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Comment 10 Oct 2014
An undefeated or one-loss Notre Dame will be "the playoff team from that part of the country"
Comment 21 Oct 2013
I woke up this morning at the hotel in Toronto and imagine my surprise when Troy Smith was the top story on SportsCenter Canada. I was doubly surprised when I saw a couple of his non-TD passes were thrown to none other than Duron Carter... yes, that Duron Carter.
Comment 24 Nov 2012
Oh what could have been if our offense could have actually scored when inside the 10. Oh well. Now instead of celebrating a bowl game, I'll just spend the next 6 weeks celebrating the seniors. Thanks for a ridiculous season. Thanks for setting us up for next season. You found the ball deep in the woods and you hit it five feet from the pin.
Comment 20 Nov 2012
Here's an interesting take on expansion from highly regarded stat geek Nate Silver. http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/11/20/expanding-eastward-could-dilute-big-ten-brand/
Comment 18 Nov 2012
This idea that we'll win the AP Championship just seems silly. It's a fantasy that doesn't exist outside of Ohio. Both Alabama and Georgia are ranked ahead of us. Sure one of them will lose, but the other will be in the championship game against another one-loss team or undefeated Notre Dame. Winner of champ game will be #1 across the board. At best we maybe get #2 and a handful of #1 votes from Big10 homers in the Midwest. Crap. Gotta go. It's 11:10, and Michigan still sucks.
Comment 09 Nov 2012
The backup plan in case of rain was McAlister Field House ( the Citadel's arena). Guess it was too difficult to move things there after the game had started. Weren't there some condensation problems in San Diego last year? Obviously not as bad, but I seem to remenber them wiping down the floor a few times.
Comment 20 Oct 2012
LOL. A guy who sits in front of his tv and on his computer is questioning the toughness of a kid that gets smooshed by a bunch of giants running at full speed 25 times a game.
Comment 28 Jun 2012
Are you kidding? Atlanta would be a great place for one of the bowl games. You want Buckeye fans to travel, don't you? It doesn't get much easier than Atlanta.
Comment 27 Jun 2012
You can always count on Americans to do the right thing after all the other possibilities have been exhausted.
Comment 19 Mar 2012

I wonder why there's never been an annual "Battle of Ohio" basketball tournament put together?  How great would it be to have a tournament played in Ohio that consists of eight teams from the state.  Maybe do it the last weekend of the preseason before everyone gets into conference play and college football is in the doldrums.

Every year you could have the three big boys (Ohio St, Cincy, Xavier) plus 5 other teams like Dayton, Ohio, etc. playing each other to be King of Ohio.  Guarantee every team three games, so that even the losers on the first day get to play on the last day.  Rotate the location of the tourney each year.   I'm sure it will never happen because it always seems to boil down to Ohio St admins being too chicken-shit to actuallly schedule any serious in-state competition.  But man, it would be great.

Comment 08 Mar 2012

All these schools being thrown out there are a smokescreen.  Jim Delaney gets what Jim Delaney wants.  Jim Delaney wants Texas and Jim Delaney wants 16 teams.  So Jim Delaney gets Texas and brings Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, and adds Kansas just to make an even 16.   The Big16 then owns the Midwest from Canada to Mexico.

Comment 08 Jul 2011

Did you hear that no one gives a shit about the football team this year!!

Comment 07 Jul 2011

A TV ban would not surprise me at all.  While I think it's unlikely for the reasons mentioned above ($$$$), the NCAA is really stepping up it's enforcement.  Why not make an example out of Ohio St?  Being a private school really helped USC.  They didn't have to cooperate with the NCAA and they were not subject to any FOI issues.  So I think the NCAA wanted to make an example out of them, but couldn't because USC's privacy made the investigation and evidence gathering difficult.  So next in line is Ohio St, the biggest public athletic program in the country.  Don't be surprised if the hammer falls hard.  You might think Ohio St. is above the "law" (meaning the NCAA).  But maybe the NCAA goes out of it's way to show otherwise.

How about this:

Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl victories vacated.  Two-year postseason ban,  scholarship reductions.  I would not be the least bit surprised to see a tv ban and the entire 2010 season vacated as well.

Comment 05 Jan 2011
I'll bet that this Sugar Bowl win will be vacated eventually. The NCAA did it's job to protect the good ole' boys that run the Sugar Bowl. They got the game and money and superstars that they wanted.  Pryor and the boys will all go pro.  Then the NCAA will go back and "discover" new violations (that everyone already knew about before the game) by Pryor and company and declare that they really were ineligible for the game after all, so the win doesn't really count.  Bet it happens before the next bowl game.  Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we get suspended from bowls for a couple years as punishment.  Then the NCAA can continue the charade that it's all about protecting the student athlete and maintaining the integrity of the college football system.