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Comment 15 May 2015
Tom Brady, Christian Latener, Kobe, Tiger, Desmond Howard...
Comment 09 May 2015
Watching OSU with Cooper at the helm made me destroy 2 television's and one rotator cuff...
Comment 25 Apr 2015
The call for Beamer to step down will be deafining after the bucks roll into Blacksburg and destroys them... Hell they know it.. Hokie fans are already pining for Rich Rod as their next coach because him and the school has shown mutual interest in each other...
Comment 19 Apr 2015
This won't ever happen again on Urban Meyer's watch, so ND should temporarily feel happy...
Comment 19 Apr 2015
Make no mistake about it this really hurts but I have a sneaking suspicion that this won't happen again on Urbans watch... Urban will see through whatever recruiting mistakes may have been made on him and the staffs part and adjust quickly... As a side note Kelly will be in the NFL by this time next year mark it down...
Comment 13 Apr 2015
The kids are Catholics and so going to ND doesn't surprise me one bit.. With that being said Notre Dame's problem is they haven't had any impact playmakers since Holtz last roamed the sidelines... When ND steals a Damario McCall or the Ted Ginns or Devin Smith's wake me up and that ain't happening no time soon..