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Being born and raised in Columbus I was brought to love and adore the Buckeyes. In 1975 I asked my mother if I could have an afro just like Archie Griffin. She looked at my bright copper colored straight hair and said..."Yes, yes you can". No matter how hard I tried to grow that afro, I still looked like Opie. Now that I am older, my hair may be brown, but my love for scarlet still remains. GO BUCKS!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: I saw Keith Byers rumble without a shoe.
    Witnessed Joe Germaine outclass Jake the Fake Plummer.
    2002 defense.
    2014 offense.
    All my buckeye moments are the best except for the 90's.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Granville Waiters (I met him while working at a pizza place in high school)
  • NFL TEAM: Browns (God help me)
  • NHL TEAM: I miss Blue Jackets games
  • NBA TEAM: Not an NBA fan
  • MLB TEAM: Not a baseball fan
  • SOCCER TEAM: Not a soccer fan

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Comment 23 Mar 2017

My grandmother took me to see the movie on the big screen.   One of my all time favorites.

Comment 01 Mar 2017

I have hated Vitale since he went ballistic on Lawrence Funderburk.   I hold grudges forever it seems.


Comment 01 Feb 2017

Losing to Michigan =  Bad Season

Not making the playoffs = Bad Season

Beating Michigan, playing in the playoffs = Decent Season

Beating Michigan, winning a playoff game = Great Season

Beating Michigan, winning the National Championship =  Epic Season

Comment 25 Jan 2017

That sounds very tasty.   I think I will make this.    By the way, I am assuming this is a 5 gallon batch correct?   Do you have the OG and FG?

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Brewing is a fairly expensive hobby, but it is truly fun to do with a brew buddy.   I started off like most by brewing ales and extracts, then branched out to all grains.   Just know this,    All Grains are cheaper, but will take an extra hour or so from your life, 4 hours vs 3.   Conversely, just know that although extracts will produce beer faster, you will more than likely notice a slightly malty flavor with an extract.  DME and LME just taste different than an all grain...the good news is that no matter what you brew, it will be beer.

The one thing you should upgrade to is a kegging system and at least 3 Corny Kegs, and maybe 5 or so buckets with airlocks.   Get away from bottles as fast as you can.