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Comment 30 Nov 2014

We were -4.5 points odds @MSU, and -4 in Indy against Wisc.  I think we have a very good chance in this next game.  Plenty of reason to come out with a chip on their shoulders since they aren't the favorite.  They should be fired up to prove they belong in the playoff discussion.  Add to that the desire to support JT and honor the memory of Kosta.  There are plenty of inspirations to help motivate these men to elevate their game.  Add to this that there are still a number of opportunities for teams above OSU in the CFP to fail next week.  One step at a time and next man up!

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Maybe we should try a faster start with the coin toss.  Win the toss?  How about we don't defer, and instead take the ball, open up the offensive playbook and march it down the field and score on the opening drive.  Let the opponent play catch up for a change instead of the other way around.  There is no sense in giving opponents, that you are favored to beat, an opportunity to be ahead in the game.  If they get an early lead, they just might believe your are beatable and continue to play that way.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

How many times did Miller provide a lead block for Hyde?  Hyde was consistently reliable.  Either with his own performance at running back, or providing a lead block for Miller.  I just don't understand the short yardage calls against MSU.  With Hyde in the backfield, you have multiple options on the play call.  With Miller alone in the backfield, the MSU defense wasn't looking for a pass play because Miller didn't prove that was a real threat.  We made the job for their defense much easier.  With our offensive line and Hyde, we could run with numerous different quarterbacks and be successful.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

I wonder what would have happened if Roby hit the receiver prior to catching the ball with the same hit?  Same targeting penalty, or just pass interference?  It looks to me that contact was first made with Roby's shoulder to the receiver.

Comment 18 Oct 2013

I wish the forecast would improve.  Debating a trip over there from Indianapolis, but sitting in 50 degrees and rainy isn't very appealing.  Those conditions make watching from the couch more practical. 

Comment 26 Jul 2013

Regardless of the type of hit, or even if he hit her at all, what is he doing in a place like this in the first place?  I realize he is still young, but screw your head on for a minute.  You are a top rated back on a top rated team.  You have a tremendous amount of upside potential staring you in the face in the next 12 months.  Can you think about how wonderful that can be and forego doing stupid things like hanging out in a bar?  When is the last time a football player was involved in an incident in a bar and wound up being a hero?

Comment 22 Oct 2012

I'm certainly not gifted at analysis, but looking at the box scores for the last two games, we had no sacks against the opponent's offense.  None.  PU sacked Miller twice, IU three times.  Suggests to me we aren't winning the line play.  It also seems to my untrained eye that it still takes too long for Miller to go through his reads, which leaves him in a number of scramble positions.  Since he is a talented runner, some of those situations wind up as big gains, but I doubt many of those are the originally called play.  Conversely, both PU and IU QBs made quick passing decisions and weren't left scrambling to improvise.

Comment 11 Jan 2012

Buford needs some time on the bench until he gets out of this current slump.  At Iowa he played 35 minutes, went 3 of 14, but at least contributed 11 rebounds and 5 assists.  Last night was 37 minutes and he went 7 of 18, 3 rebounds, 0 assists and 4 turnovers.  Diebler went through phases where he was cold.  I just don't understand why Matta thinks leaving the guy in there to fight through it is the only answer.  We have plenty of options to try on the bench.  Let Buford try and get his swagger back at a home game, then try again on the next road game.  The minutes played by Buford just doesn't make sense when you look at the results you get for those minutes.  Shake it up a bit and perhaps you find another person that creates the right chemistry to win on the road.