use it to make everyone better

Comment 24 Oct 2014

This week gives an eye test...jt will be playing against a sold penn st d against a hostile crowd...the only caveat is this penn st offense will not pose a serious threat.  Hackenburg is good, but he doesn't have the protection to go score for score.

we'll see how we'll Barrett reacts to the frt legitimate defense he's seen since va tech, but will have the security blanket of knowing they can't keep up- good test for a young qb

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I too usually chose to go with the 'don't be too confident' route as we seem to win when I'm filled with paranoia up to kick off...

but 'I bleed scarlet' summed it up, if the oline is on point, this will get fantastically ugly.  If they stop us on short yardage runs that prevent the long hurry-up drives, they'll have a shot.

Don't think for a second Meyer will call the dogs off at any point in time...if he can hang a hundo, he'll do it.

great read Kyle, thanks.  Great point on Boren and JT needing to be on the same page for crowd noise, but they've mixed in some clapping recently, so I'm sure we'll see some of that in the 1st half, until the 30 point margin sinks in

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Wow, Great question Kyle...hopefully that is asked in the iinterview

agree there still needs to be a few top ten teams get beat before osu can legitimately talk about playoffs...which is legitimate.  The national clownshoe / sec employees at espn will continue steering te perception that the big ten is a joke this year, despite the fact osu is going to be a completely different team at the end of te season

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Michigan would be hilarious if they weren't so pitifully inept...they hurt the conference reputation, but it's still amusing.

you want ur H to want the ball, and you can't take offense to anything he said as he answered a bad pot-stiring question with class...when I first read the headline my first thought was 'you need to catch that crossing route that hit you in the hands'.  Still a work in progress at receiver but he's going to be a good one