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Comment 26 Mar 2015

Florida st surprised me with how legit their non-conference schedule was, based on the whining that was done about an 'easy road'...the Acc wasn't murderers row, but Ok st., notre dame and Florida- that's 'man's game' scheduling

Comment 26 Mar 2015

If you go back and look at last year's Sec non-conference, most teams played one big name then filled with crappy auto-wins, the difference being the fcs school in October or November.  Miss St was one of the only outliers.

point being OSU's non-conference isn't bad by national comparison (nor is the Sec that much worse than everyone else)

i liked last year with big non-conf game (v-tech) with a decent name brad in Cincinnati and another good team in Navy, but you can't always get that as the vandrtbilts of the world know they're going to get dumped, hard, in the shoe

Comment 18 Mar 2015

In going with the repeaters or teams that have been here before with these players Wisconsin, Wichita St Iowa St and Duke...throw in Virginia and Iowa st over duke in the E8- Wiscy cuts down the nets over Iowa state- you heard it here folks

Comment 17 Mar 2015

It's all how you define 'needs a breakout spring' but being behind two solid starters as is the case with safety/ Burrows...he was good enough to be on the field and beat people out for the nickel spot.

that third TE spot behind Heuerman and Fragel...there wasn't anyone else for that to go to last year, there will be this spring

Comment 17 Mar 2015

I don't agree with Cam Burrows- dude played a lot last year and was solid.  There's only so many starting spots as MN buckeye pointed out- fact is our secondary is loaded and there's only going to be 4 starters, okay 5 with nickel- 

I see 2 that NEED to breakout and that's James Clark and Baugh...they don't break out, they're getting passed over- period.  I almost put Dontre in there but he's getting at least some PT if he's healthy.  I'd like to see him make major strides based on potential, but it's going to be tough to live up to the Percy Harvin hype

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Great takes- trust in Urban-

they all bring different skills to the table but as again I'm confident in all of them.  I'm sick of some of my friends saying 'guy x' NEEDS to be the starter...I'm a fan, I love Ohio state and follow it as much as I can- I love the Ross Fulton takes, but I know Urb knows a little more than me.

the best part of being a fan next year is I don't have to make the decision.  Whoever the F walks out there as the starter is either Braxton, JT or Cardale...ps we just won th me national championship...beating the Sec team we've had thrown in our faces for the last half-decade.

point to a better time for a buvkeye fan...go ahead and think....I'll wait

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Great question, iggy and Osu are as good as it gets with athletic (and overall) programs, so he'll have as good of a support system as there is-

best of luck, obviously sucks, but make good longer my choices, no need to rush back six months in- attack the rehab like you have your playing career and he'll be fine

Comment 07 Mar 2015

This is the most talent I rememmbrr being In the LB room for a while, but before we start throwing out they could be 'better' than hawk, carpenter and Schlegel...pump the brakes

i think there's potential there, but well see about leadership and chemistry.  Perry seems to be the guy taking the torch from C Grant...so props to him for showing everyone how to be a professional in the weight room film room and on the field- He's a 3 year starter that is definitely underrated 

Comment 06 Mar 2015

That play of Lee is just sexy- that duck had to love watching that film the next day...straight up got punked-

nothing quite like these guys running angry 4.5 forties at someone's face.

Comment 06 Mar 2015

Damn...look how our o-line recruiting has turned over the past few years, that's called depth-

Dude has the frame, and sounds like he really wants to be here...now Marotti and Warriner get him, can't count him out- best of luck Grant, go get it

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Yeah we're stacked... Cam burrows shouldn't be forgotten either for the nickel spot.

larry Johnson at has the players at DE to rotates a much as he wants, that DT spot is the biggest question, and I think it's Mungers...they've been saying nothing but positive things since he stepped on the field and has gotten reps in front of Schutt and Hill, which have always had ? marks- props for mentioning Dylan Thompson, hopefully Marotti mutates him into a freak/DT body

TE will be interesting to see who lined up there in the spring game, Fragel, so far not dependable Baugh and...Noah brown? Rashod berry?

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Not hating on Joe, but any of those three is more than qualified to lead the team, and won't be checking it down to captain buckeye in the third row-

ok, maybe I'm hating on Joe a little

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Great article Chris and thank you for the football thread.

im sure everyone was salivating to poke a hole In anything you missed (Evan lisle at RT also)- people are staring at the roster just dying for football debates to pop back up.

i think you nailed the biggest offseason questions, corner to me is going to be interesting- I'm already fine with whomever Urb trots out there at QB, whatever he decides is fine- 2011 it was Joe bausernan, so everyone relax 

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Like macke said above, Devin's role will be replaced by committee, he was a deep threat specialist, but well see in the league if he can be a complete receiver.

havent seen it yet, but JD is the closest we have.  Might not be blazing a 4.54, but he gets vertical,finds the ball on the run and has the best hands.

watch any of the guys tape in this argument (dontre parris mclauran) they racked up more yards catching short passes and making plays in space, where Dixon was tracking he ball and catching contested passes.  The other guys are ballers, don't get me wrong, but JD truly warrants the santonio comparison more than just being 5'10"