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Comment 23 Mar 2014

You beat me to this comment.  I almost don't even want to do this anymore because of that result.  Drew Carey is okay.  I don't have anything against him.  But if you ask me who is funnier between him and Chappelle . . . its not close.  I can never see Rick James the same way and I am very thankful for that.  

Comment 01 Dec 2011

These big names actually worry me a bit.  Say what you will about Tressel and his assistants but stability existed with them.  They were good enough to get the job done with Tressel on the sidelines but not good enough to get offered another position (except for Dantonio).  The stability was huge for the program and its system.  If Meyer brings in all of these big names it will be great for the immediate future but how long will they stick around?  Could it have an eventual negative effect?


Comment 28 Aug 2011

I'm with Tony on this one.  The CSS pop-up is a great convenience.  If you guys can get that going then the already amazing website will have gotten better.  


As a side note.  I read the whole article and thought it was fantastic.  Then while reading the comments I discovered that newcomer Sarah wrote it and I was surprised.  Not because a lady wrote a great article but because I found out that my internal reading voice is male and I just automatically assumed that the writer was male too. So kudos to you Sarah for giving me a reality check and writing a great article!

Comment 20 Aug 2011

Thanks you guys. . .and gal.  You definitely make life much better for me.  Keep it up and go Bucks!

Comment 12 Aug 2011

Delaney thinking . . . "How does that song go again?  I wanna be your lover - lover - loverboy.  Yeah, that song was the bomb!"

Comment 12 Aug 2011

Is that it? I've had shits that took longer that!