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Comment 14 Jan 2016

My thing here is bama is probably going into the game thinking that we can't pass. Now their game planning to  stop the run. Your giving UFM a month to prepare and figure a thing out I don't count him out. Alabamas offensive line was not good at all. I feel our defensive line (obviously with bosa) would of had a field day. We would've gobbled up Henry. And there is no way we would've given up those passing plays. Heck we shut down the best receiver in the  country last year for the most part. I honestly feel like it would've been the same type of game. Although JT does lack the deep throw this year he brings more to the table as a runner especially of the option variety. Which would've worn the bama front 7 down deeming them less effective throughout the game. That little reciever for Clemson was a walk on and didn't bury then with his deep balls but with short well run routes. Give me Mike Thomas, Jalin Marshall and Bmillz all day. Stats wise Alabamas defense was better this year but how many good qbs are their in the SEC?? JT would be the best qb they faced all season. And we obviosuly have the best running back in the country I would've liked the Buckeyes chances. 

Comment 17 Dec 2015

Can you imagine the story he will have when he has kids and gets older "well kids I was commited to play at Ohio state thought it was a bad decision so decommited and committed to their arch rival instead and went on to lose 4 straight to Ohio state." Teach the kids to never count out the bucks! 

That being said good luck to the kid didn't really feel like his heart was here to begin with. And as always go bucks!!

Comment 01 Dec 2015

It def sounds like to me we are good if UNC can win. I pretty much lost all hope in Florida. Another thing I was thinking was if mich state destroys Iowa does that skip mich state up to 2 and would the committee then put us number 3 over another one loss non champion or would they want to see Ohio state vs mich state match up in the national championship potentially?

Comment 28 Nov 2015

This is assuming Stanford loses to USC right? Cause I have played the scenarios over and over again in my head and unless Stanford loses to USC...I think it'll be Stanford, Oklahoma, Alabama or Clemson, mich state or Iowa.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Is Kenny courts wrestling today?? I checked the Cleveland state website and he wasn't projected there and I was at the ASU match and he didn't wrestle at that. I'm only 40 mins away I may check out the match. Just didn't know if anyone had insight 

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Graduated from Kenton so followed the mauks all throughout high school. kentons offense when mauk was there was predicated on a scrambling quarterback and running 5 wide every single play...they used no kicker and the qb was the punter. Playing at open gyms and with playing football with both brothers I've seen their attitudes first hand...they were always cool with me but I saw how they would treat others and they were indeed dicks. I blame it on the culture of Kenton football though the culture is terrible. He has run one of the profilic offenses in the history of high school football with their sons at the helm but in such a terrible culture.    You ask football players they love the mauks ask the community and any other sports teams coaches they are just terrible. About the cancer thing he has had his first successful surgery and is doing Great! No matter the Person you Always hate to see people with this terrible disease! I can't even imagine how much Maty has on his plate but his play has def been subpar through his college career I always believed he would be best at a MAC school or even the place his brother went Cincinnati! As far as Kenton running up the score that's what they do they run 5 wide every single play every single down no matter what. Every team they okay knows that! Just stop them. Which teams were able to do the deeper in the playoffs we got! We only made the playoffs on me year in my flirty years and waxed in the first round haha but prayers going up to the mauks no matter how big of "douches" they are no one deserves this.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

There's too many other factors that played into the way the TEAM played to throw stats around. They just lost their starting QB for the Second time right before the biggest game of the season. They have media and everyone else talking about how they had a shot until JT went down now they may not even have a chance at a playoff let alone a B1G championship. I know the coaches try to block that out but they have social media they know what's being said. So now your playing with an added chip on your shoulder that wasn't there when JT was the QB. Now the playoffs start and no is giving you a shot again. Now some of players could've said to themselves look guys we don't have JT anymore let's step our game up just one more Notch and there you have it the Undisputed National Champions . So I'm not all saying that Cardale jones didn't do a fine job because he did. He even surprised me. But what does Meyer teach? Nine strong!! Our whole TEAM as a whole was clicking better at the end of the season than it ever was at the beginning of the season. So throw the stats out the window. Truth of the matter is we are in good hands no matter who the qb is. Too many things happened to OUR team to say Cardale jones was better with 3 games under his belt. May the best QB win.

Comment 07 Jan 2014
Smith only ome being aggressive ill take it and loving is 1-3 splashed a three and had another rim out the last shot was almost a shot clock violation...sam thompson needs to do nothing but dunk and yes amir is not good against decent teams.