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Comment 14 hours ago
I'm all for giving coaches an ample amount of time to start winning but I believed then as I do now that Strong is in way over his head Texas...
Comment 27 Nov 2014
The only "delusional" fan I see here is you "becool".. These student athletes had all the air and opportunities to make it happen on the field and off it.. They will be honored on senior day and they can go on with their lives and prospective careers.. What's wrong with that?? When Urban first got here he let it be known you weren't going to just sit around and take up scholarship space.. Either you were going contribute or he was going sit you down and work out some type of resolution that was beneficial to both the school and the player.. How the hell is that wrong???How the hell is that even close to "releasing a player"???
Comment 25 Nov 2014
EXACTLY! !!! Those asshats up north don't have anything to play for nor do the coaches, they're looking to start some stuff.. If anything I'm telling my team to watch and have each others back not "well if ya retaliate your off the team"??? You've just emboldened your opponent to start some mess because they now know you're not going to do nothing and lord knows these big10 refs are blind idiots.. You mark my words this game will be way more closer than it should with Meyer telling the team that garbage....
Comment 25 Nov 2014
With Meyer running round saying he'll "kick guys off the team for fighting" is setting this game up to be much more closer than it should be... The Ohio state needs to go into that game with the mentality of destroying scUM, not thinking if somebody punches me or a teammate I might put off the team... These big10 refs are freaking HORRIBLE and so what now your assuming they're going to call a fair game when they've sucked balls all year??? Hell if anything I'm telling my guys to do the same thing they did to Dontre last to do it to Gardner??? Turnabout is fair play, it was alright when he as coach of UF and did it to UGA what they did what they did to them in regards to the celebration...
Comment 22 Nov 2014
The offense gotta stop turning the ball over..
Comment 22 Nov 2014
I've always thought there were some bucks fans that are or were scUM fans and on the surface it makes since.. I reckon most of them live in the northern part of Ohio because when scUM was good they were getting alot of players from that part... Also you going to always have that girly man fan who always "likes both teams"... Any tOSU that likes or admirers those scUMmy bastards is a traitor....
Comment 22 Nov 2014
I barely survived the Cooper years and scUM can go straight to hell...
Comment 19 Nov 2014
If he is commenting on the big10 via a partnership with Fox that still doesn't give him a right to come on the network and bash the only title contender in tOSU??? He said what he said so loudly, angrily and with such a passionate fervor I had to question whether I was watching the big10 network or the sec network... It truly was unbelievable... I guess the bigger question is why in the hell would let this clown come on the network in any compacity???
Comment 19 Nov 2014
Exactly!!!!! Forde was just on the network calling the only fucking title contender tOSU overated all the while talking up the sec west????? I'm so pissed off that they would let him do that right to big10 fans faces???? To hell with the big10 network they will never get my respect because of what I just watched!!!!
Comment 19 Nov 2014
There are folks in the big10 office's and that work for the network who hate tOSU and don't want tOSU in the inaugural play-off.... Before folks say that it's not true or the big10 stands to get paid a lot of money etc etc.. Remember the big10 is litteraly killing it revenue wise and so that's why you see freaking ESPIN recently giving tOSU love and the big10 network is steady saying they don't want tOSU in the play-off.... The big10 network was doing it last year saying when tOSU was undefeated how they didn't want tOSU to play for a national championship... Forde today said tOSU was overrated, could you imagine somebody from pac12 or sec networks saying that... This clown was talking up the sec on the big10 network??? The big10 network is a fucking joke....
Comment 17 Nov 2014
Until Mensa wins a playoff game or bowl he nor anybody on this staff sanz coach Warner deserves to be look at as a head coach right now.. Coordinators like Scott Frost, Chad Morris and Lane Kiffin will get a sniff before he will...
Comment 17 Nov 2014
I put no atleast for now because that VaTech is THE WORST loss of any team in the top 10 and it ain't close.. If something can happen in the next couple of weeks, maybe I'll change my mind but as of right now no...
Comment 16 Nov 2014
I would expect nothing else to be said by a crap player on a crap team who play in a crap conference like the big10 sanz tOSU... Say what you will about the sec but at least they stick together whereas in the big10 everyone loathes each other and look where all that hate gets ya...
Comment 15 Nov 2014
No not really, hell Gordon could go for 200+ and I wouldn't be worried because wisky can't pass gas let alone down field...
Comment 15 Nov 2014
Jalin will be ok I'd bet the farm his fumbling day back there are over and done with after Urban gets on him at this weeks practice...
Comment 15 Nov 2014
I personally wouldn't ever tweet at a player in any sport for any reason other than positive reinforcement.. With that being said when you have a Twitter account and play major college sports or pro sports you open yourself up to this crap when you're have an awful day at the office... If you don't wanna be criticised then either make your account private or log-out and off because folks are crazy nowadays...