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Comment 20 Sep 2013

Our biggest problem on D is the fact that we have to many spectators. There are way to many plays where people are caught watching. In addition misdirection plays kill Noah Spence. Now that he is on the field all the time, you can tell he always wants to make an impact and while this may lead to some great plays he has given up some pretty big gashes because he runs right by a RB.

Comment 25 Jul 2013

In addition Munger announced that he would be making the transition to offensive line. This that knocks out Michael Hill most likely. Would you say it is almost certain Munger redshirts as an OG or is there just to little depth on the O-line for it?

Comment 24 Jul 2013

Sounds like you have been following these issues closely (that was sarcasm). Judge after everything has happened, unless you know something no one else does shut up and wait to see what really happened. IE I hope video evidence makes you look as ill informed and negative as you are trying to be. Part of being a fan is dealing with the lumps and clearly you are incapable of that. Until you can handle that...... put a sock in it and hold your judgments. That was as nice as I could say it.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

I like this way of breaking it down but I think you need to add another category for Up and Coming Teams.


Teams like Clemson, TCU, Texas A&M who have yet to truly take a seat at the table with the Elites but who have the potential with a few years of continued success to be considered viable championship contenders year in and year out.

Comment 26 Jun 2013

Addendum... I want to see who the new coach will be before I cast future prospective's on UT. I think Mack will be gone and Texas has so much potential in terms of in state talent. I know people are saying Texas A&M is on the rise, but what if UT says Sumlin, "Pick a number" all the sudden the prospectus could change for both U's

Comment 26 Jun 2013

If looking at total history I totally agree... But if you are playing Tennessee tomorrow are you worried at all? Even if the game is at Neyland? They are a rung lower on the scary scale these days than South Carolina and even Clemson


Comment 26 Jun 2013

I would say LSU belongs in the ELITE category and that Tennessee has no place in either category. Poor coaching choices since the firing of Fulmer and a mediocre decade does not equal potential playoffs from my POV


Comment 26 Jun 2013

If your looking over more recent history I would remove Miami, and Michigan from the list. Miami is in a downward spiral, Michigan has yet to prove that they have recovered from the Rich Rod era (2011 was a fluke and possibly the worst BCS bowl I have ever seen). 

Comment 21 Jun 2013

I concur sir, We should get pumped for future bucks, not bitter about what could have been. Everyone misses on getting some recruits, its more important to not miss on the people you do bring in. Personally I am pumped for our newest QB commit. You have to love the outstanding academics on top of the athletic ability.

Comment 09 Feb 2013

Just to be clear, I had no problem with possible transfer names. I always think that this is an interesting, if difficult, topic to discuss. I guess I just think it is silly to assume that the people who are coming in will live up to their stars while the people who are in the program for a year already wasted their potential. You made a really good point about the linebacker talent on board, one which I think is surprisingly overlooked, but in the same hand as you give the lb's credit you take away from the db's. Roby is most likely gone after next year which means in 2 years both corner positions will have to be filled. I have not heard any reports that Armani is outperforming Najee and Cam is most likely going to be a safety. I love speculating on players futures and for some reason I think Najee will be a major contributor. I really did enjoy your post though.

Comment 07 Jan 2013

Not a ND fan, but 2 crappy calls in a row with the Eiffert non catch and the catch interference. Just makes you wonder