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Comment 44 minutes ago

Ross Fulton, coming strong out of the gates-  great breakdown Ross, good reason to re-watch the game after that breakdown-

any insight into the o-line shifts or switching sides with 'Papa Elf' and Price?

Comment 15 hours ago

None new starters, playing the cut blocking triple option of navy...

it was a great game, entertaining, scary enough for every pessimistic fan to freak out and start telling Meyer, Herman and Ash what they should be doing, made the adjustments and came out with a win.

For the first game, pretty much what I expected-  young team that's going to progress...don't freak out

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Andy Vance- on point.  The par be set at spectacular left some people actually using the word 'bust' for this true freshman last year...which is embarrassing-

Well said by Maks, 'we need consistent and reliable weapons'...as fast and deep as our rb and pivots are- if they're disciplined and hold onto the ball, defensive coordinators will be pulling out their hair prepping for our offense

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Va Tech will be another close one, so everyone thinking they'll see our young team just dominate, buckle up.  

Agree with the grades, O-line needs to step up, and they will the more thy play together and build up the chemistry.  That's the linchpin of the team.

It looked like 'Big Elf' and Price were switching left and right sides which I never heard anyone address.

no way to grade the 'new defense' and secondary on navy- this week will be telling.  Burrows and Bell both looked good.  I'm a big fan of Powell, but his tackling needs to improve. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

This is the part of the season I don't miss...

Things like "go ahead and make excuses but the defense sucks", keep that kind of shit to yourself.  If you think you're a fan of this team, then it's worth acknowledging this is a tough team to prepare for, and it's a tough coming out game for a lot of going guys in a brand new scheme.  If you spent the entire offseason thinking we were going to have and instantly unstoppable defense, sorry, it will take some time.

Negativity and finger pointing...staples of whiny entitled fans everywhere, just lovely

Comment 29 Aug 2014

This will be a good game in my opinion.  And it will be a good lesson in discipline for the coaches to break down film with the younger players later...good to have an 'assignment football' game like this early




Comment 29 Aug 2014

So much fun...I'm excited to see the db's and how thy handle the press, although this is a running door all team.  I'm pumped to see how the D looks under Ash.  Jalin Marshall and dontre (+20 lbs)...the WR...EZE with the staring role and oh yeah Joseph Thomas Barrett.  

The jolly fat man is brining it strong this Christmas morning....Git Tee Up

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Hopeful for undefeated is fine, but not to set the expectation there (and start the fingerpointing witch hunt if we lose two games)

enjoy the slate this year, it will be tougher than recent memory.  I don't think they're on cruise control up to penn state either.  People are sleeping on At Maryland, and looking past V-tech and Cincy.  

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Good take on the service academy, we're playing the team that has owne the service academies for quite a while, very solid, unconventional team that went 9-4 and cut blocks out strongest unit...and no one nationally gives this team any props.  Love the service academies for what they do, but the first cut block will have me viewing my crystal clear HD through Coors light and turrets- like swearing

Bart Scott says: CAN'T WAIT 

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Missing out on an entire position grouping in a class really hurts and I agree not having the big name qb early hurt.  

Would we be 'ok' going forward, probably but that's a lot of pressure to bat a thousand next year.

And yes, we have talented guys that osu fans know the names of...but we haven't seen it on the field in a few years- I won't say his name as I always rooted for him, but spring game MVP trophies go in the same bottom drawer as denard robinsons sept heismans

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Great article- cautious optimism...we won't know what is there until the bullets are flying with this young team. So everything sounds good now and good to be confident...don't go crazy if they're not a vision of polish and efficiency out o the gates

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Yeah, this will be a game.  Everyone should prepare themselves for a cardiac kids season where we aren't just wondering if we'll cover the 30 pt spread...and those games aren't fun to watch anyway.

Despite what the talking heads of college football are saying, OSU has a legit slate this year- CAN'T WAIT

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Props to Mixmaster dj Byrnes...mortal combat reference, 300 reference of a smooth jazz statue to blot out the sun...yes, this was the jump start my Monday morning needed after a bachelor party weekend-

its finally here, game week is here my friends. Get ready to enjoy JT Barrett and The Ohio State Buckeyes pissing excellence all over the B1G...it's going to be breathtaking 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Great article, I think it's bringing everyone back to earth a bit.  

This Connor cook, Craig krenzil talk or anything referencing freshmen qb's winning seems to forget the o-line, running game and defense these teams were playing with.

its pretty reasonable to assume we'll have some growing pain son the o-line and defense...might not go undefeated but every game (aside from kent) has the potential to be a nail biter.

its going to be a fun season to watch, so have your team's back and roll with it

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Very happy to see the positivity now- 

2 things: 1. Braxton isn't coming back, but best of luck to him- great buckeye 2. The games will be tight and a lot of fun to watch.  JT will need some experience but he'll be more likely to rely on dispersing the ball to the playmakers, rather than being so dependent on one person.

may not go undefeated but this is going to be a really fun team to watch, against a legit schedule

Comment 17 Aug 2014

They won't be last years line.  Instead of following that up with a 'but', every fan needs to let that sink in for a minute.  Last year we had four rocks and one new guy named decker that got baptized by getting pushed around by Khalil Mack- which made him better.  That will need to happen a few times with these new guys-  

they'll be a good osu line...and hopefully a lot better when we start big ten play, regardless will be fun to watch