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Comment 28 Nov 2012

Two sensational coaches, and a great story - awesome article Sarah!

Comment 20 Nov 2012

The kid can play and he lives to be a Buckeye. Seems like a no brainer to me. But as in all things Meyer - whatever choice he makes will be a good one!

Comment 04 Nov 2012

Sorry but I have to disagree with your system.

1st - Since you can't know when you lock in the team schedule how many BCS, etc., teams you will play a couple of years from now - I don't see how this could ever be accurate. For example, going into this season, the AP pre-season poll had Michigan #8 and Wisconsis #12 - yet when we play them neither will be ranked in either the AP or the BCS polls - so now we'll play a weak schedule. Hmmm! 

2nd - I don't see any way ND and Florida should be ranked above Alabama, Oregon, or K-State.  Based on their body of work, some combination of Alabama, Oregon, and K-State have to be the top 3 teams at this point in the season (their exact order is debatable).

Comment 04 Nov 2012

First, I am so glad we are 10-0 and this season is turning out much better than I thought it would!

Looking at this with a slightly critical eye, I agree with a lot of what you say. My five thoughts are:

1st – Defense - our Defense has performed better the last two games - yet they still allowed Illinois too many points.  For this team to score 22 points on us is depressing because Illinois is really a bad team.  As an example, if Notre Dame’s defense had had the mental lapses OSU’s defense continues to have, they wouldn’t have won all those close games and would probably be 5-4 (possibly 4-5) instead of 9-0. 

2nd – Offense - the Offense is good and keeps improving in some areas.  Braxton, Hyde, and Rod Smith are all coming into their own and if they stay healthy we could have a really scary offense next year.  I‘ve got goose-bumps already!  The receiver corps needs a lot of work.  Guys like Devin Smith continue to puzzle me, what’s up with that guy?

3rd - Penalties – we have always had stupid penalties called against us (refs keeping our rivals in the game?) and we always will.  Pass interference calls are going to happen – pass defenders are playing on a razors edge.  Anyone who has ever played football has moved early or jumped off sides.  If you have to hold someone to keep your quarterback from getting killed, you do it.  But there is no reason for the stupid late hit calls and other assorted personal foul calls.  That’s coachable and we need to get that fixed and again when you look at it from that aspect you come back to the defense.

4th - Special teams – our punt blocking is horrible.  We are sore in this area and even if Urban personally coaches these guys, they still suck.  This could cost us loss in one of our remaining games.

5th – The backups – I totally disagree with you on this point.  Our starting offense and defense is supposed to get us far enough out in front that the backup guys who haven’t played much or at all get in and get some playing time.  They are going to make mistakes – that’s why they don’t play much to start with.  These are the guys you expect to fumble or make another dumb play that makes you want to poke your eyes out!  It’s a lot better for them to do it in a game we will win anyway than to wait until next year when they are the only guys you have or this year when somebody gets injured and they are the only substitute you have that can play at that position. 

This team has accomplished a lot and I’m super proud of them and proud to be a Buckeye fan.  Screw the NC, just keep winning!  Go Bucs

Comment 02 Nov 2012

I agree with most of your points. The defense played great and tackled well. I liked the fact the team held it together in a tough place to play and managed to operate with the roar of that crowd. I liked what Rod Smith did and he could be great if he keeps holding onto the ball so he can get some more playing time. Shazier was good but so was Roby, and what about Boren?! A great pass from Braxton to Stoneburner but the other receivers need to start making some plays too. Braxton ran well also!

Overall I liked about everything and I hope they put a whuppin on Illinois and get a good head of steam up for when we go into Wisconsin! Go Bucs!

Comment 20 Oct 2012

Go Buckeyes - here's where we get a gut check! Ugly as it's been- we can win this!

Comment 20 Oct 2012

No kidding - it's like asking someone to poke out your eyes!

Comment 20 Oct 2012

That was really a stupid late hit on the quarterback - dumb penalty.  Interception -thank God! Hopefully this is where it swings our way.

Comment 20 Oct 2012

Once again, no one laid a hand on the runner - and he only returned a kick 100 yards. Come-on D, for Godsakes tackle!

Comment 17 Oct 2012

I hope your right on everything but Cincy & Toledo, I'm neutral there.  I don't know much about either Cincy or Toledo other than they are from Ohio and they aren't OSU!

Comment 14 Oct 2012

Good article Chris, I think you're all over it!

Comment 14 Oct 2012

At least we won, ugly as it was we are 7-0. Indiana got a BS call on the on-side kick, that guys foot was touching as he threw the ball. We won.  Our defense sucks, thank God our offense doesn't. Hopefully we can recriut some linebackers and safeties.

Comment 13 Oct 2012

Boren is playing better defense than the real defense, UGHHH

Comment 13 Oct 2012

Your right. Miller just made a major fuhbar, that hurt.

Comment 13 Oct 2012

True, but he waited to take off a lot of the time. Braxton just explodes