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Comment 07 Jan 2014
Smith only ome being aggressive ill take it and loving is 1-3 splashed a three and had another rim out the last shot was almost a shot clock violation...sam thompson needs to do nothing but dunk and yes amir is not good against decent teams.
Comment 07 Jan 2014
It might just be me but that was a highlight reel for gibsons recievers too! Esp that little number 5...any chance we can get some of them as well? Haha
Comment 04 Jan 2014
One that was really tough for me to swallow was that we couldnt even say were the best team in the big ten...i agree the two toughest teams we played beat us...shows how much work we have to do to be a championship caliber team.
Comment 04 Jan 2014
If anyone is satisfied they are kidding themselves...we are 24-2 with nothing to show for it...miss the tressel dsys where 35 points would win us every single game just because our defense was so stout...we have major issues on defense...and i agree idk what it is are the players really this bad?...are the schemes not fitting the players were recruiting idk whats going on...i mean fickell was on the staff when we were ranked top 10 nationally in defense every year....we got to figure a thing out.
Comment 30 Dec 2013
Its kinda not to like this kid now...dammit he mustve brainwashed us or something...i hope he does get one touchdown now just because other than that i hooe we make him realize what hes missed by not joing buckeyenation...ill go back to liking him after he game go bucks!!
Comment 07 Oct 2013
IMO asking ttun to go undefeated is alot to ask for unless they play extremely well their novemeber schedule is brutal to say the least. @mich st Nebraska @northwestern @iowa BUCKS Lets just control what we can control and go undefeated. If you recall in 2007 we were 5th in the bcs in week 12 and look where we ended up. Lets just take care of business.