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Comment 28 Aug 2015

There's too many other factors that played into the way the TEAM played to throw stats around. They just lost their starting QB for the Second time right before the biggest game of the season. They have media and everyone else talking about how they had a shot until JT went down now they may not even have a chance at a playoff let alone a B1G championship. I know the coaches try to block that out but they have social media they know what's being said. So now your playing with an added chip on your shoulder that wasn't there when JT was the QB. Now the playoffs start and no is giving you a shot again. Now some of players could've said to themselves look guys we don't have JT anymore let's step our game up just one more Notch and there you have it the Undisputed National Champions . So I'm not all saying that Cardale jones didn't do a fine job because he did. He even surprised me. But what does Meyer teach? Nine strong!! Our whole TEAM as a whole was clicking better at the end of the season than it ever was at the beginning of the season. So throw the stats out the window. Truth of the matter is we are in good hands no matter who the qb is. Too many things happened to OUR team to say Cardale jones was better with 3 games under his belt. May the best QB win.

Comment 07 Jan 2014
Smith only ome being aggressive ill take it and loving is 1-3 splashed a three and had another rim out the last shot was almost a shot clock violation...sam thompson needs to do nothing but dunk and yes amir is not good against decent teams.