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Comment 05 Nov 2014

This is the first game in some time that tOSU will have more to gain than loose compaired to our opponent!!! I always read that every team plays up against tOSU because they are the better team.....  like in last years B1G Championship MSU was going to the Rose Bowl win or lose.  But this year if they loose they lose big so they have more to lose than us in my eyes.  so in short I'm good with tOSU being the under dog in this fight!!!

Comment 29 Oct 2014

In the BCS I agree with you and the SEC theories and the AP poles and all that I am trying to look to this as a new way of doing things and I guess just hoping that it is the way I just said it is. But that's because I love watching my bucks each week and if collage football stays the way it has been past 5 years I'll stop watching it.

Comment 29 Oct 2014

Ok this is my point of view on this, I think the committee took all the 0 loss teams ranked them then took the 1 loss teams ranked them then took the 2 loss teams and ranked them.  so in that theory if anyone in the top ten loses they will fall behind the one loss teams.  After all they said it like 100 times yesterday just win and it doesn't matter who you play or loose to because you won and move up as long as you are a power 5 team.  ( I hope this train of thought isn't just me hoping) GO BUCKS!!!! Just Win!!!! I said yes BTW

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I am a current United States Marine SSgt and would love to go to this game and see tOSU beat up on the Navy!!! But because i am currently stationed in Kansas i wouldnt be able to get there. But this is a wonderful thing our fellow fan is doing! Keep it up and whoever gets to go have fun!!!