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Comment 26 Mar 2011

Ohio State destroyed an Elite Eight team (Florida) on the road, and another Sweet 16 team (FSU) on the road. They blew out Purdue and Wisconsin by epic amounts at home.  They clearly had the talent to go farther than they did.  They underachieved in the tournament, and I am disappointed.

Comment 01 Mar 2011

Anybody else notice the fans cheering a little when Sully looked injured?  Classy as ever, penn state fans....

Comment 18 Jan 2011

I will admit it.  I was wrong.  I thought for sure at least one of them would.  However, I am very pleasantly surprised.

Comment 17 Nov 2010

That really is great news.  Our secondary was looking pretty thin next year with Hines, Chekwa, and Torrence graduating.  But more importantly, good for Tyler.  If anybody deserves something like that, he does.

Comment 23 Oct 2010

I was about to ask if anyone knew why Shugarts was taken out (straight benching or due to injury).  I was at the game and nobody around me knew.  He was getting abused early, and I think Norwell did a fine job when he came in.

Comment 23 Oct 2010

Marty Bannister did an interview with him before the game on The Fan, I caught it as I was driving to the game.  Paul said he is out of the hospital now and doing well, and hopes to be back soon.

Comment 13 Oct 2010


I almost couldn't believe the title of your post when I read it.  My 9th grade Spanish class watched that movie, and ever since, whenever a situation arose in which somebody we know or some team we rooted for has needed to step up for any type of occasion, my friends and I have said they needed "the ganas".  

Jaime Escalante has been the most influential movie-teacher of our lives.  I can't believe other people have seen that movie.  Thank you for bringing it up, and especially in a way that relates to the Buckeyes.  Well done, Sir.

Comment 10 Oct 2010

I agree that Buckeye fans think that the media hates Ohio State because the members of the media that do hate Ohio State are so vocal about it (Mark May and Desmond Howard).  

What I don't understand is why no media outlet seems to mention Oklahoma's recent BCS record, because it is much worse than anybody's, especially Ohio State's.

Comment 05 Oct 2010

I did not forget about Conley.  He came in when Butler was a junior, then left after one year, so Butler ran the point as a senior, on the team that won the NIT.  I should have mentioned them both, but Butler was the last true point to play here because he stayed all for years.  And I think this team is going to be very tough to beat, and very deep.

Comment 01 Oct 2010

Matta has used the bench before, at least 3 deep, just not recently.  With the talent on next year's team, I can see 9 guys (last year's returning starters + all 5 incoming freshman) getting minutes.

Comment 29 Sep 2010

I have no issue with running the trick play against EMU.  At the very worst it gave the offense a chance to practice it in an actual game, and now forces opposing defenses to prepare for such plays.  Even if a team can now easily identify the play based on film, does anyone think that a DB can cover Pryor one on one?  Because I sure don't.

Comment 27 Sep 2010

I have also wondered where all the praise for Adams is coming from.  It's not like he has been bad or anything, but to me at least, he has clearly preformed the worst out of our starting o-line thus far.

Comment 21 Sep 2010

Ha ha.  So Ian forwarded that email to you, as well.  So close to being mentioned on ESPN Radio.  That would have been awesome.  Hooley is a dream killer, man.

Comment 21 Sep 2010

I'm with Jason.  Our return guys have some game changing abilities, but I was at the OU game, sitting behind the endzone.  Julian Posey had a huge hole to run through, and had OU not committed a penalty on the play, it might not have mattered.

Also, while Barclay has been a great field goal guy so far, we need a kicker who can consistently get the ball inside the 10 on kickoffs.