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Comment 20 hours ago

Urban is around 6'3" and looks short, the Gustins are gigantic people!!!

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Stay at a hotel by the airport and a cab is $20 round trip (easily offset by lower cost of a room)...and it is the only way you will get a cab after the game.  Worked great for the wife and me last year (except the game)

Comment 01 Sep 2014
Agreed the 3rd down stat is the biggest concern. Combine that with being so so in the red zone, it speaks to a potential issue in short yardage situations. I kind of expected to see a short yardage/red zone Cardale package, like Tebow's freshman year.
Comment 09 May 2014

Hey holier than thou - Yes he was wrong, but you are a hypocrite.   What if Gibbons raped your cousin?  Would you still make the following comment?  Get off your high horse, you defend rapists

"Yet there is more proof Hyde did something wrong than there is proof that gibbons did something wrong. Again, I am not saying he is innocent, but you cannot act like Michigan fans are any worse than OSU fans are when it comes to sticking up for their athletes."

Comment 23 Apr 2014

His 1998 Colerain team depants us...and yes, he was absolutely nuts back then too.

Comment 06 Apr 2014
He is working out great, you'll see when we come to the house of enablers. He also happens to be one of five defensive ends we have who would instantly be the best one on your team. Thanks for Larry Johnson!
Comment 17 Mar 2014
If you want to see Dayton at their best, watch the Maui Invite or first half from the A10 tourney game vs Fordham. To see how OSU can attack UD, watch VCU (length) or St Joes (inside outside combo, own us in general). Devin Oliver (#5) is the engine for UD.When he plays well (shows up all over the stat sheet), the Flyers are a handful.
Comment 16 Mar 2014
Apples and oranges...UD doesn't play Wright State because the Nutter Center was full of UD fans. UD essentially subsidized a Wright State home game. Wright State will only accept home and home. Hence, UD and Wright State don't play. OSU would not take over UD Arena. Over 9000 of the 13500 seats are season ticket holders
Comment 14 Mar 2014

I have a buddy who puts the #1 receiver in the #4 spot in certain formations to match him up with linebacker and run the slant.  This has morphed into us spending 15 minutes before each game we play screwing with packages, depth charts, and audibles...During the Ted Ginn days, he would put him in as the QB in certain formations and just outrun everyone to the sideline, so cheap and unstoppable

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Out of state tuition with room and board is $44,000.  That is $176,000 over a four year period and $220,000 if you redshirt.  That is plenty

Comment 04 Mar 2014

I think it is more about the perception of the B1G.  If the worst team in the SEC can out recruit virtually the entire B1G, that is a huge problem.  Yes we would savage Kentucky if we ever played them, but Kentucky, 2-10 Kentucky, is competing with conference champ Sparty for recruits...and winning

Comment 17 Feb 2014
Kent State's coaches are top notch, and recruit Ohio hard. Ohio State doesn't make much effort in our area. Other coaches notice this too. The five best players in the biggest league in Dayton went to Kent State, Virginia Tech, Miami, Wright State, and Eastern or Western Kentucky (can't remember which one). I know all of them were good enough to play at OSU.
Comment 15 Feb 2014
I'm guessing a combination of power walking, jazzercise, and a rigorous shake weight routine
Comment 22 Oct 2013

The problem I have is why aren't the players required to wear mouthpieces?  A significant percentage of concussions are caused by the lower jaw banging into the rest of the skull.  Helmets are loose and shake when players run.  Players routinely don't buckle up all chin straps.  Improve the equipment, don't ruin the game.

Comment 10 May 2013

I met him and his dad last summer and he was a very nice guy, as was his dad.  He was a "yes sir" "no sir" kid, so I am surprised by the problems at GT.  I coach at a Dayton area high school and his dad was promoting a cross fit center...He is a legit 6'4", I'm 6'2" and he was a couple inches taller than me.  Definitely passed the eye test...I also told him that I would root for him every week even though he wasn't a Buckeye, so I am taking credit for the transfer.