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Comment 04 Dec 2016

Whatevah.  It was a legitimate concern that Washington would get in and it come down to us or PSU.  Given we lost to them, and they won the hardest conference in the country, while being one of the hottest teams over the last 2 months, it was entirely reasonable to accept the possibility the committee would put them in over us.  

It wasn't pessimism.  It was, I think, a fair reading of the situation.  It wasn't an outcome I wanted, but one I thought plausible. Why that amuses you...

Comment 01 Nov 2016

The most ridiculous part is they say he played 10 positions, but count every DB spot (including "nickle") as different, and all three WR positions as unique.  If you are a LB who stays on the field when the D would normally go into a nickle package, you are still a LB. And DB positions differ based on the coverages called.

I like Peppers.  I think, based on what I know about him, he's a pretty unique guy, and he's a tremendous athlete.  But I am pretty sure that Jerome Baker is probably the best RB/HB on our team or theirs.  But we only need him to play LB.  Peppers is  a smaller Darren Lee on a team that needs him to play everywhere.

Comment 30 Oct 2016

No shit.  It's not every play, but far too many times Baugh makes half-hearted attempts to block, often with his man making a tackle.  Just an impression, though, I don't watch the all22 film or anything.