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Comment 27 Mar 2015
Just this season he mentioned he now has a disability and it's effecting every aspect of his life especially his family life.. With that being said I think he coukd call it quits anytime now... Who would tOSU hire Idk but I'm sure they'd make the right decision...
Comment 25 Mar 2015
You're right, Butch Jones is a terrible coach...
Comment 24 Mar 2015
LeBron is the leader if the team and brought Kevin in to help win games.. Kevin isn't a leader never had been and if Lebron went to the media I'm sure he had his reasons... You're trying to make like Kevin is some type b-ball god when he clearly isn't... The cavs are winning in spite if him not because if him.. Again I go by facts and the facts speak for themselves Kevin Love is another Melo, a guy who puts up big numbers and wins pretty much nothing, so he should sit back and shut-up..
Comment 24 Mar 2015
This isn't about Kyrie it's about Kevin opening his big mouth about a player/teammate in LeBron... If Kyrie had made that public statement I would've said the exact same thing... The the thing is Kyrie earlier this season had a problem with LeBron but approach him like a man in the locker room and not through the media like Kevin...
Comment 24 Mar 2015
Kevin Love is soft and doesn't make others around him better which is why up until this season he had NEVER made the playoffs.... Kevin needs to keep his mouth shut and like say Chris Bosh when he was playing with LBJ...
Comment 23 Mar 2015
You're not understanding how much pain and stress his disability is causing him and his family.. He has something called drop-foot and is constantly in pain even after his numerous back surgeries... I honestly believe it's effecting his ability to give his all in regards to all aspects of his life including coaching and not to mention his family life, those are facts...
Comment 23 Mar 2015
First off Thad's assistant coaching staff needs to be overhauled big-time, secondly develope some shooters... The last one is Matta mentioned in an NY times article that he's basically handicap so he made need to give serious thought to calling it quits...
Comment 22 Mar 2015
The man who win the NC, the man who just happened to comeback to school.. That man is 12 Gauge..
Comment 21 Mar 2015
He gone.. This team will be a better shooting team next year which will negate his loss to a degree..
Comment 17 Mar 2015
I can't see the Buckeyes pulling this one off, I hope I'm wrong...