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Comment 02 Oct 2015

I saw Brimstone and Treacle back around 1983... Denholm Elliott.  Sting plays this creepy guy caring for Elliott's comatose daughter, as I recall. Sting's a good actor.  I think he started as a teacher, then an actor, then, oila. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Thanks sooo much for this link!!  I just played it during my lunch hour.  Brought back old college memories.  Sigh.  :)

Comment 21 Sep 2015

The offensive line is underperforming and they are presumably getting the normal number of game week reps. If they are not practicing well, it might be poor preparation for the 3-4 defense and the blitzes that they are seeing... they all need to be coached up better in that regard... give it a couple of more weeks of practice/playing before we push the panic button.

Comment 14 Sep 2015

You're right.  the edge blocking cause a few outside run plays to be snuffed out.  Evan Spencer and Noah Brown were sure blockers.  They need Paris Campbell and the others to be as good.  (Mike Thomas is big and physical like Noah Brown; he should be good.  Any observations about him, guys?)

Comment 25 Jul 2015

Two of the best TE's in the country.  Urb has more toys than any of the other kids.

Comment 09 Jun 2015

PLEASE stop with the 50/50 balls crap.  As a guy who saw EVERY pass CJ threw MULTIPLE TIMES on my DVR  (No life), the ONLY truly 50/50 was the first TD against Wisconsin.  Every other completion was a pass where the receiver clearly had the superior position.  A 50/50 ball is a lob pass where both the defender and WR have about an equal stab at it.  Please cite examples where CJ did this other than the one above.

Comment 29 May 2015

I saw that play over and over... especially since the Big Ten Replay had a glitch and showed it twice for some reason.  I strongly believe that almost pick was Michael Thomas' fault.  Watch Devin Smith:  he is assuming a position expecting Thomas to step behind him, rather than going after the DB who almost intercepted the pass.  Cardale's throw is directed to right behind Smith.  So both Smith and Jones (hmmm, sounds like a TV show) thought Thomas was going to catch it behind his blocker.  Either that or Jones threw his most inaccurate pass of the post-season.  I am fairly sure Thomas made a mistake there.

Comment 18 Apr 2015

If Pro scouts were watching, Zeke just got a bump of his draft grade.  I had NO idea he was the fastest player on the team (now that Doran Grant is gone or even faster than him?)....!!