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Comment 12 May 2015

I've got me a site justcasualheroes.com if anyone wants to check it out. Play me a lot of gdubz check it out. In game I go by five fingers freddy. 

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I just have trouble seeing the ball come out of the hands of the man who held high that natty. What do you want your QB to do? Win Championships. King Dolodale who's reign can and must be interminable has shown that he possesses the power to take us to the promised land. No other QB on our roster can say that. 

Braxton is the best athlete

J.T. Has the highest Football IQ

Cardale is the ultimate blend of both and has the biggest arm. 

I think all three will be NFLers. I'd say Braxton will be drafted as a hybrid Athlete RB/WR/KR/PR

JT. Will be a QB (Not sure about this year or not because he's so young)

Cardale (should he return and win the job) could be the first QB off the board next year. His ceiling for the league is off the charts. 

Comment 20 Jan 2015

At the end of the Off The Ball telecast one of the commentators starts singing "Turn out the lights the party's over" with like 7 minutes left on the clock. 

Comment 20 Jan 2015

I had a PC at my house with spider cam pulled up and just did a screen recording. Luckily for me since I'm set up to record video games it worked out pretty good. Not a bad recording. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Two comments... 

1. How much did Tim May pay to be in that pic there at the top?

2. How DARE you create that GIF. You should be ashamed of yourself! A negative energy has entered the universe.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Not sure that saying you likes a coordinator is dwelling on the past. Even saying you think a former coach wouldn't have lost this particular game isn't some crime. People are allowed to formulate opinions. Also liking one coach or even staff better than another is no sin. This doesn't mean you don't like your team or support them or care for them or stand behind them. There are plenty of posters here who love the team to death and stand behind them but people act like they've committed atrocities if they mention anything about JT or games he won or what he produced here. It's a but silly some of the reactions people give about this. Pretty sure anyone spending time here is either a troll or a Buckeye fan. The former want to troll and the latter Are Buckeye fans who want to see the team succeed. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I don't think saying you miss some things about a DC who had a great run and is a good friend of your current Head Coach is looking for heads. JH is retired. I'm merely saying I would have enjoyed seeing what he and Meyer would have come up with together. I don't think Chris Ash has had enough time to make a judgement on him yet. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

My point isn't that JH was perfect in calling all games. What he was was consistent. His philosophy was sound. He also proved that he could, in fact, adapt to situations. I honestly believe had he stayed and he and Meyer crafted the D together we'd be farther along. 

Also Fickell != Heacock. Luke learned from JH to be sure but that doesn't translate to him immediately being able to run that Defense with all it's nuances. I just don't buy the Fickell = Heacock. And lets not kid ourselves when we talk about styles. The Seattle Seahawks run a 4-3 over with man to man or Cover-3 behind it. Sure they will mix it up and they switched to a Bear front a few times last season, but it's still a sound defense. 4-3 with cover-3/nickel w/ cover-3 and man are still totally legit schemes. It has more to do with how the defense is coached and how the scheme is called. No way should VT have scored 28 points on us. Sure this D will improve I have no doubt and I am not complaining but i'm also not of this mindset that "JH defense is obsolete". I disagree with that totally. Do you really believe that that VT team scores 28 points on Offense against a JH/JT team? I just don't feel like they would. I think we would have won that game. But it's just one man's opinion. And as I said I'm not saying I'd trade UM in. I just see some of the benefits of some of the old regime... minus the walrus. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I totally agree Offences have changed, but it's not like JH was an idiot. In fact OSU was one of the defenses that was quick to catch up to the spread offences. Look at the Oregon game. That was an example of that zone defense shutting down a high powered offence that was absolutely shredding teams. Look I'm not saying Jim was a perfect DC. I'm not calling for Urban's head. I love Urban. I'm only saying that I honestly believe that if JH had stayed we'd be in a better spot. I also believe Urban would have kept him had he not decided to retire. 

I love this team and I am not one to call for people's heads. This was more meant to show some love for an OSU staff member I happened to really miss. 

Comment 05 Nov 2013

I'm pretty sure if the runner is staring at you he doesn't classify as "defenseless" Even the Roby hit was questionable at best for a flag. (I felt it was clean) Thing is if the back didn't want to get taken down to China Town he could have just run it out of bounds. Instead he decided to try to make something out of nothing and ended up turf pizza. Let's not forget they still let the players play football out there... sometimes. 

Comment 31 Oct 2012

JG are you buying Notre Dame as well? And Oregon? K-State?

UM coached OSU with Braxton Miller can certainly play with ANY of them. 

There is Alabama and there is everyone else. 

One loss K-State is lucky to stay int he top 10. Notre Dame is overrated. Oregon is overrated and certainly no better than OSU. So 1 loss Alabama I put in over OSU. Anyone else you take the undefeated OSU. The B1G may not be great but it's still not the MAC or the Big East. 


Comment 24 Oct 2012

Ohio State winns by thwo touchdowns. PSU Offence and Matt McGloin = grossly over rated. They've played nobody so they've beaten nobody. Also Ohio State looked to be showing a little more Cover-2 defence against Purdue if I was seeing things right which is interesting as well. It seems like the players are more comfortable in that scheme. PSU simply will not be able to score against OSU like they have against the Iowa's of the world etc. 

OSU wins 35 - 17 

Comment 26 Sep 2012

The house is not on fire. As Ross stated yesterday I think people are really underplaying exactly how little Meyer and Herman have showed. They've used a knife when they have a gun available. I will buy into the house being on fire after we see what OSU does against a real defense while running a real gameplan. Until then i'll cross my fingers and pray that Ross is right. :)