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Comment 22 Jun 2015
If Harbaugh doesn't start getting kids out of Ohio there won't be an "initial boom"... It will be initial beatings and pro-longed beatings at the hands of other teams.. What everyone seems to be overlooking is the fact that when ttun was good they didn't just get average players out of Ohio... They were getting our best players... Until Harbaugh does that I don't wanna hear about him or how good of a coach he is...
Comment 17 Jun 2015
I ain't gon lie It hurts and I'm not a Cav's fan... I just want to see my state when a world championship...
Comment 17 Jun 2015
JR has to go he blows.. Delly needs a jump shooting coach and learn the ability get a bucket in traffic.. Kyrie will probably start the season on the injured list... Find a way to keep Tristan Thompson or at least get a first round pick in a sign and trade... I like Shumper but he like Delly needs a shooting coach... Vegas has the Cav's winning it next year and I agree.. A healthy Kyrie and K Love and the Cav's beats GS in 5 games...
Comment 14 Jun 2015
There's no way in Hell Rashaun Gary wants to play next to a 2 star dt??? He'd get doubled on every snap??? This signals to me that he's cooling on ScUM...
Comment 10 Jun 2015
The developement of upperclassmen under Matta has been on a downward trajectory for a good while.. You couple that with his serious disability which hampers him in his everyday life and I could definitely see the Buckeyes being left out the NCAA tournament...
Comment 08 Jun 2015
I put little because he's not a very good recruiter, the rise of instate rival MSU coupled with Urban F. Meyer.. That to me spells him becoming the next Layne Kiffin... He weasel his way out of aacc to a pro job in about 5 years most likely after a lower tier bowl win and no wins over Meyer...
Comment 29 May 2015
Curtis Samuel will score a touchdown every other time he touches the ball, making him the new "Harvin"... Marshall will break the single season big ten record for most kr and pr yards in a season.. Joey Bosa will be a heisman finalist along with 12 gauge.. The playoff field will be TCU vs Auburn and USC vs TOSU.. TCU will lose to Auburn in a classic and tOSU is going to kill the Trojans.. Auburn won't score a point against the buckeyes with Michael Thomas being named MVP here in Arizona...
Comment 15 May 2015
Tom Brady, Christian Latener, Kobe, Tiger, Desmond Howard...
Comment 09 May 2015
Watching OSU with Cooper at the helm made me destroy 2 television's and one rotator cuff...