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Comment 10 Oct 2014

Wow, Great question Kyle...hopefully that is asked in the iinterview

agree there still needs to be a few top ten teams get beat before osu can legitimately talk about playoffs...which is legitimate.  The national clownshoe / sec employees at espn will continue steering te perception that the big ten is a joke this year, despite the fact osu is going to be a completely different team at the end of te season

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Michigan would be hilarious if they weren't so pitifully inept...they hurt the conference reputation, but it's still amusing.

you want ur H to want the ball, and you can't take offense to anything he said as he answered a bad pot-stiring question with class...when I first read the headline my first thought was 'you need to catch that crossing route that hit you in the hands'.  Still a work in progress at receiver but he's going to be a good one 

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Assuming we're going to nutur the shit out of tubbervilles little bear-kitties

48-20 prediction from mix master dj is spot on-  mike thomas leads in total catches with 8

brady hoke is still fat

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Dontre 95 yards

assuming that little 'push pass' counts as passing yards.

assuming price is right rules, closest without going over

Comment 24 Sep 2014

What just happened?  That article was the most awesome, head better be on a swivel, ankle breaking change of direction I've read.

Ps- advertising deep fried bourbon twinkies is a good way to get Brady hoke to show up

Comment 17 Sep 2014

"The best player plays" is easy on playstation when you have a number grade next to their name...real world you're probably looking at a dilemma of 'older, safer, lower ceiling but less mistakes' vs 'younger, fast, talented, doesn't know scheme, blown coverage possibility'.

Play the young guy to get him reps, maybe gasp....lose a game...and get the wrath of buckeye nation. 

great article and hopefully it sinks in that this is a really young team.  It's all good if we're winning, lose and either way, youth or senior was 'wrong and stupid'.  Just saying, it's not cut and dry.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

The oline is goin to gradually get better over the course of the year.  The schedule this year presented a challenge in that they had tougher competition out of the gate as opposed to getting a tune-up, big out of conference game, followed by two bunny games-

i like the tougher out of conference slate.  It may result in a loss when were reloading at every skill position and oline, but much better than a Baylor schedule

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Congrats AJ- great video, keep grinding and welcome to the chase-

Dear village idiots concerned about star ranking...let this sink in for a minute, urban Meyer knows more about talent and coaching than you...and the lab mice watching film and giving out grades 

That is all, congrats, 22 min to kickoff, go bucks

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Enough of this last 3-4 games nonsense...The last two games weren't played behind an all nfl line and a veteran Braxton...losing an o-line, leading receiver, leading rb and all everything qb is apparently a real obstacle, which isn't overcome simply by throwing on an OSU uni or 'night game at the shoe'...

buckle up, you may actually have to be a fan of a young team that gets better as the season progresses

Easy to be negative this week, the loss sucks...enjoy the season, 10 regular season games left ya'll, lot of young guys out there to root for and watch come into their own

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Everyone can focus on what they want...lot of mistakes-

my takeaways:

-the team loaded with freshmen and sophomore starters are indeed young and will lose at least one game (probably 2-3 depending on how much they improve)

-Virginia Tech is good...they're better than their non-ranking and will finish well in the acc...that wasn't a wrinky dink offense, their 'air-raid transfer' qb took a pounding all night and still balled.

-Osu plays big non-conf games against good teams that could beat them. Cincy is no cakewalk, don't freak out

-as much as you want to bitch about the play calling, two missed field goals, dropped touchdowns and a few bad punts and kickoffs at bad times killed us

-Urban Meyer will have an answer to zero coverage blitzes

...or whine like the buckeyes should never lose a game

Comment 08 Sep 2014

It's good to actually see some sensible rational thoughts on these threads...I couldn't listen to the shit coming from the media both Columbus and espn-

re-set your expectations and you're going to enjoy this season as much as I will- get frustrated during the game? Of course.  

Say things like 'they suck' and start using your years of experience doing_____ to determine a coordinator...you're going to say Fickell because he doesn't call plays now...needs booted, just keep hatin' on your home team, f'ing hyenas

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Bad game- young team made mistakes...kicking game killed us, their pressure along with their good db's killed us, dropped passes killed us...

all that said, I was happy to see that pick six go all the way back with 45 seconds left as there 'was still a chance' at that point.

hopefully every single player looks in the mirror after this game and just gets after it. One thing flying under the radar because v-tech wasn't yet ranked, is the schedule...tough back to back with navy and cincy still on tap for the non-conference.  Playing good teams means there's a chance we don't win but it will be good for this team - go bucks

Comment 07 Sep 2014

If you're going to grill Johnny for having the nerve to pick against the bucks, prop for being right-

er have a young o-line and qb that was gashed all night by a really good defense- dropped balls, missed field goals...buy lost to a good team...young team needs to get better and I'm sure they will- go bucks

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Props to Johnny- dude isn't showing up with purple and orange pom-poms, just saying this is a game we could lose

Great discussion all around.  Do you guys really want to hear 3 osu cheerleaders saying "we're the best, no one can beat us" for 14 weeks?  V Tech is a good team that's very similar to osu- young, fast, talented, good coaching and will make some mistakes.

'Night game at the Shoe' are five of the best words in the English language, but the words don't have coverage skills or blocking abilities.  

Best of luck to 'Papa Elf' who's the new QB of the line- gonna be a great game, Go Bucks

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Look out, Jim Irsays off the wagon again ...he gets down with whiskey Wednesday and Thirsty Thursdays

Don't let an 'unnamed nfl exec' troll you.  Spence hasn't been unleashed yet and I'm pretty sure 'da dolphus' is going to punk some hokie linemen up...Bennett, Bosa...i mean, come on

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Ross Fulton, coming strong out of the gates-  great breakdown Ross, good reason to re-watch the game after that breakdown-

any insight into the o-line shifts or switching sides with 'Papa Elf' and Price?