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Comment 13 Jun 2015

Brugge Brasserie in Indy is a great little place for some mussels and Belgian style beers. The Tripel de Ripple is amazing. 

Comment 26 Oct 2014

As frustrated and angry as I was watching this 2nd half, after calming down a bit, I have gained a little perspective.  Sometimes good college football teams struggle, especially on the road.  Look at Ole Miss tonight, 7 points scored against an LSU team that has not been world-beaters by any means.  Mississippi State struggled to put away a Kentucky team that is a perennial doormat.  Yes, the Buckeye offense struggled in the 2nd half. Yes, our O-line continually failed and this lead to our coaches going into a shell.  But the D balled out and gave up 10 points in regulation.  And those last 3 were assisted by an absolutely atrocious roughing the passer call.  They will learn and grow and do their best next week against Illinois and hopefully be ready for Sparty in 2 weeks.   I will take this win and enjoy the tears and anguish of Nit fans.  Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Dec 2012

Don't forget 1994, as much as I hate to admit it, that team was sick and definitely should have at least got a split title.

Comment 14 Nov 2012

What really jumped out at me was the OOC schedule, all BCS conference foes, maybe not the elite, but all decent foes, no Mac and no FCS or other cupcakes. 

Comment 30 Oct 2012

If it is indeed true that they had no respect for Fickell, maybe because once he took over it was obvoius he was way over his head and was not ready for the big-time spotlight?

Comment 30 Oct 2012

If a head coach doesn't wear a headset, he doesn't know most of what is going on.  I am looking at you in the past, JoePa and present, Brady the Hutt.

Comment 19 Oct 2012

Mine still shows All Flannel Tops with 2 picks and no sacks, 12 PBUs, I don't remember seeing him dominate in coverage quite that much.

Comment 19 Oct 2012

Think the defensive stats are a little off, John Simon listed with 0 sacks and 2 interceptions?

Comment 13 Oct 2012

I love seeing the bad karma flowing for Auburn after cheating and winning a MNC with NCAA complicity.

Comment 13 Oct 2012

Always was but talent made up for it, but without the supernatural talent of Vince Young will never win the big one

Comment 13 Oct 2012

They should be melting down.  With the talent they can pull in with no effort, they should never lose that badly.  Mack is finished.

Comment 13 Oct 2012

Just ignorant that he would say that.  Braxton is only top 5 in Heisman talk right now.