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Comment 21 hours ago
I hate that the team maybe losing Braxton but if that comes to pass they're 3 things that need to be resolved now or within the next couple of weeks.. 1. Is Braxton "officially" done for the season?? Because I don't think either qb needs to be looking over their shoulder thinking about a qb in Braxton that may or may not play.. The team and the fans I'm sure need and will want to get behind 1 guy rather that's Cardale or JT.. 2. The Ohio State needs to clearly state rather or not Braxton is red shirting or leaving for NFL?? Personally I think he should get the surgery, rehab, hire an agent, get with George Whitfield and try and convince scouts he's draftable as a short term back-up and long term starter.. 3. Don't limit whoever the eventual starter maybe.. Both of these guys JT and Cardale have been in this system for 2 years and I expect for them to play like it.. GO BUCKS.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
Though I'm hopeful I just can't see Braxton winning it, he's just can't stay healthy.. There's rumors going around now that he may not even play in the Navy game, in practice he's been very limited with shoulder problems... I hope the Bucks make it into the 4 team playoff but I also hope Braxton can stay healthy..
Comment 13 Aug 2014
I don't believe that's the reason why but best of luck to the young man..
Comment 11 Aug 2014
I voted no but alot of the things lost on offense can be replaced by a good defense ie int's/fumble recoveries for td's. Special teams atleast for me were a definite sore spot .. There were atleast 5-6 punt and ko returns for td's that almost happened, that always helps a team.. With all these night games punts and ko returns for td's breaks momentum and get the team hyped...
Comment 05 Aug 2014
His hs highlights also say he should stay at lb.. He is very athletic and will contribute right away on speacial teams...
Comment 22 Jul 2014
In game adjustments were null and void last year and that has to change. .. The coaching staff as a whole were horrendous when it came to stopping the offensive onslaught of some teams last year.. If coach Ash can help with that problem alone this can/will be a good to great defense. ..
Comment 21 Jul 2014
If somebody says "I'm taking my talent to etc. etc.." one more time I'm going to scream.. Just say I'm going to Auburn. .. Dammit Lebron!!!
Comment 15 Jul 2014
I am absolutely TERRIBLE when it comes to predictions but my hope is that this team is mentally strong enough to get through the ups and downs of a season and make it a memorable one..
Comment 13 Jul 2014
PSU will win about 3 games tops.. No way they win "8-9" games they have no talent outside their te's and qb and litteraly no depth. Hack wont make it to through the whole season, this years PSU team is doomed...
Comment 11 Jul 2014
To me it's not necessarily can Braxton stay healthy in regards to the NFL it's are you tough enough??? Braxton reminds me alot of Steve Mcnair who was legendary for playing hurt and being a qb who plays through pain.. He like Braxton also was a quiet leader you would never really see him as a ra ra type pro... Braxton has to prove that when he gets hit he won't fold like a cheap suit or he's liable to never see the field as pro qb in any meaningful way.