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Comment 01 Sep 2012

Absolutely. The season doesn't really start until Michigan St. 

Comment 01 Sep 2012

Not impressed with our o line. Also, wished we got a sack or two. 


However, congrats to the team on an impressive win. Let's keep it up!



Comment 31 Mar 2012
+1 Also, I look forward to Crafty, Thomas and Sully back next year. Willie B had a good run but was too inconsistent. I wish him luck. How's Matta's recruiting class next year?
Comment 04 Mar 2012
Don't know if I was a hater, but I sure as hell criticized WB when he averaged about four points a game when we needed him. The criticism was that he blew up against the B1G basement dwellers but choked against better teams. So yes, I feel good that WB rocked , and I hope he keeps it up. And let's not leave Revenal out of the love fest. O-H-
Comment 18 Feb 2012
What is Buford adding to the game right now? I don't understand why he is on the floor.
Comment 26 Nov 2011
This reinforces the fact that winning/losing is cyclical. OSU will be back , and soon.
Comment 26 Nov 2011
I don't agree with everything you say, and I doubt many people will read this at this hour, but this is the ind of comment I like to hear from an intelligent Michigan fan. Thanks.
Comment 26 Nov 2011
Has this been in draft form for eight years?
Comment 26 Nov 2011
This season is finally over. This was a good game. Good win UM. However, Urban will be here soon (knock on wood). Braxton is gng to be special, even if he does make mistakes (!).
Comment 01 Oct 2011
In the pressed Fickel just said Bollman knows what he's doing. Nuff said.
Comment 01 Oct 2011
I feel bad for Fickel. I don't doubt his commitment to OSU, but he clearly wasn't ready for the big time. Maybe in a few years. Now (hopefully) he'll be out after this year.
Comment 25 Sep 2011
Both tackling drills and receivers practice need to improve. I think the biggest blow we had fro the troubles, other than Pryor/tresel (obviously) is to the receivers. Devier coming back will boost productivity immensely (hopefully).
Comment 10 Sep 2011
Fair enough. But we had success with blitzes, but for some reason weren't called when they could have made a difference.
Comment 10 Sep 2011
Count me as one of the fans who booed after Bauserman overthrew another (!) wide open deep ball. I truly can't fathom how this isn't Boeckman part two. give Miller a freaking chance! I also cant understand how we didn't blitz every down. When we put pressure on their qbs we stopped them. Can someone explain that one.
Comment 05 Jan 2011

horrible spot.  But please Coach keep in mind your qb is 6'6".

Comment 05 Jan 2011

I'm glad we got the ball back, but I think that AR punter deserves a million dollar contract after tonight's performance.