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Comment 03 Feb 2012

Ok, we really need to start photoshopping BB's face on babies. He is the biggest hippocrate douche bag I've ever seen. He's like that 13 year old troll on the internet trying to get a rise out of everyone. Hey BB, worry about your own team for once. You do not represent the B1G.

Comment 28 Nov 2011

As Conan the Barbarian would say, Urban shall now crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentation of their women. Time to drink the sweet tears of woe and misery of the rest of the Big Ten.

Comment 28 Nov 2011

I agree. 11W beat everyone else to the punch on this one. Hopefully people will start taking blogs more seriously (except spb).

Comment 26 Nov 2011

I believe this is the caption picture you're looking for. Kudos to Reddit for getting this up so fast.

Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Nov 2011

Hate to be a grammar nazi, but there are several "effects" in there that should be "affects"

Other than that, yey recruiting!

Comment 22 Nov 2011

Once again, 11w proves it's worth. Nothing about this on ESECPN yet. Thanks for breaking the story! Let's all hope it's true!

Comment 21 Oct 2011

You have to take anything the Lantern writes about Jim Tressel with a grain of salt. 

Why? Well, The Lantern is written by a bunch of 18-22 year olds believing they're actual journalists. These 18-22 year olds were not old enough to remember the John Cooper era and how much of a change occured when Jim Tressel took over.

They probably don't remember the 7-4 season, the loss to Michigan or any other hiccups along the way. Did we blame the poor performance on John Cooper leaving the program worse off? No, we blaimed the fact it was a rebuilding year. These children got spoiled with winning. They somehow expect that college dynasties continue forever without end. It's a fact, programs go through ups and downs, and right now we're going through our downs.

They need to quit bashing the man who did raise Ohio State's national profile. Yes, he tarnished the reputation with all the violations, but really? worse off than before? I doubt that. Before Tressel, we were the flashy team who always choked during the Michigan game. After him, we turned Michigan into the whipping boy.

We're a young team. We're not going to be in the duldrums forever. Ohio State has such a large national reputation because of Jim Tressel that our recruiting will still be strong for years to come. I hardly doubt we'll turn into the Notre Dame of football where people think we're such a great program yet recruit untalented players and pretend we're good.

The Lantern's "journalists" need to read history before writing sensationalist bull shit just to give away more free copies. This is why adults never listen to the youth when they make stupid claims without presenting good evidence. 

Whether you think Jim Tressel is a good man or not is irrelevant to how Ohio State's national pressence was defenitily improved after he arrived on campus.