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Comment 02 Jul 2014

it's not working.  I don't get a selection that says inspect element loctation.  Also, when I use the URL it just comes on with the broken page icon in the upper left hand corner.


Comment 23 Jun 2014

We can't read into anything...although it's hard.  We are loaded at LB but to get him would be huge from the standpoint of it will make our already stacked LB haul to this point at a level of dominance that we may have never seen here before at OSU but the other reason is that it would be a hard pill to swallow for us and a huge leverage for our haters in future discussions if another program comes into our great state and plucks the #1 LB from us.  As I have in the past...I trust UFM and I believe that "The" OSU is where this young man should be.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

WTF?  Really?  There aren't Enough DV's in the world for me to express how I feel about this post!  Hey, I heard he's committing but oh...you won't hear about it if he does.  Why...this is cruelty to a whole different level!


Comment 20 Jun 2014

Stay home Mr. Hilliard...stay home!  Kwon and Hilliard in the same linebacking crew??  Yes please!  Once you commit to the Good guys...you can preach to your friend Mr. Clark about reversing his hasty decision and he can come join you in C-bus and play for the good guys!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

He is going to be an All American...just watch.  It wasn't just the ball skills, it was how he positioned himself between the receiver and the QB and read the play.  All the young guys got better by the end of the game.  They aren't where they need to be yet...but getting the experience last night made a huge impact on them for their future...trust me...some times in a loss, you gain more than you know.

Comment 16 Sep 2013

On my way into the game Saturday I walked past the cal band and the band director walked up to my son and I and welcomed us to Cal and shook out hand.  On our way out of the stadium, we were showered by obscenities and shirtless guys running around screaming how smart they were.  Add to it the girl screaming from her balcony holding a banner....not a Cal banner but rather a black banner with a green Mary Jane leaf on it.  Yeah, they are definitely the cream of the gene pool crop.