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Comment 14 Sep 2014
Lol!!! Also the same coaching staff that going back to last year has lost 3 of 6 games and by all rights should be 1 and 5 with that lone win over this weeks opponent KSU... You hold on to your loyalty I'll stick with reality and the reality of the matter is this team along with this overpaid coaching staff will lose a couple more this season...
Comment 13 Sep 2014
SMDH???? Tech is down in the first quarter to ECU 21 - 0???? This tells me all I need to know about Urban and his staff and it ain't good..
Comment 12 Sep 2014
The Ohio State needs this bye week coming up... Hopefully the playcalling improves..
Comment 10 Sep 2014
In Toledo in a van down by the river!!
Comment 10 Sep 2014
No it's just you being as emotional as a battered woman... Stick to football and stay out the gossip line dude..
Comment 09 Sep 2014
Well they're rumors floating around that Herman's a strong candidate for the now vacant SMU job... Lets all hope he gets it...
Comment 08 Sep 2014
Lol!!! A couple of loses like the one on Saturday and folks won't have to ask for Meyer to be fired... He'll already have his bags packed and headed back to Bristol because he will resigned....
Comment 30 Aug 2014
Let's face facts??? Urban wasn't really trying to go in there and bury future U.S. troops.. Ohio state was trying to work out some kinks and see what they have as far as playmakers going foward.. I will say this... As much as I love our troops having served in the army myself I don't wanna see another triple option team play the bucks in my lifetime... They give them and me fits...
Comment 23 Aug 2014
This could be one of Urbans most trying years as a coach.. I hope he can pull a rabbit out of his hat and show buckeye nation why he's considered one of the best coaches in football like we all believe he is....
Comment 19 Aug 2014
I hate that the team maybe losing Braxton but if that comes to pass they're 3 things that need to be resolved now or within the next couple of weeks.. 1. Is Braxton "officially" done for the season?? Because I don't think either qb needs to be looking over their shoulder thinking about a qb in Braxton that may or may not play.. The team and the fans I'm sure need and will want to get behind 1 guy rather that's Cardale or JT.. 2. The Ohio State needs to clearly state rather or not Braxton is red shirting or leaving for NFL?? Personally I think he should get the surgery, rehab, hire an agent, get with George Whitfield and try and convince scouts he's draftable as a short term back-up and long term starter.. 3. Don't limit whoever the eventual starter maybe.. Both of these guys JT and Cardale have been in this system for 2 years and I expect for them to play like it.. GO BUCKS.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
Though I'm hopeful I just can't see Braxton winning it, he's just can't stay healthy.. There's rumors going around now that he may not even play in the Navy game, in practice he's been very limited with shoulder problems... I hope the Bucks make it into the 4 team playoff but I also hope Braxton can stay healthy..