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Comment 15 Nov 2014

He is lucky he gets to learn a valuable lesson throught a win instead of a loss.  And to whoever is tweeting this crap should be ashamed of yourself.  I hope you are all gambling addicts who lost a LOT of money, because at least than it would make a little sense.  Either way, it must suck to have to live with yourselves. 

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Guys, I like night games, but there could be a 20 degree differential between a noon start and 8pm start.  We could have a situation where it is so cold that it somewhat mitigates our huge advantage on offense.  That is the ONLY reason I am against a night game.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I think this is going to be a big issue.  To those who are criticizing 11W for publishing this....stop blame shifting.  You are upset because this could be a train wreck where you hate all but the least likely scenarios.  Braxton loves the Buckeyes, but if his shoulder is healed, and he hasn't given up on being an NFL quarterback, this could be situated before the spring.  I'm so confused because I want what's best for the Buckeyes, but also for these two young men, and I don't even know what that is.  

Comment 22 Oct 2014

This is a horrible comment, and definitely racist, but I don't think that a lot of these people that say crap like this are actually living their lives as racists.  I think they sit in their parents basements feeling all safe and try to be as hurtful to that individual as possible, and if you are black, the N word would probably be the most hurtful.  I know this isn't politically correct to say, and I'm not even saying we need to distinguish the two, I just don't think there are as many actual honest to god racists as it may seem from the anonymous drivel you see on the internet.  That being said, with as sensitive as our culture is right now with race, this has got to be one of the most damaging things you can do as a person, regardless of how you feel about a particular race.

Comment 22 Aug 2014
It's hard to predict this one. Miller and Pryor were bigger talents by far their freshmen seasons, but the strength of their game was not their mind and maturity. If JT can step it up in that dept., than we could easily do better than both those years, but if it proves too much for him, we could lose 3-4 easy. Honestly really hard to tell which way this goes, but the things being said about JT give me optimism
Comment 27 Jul 2014

When was the last time someone was murdered directly due to an OSU-Michigan game, and a national news story was written about it?  I think she is right.  People in the south be crazy!  I am crazy serious about OSU football, but being a fanatic and being bat shit crazy are two different things.  The south wins in the latter category by a long shot.  You always want to be #1, and even as a fan base, I think OSU can dance with anyone.  But we have to come to terms with the Big 10.  This is not its finest hour.  I think we are a few years away, but we should come back to one of the top conferences, in terms of performance. 

Comment 14 Jan 2014

I'm pretty sure every coach in the country would like to play man press coverage, and all the best defenses every year are of an aggressive variety.  Problem is, if you don't have the talent/skill to back it up, than you get burned long and hard all day.  Scheme wasn't as much of an issue as some people talk about, unless you're talking about picking one and sticking with it.  Hopefully most of the issues are erased this year. If we got burned deep all year because of man press, we'd be crying for a zone right now. 

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I am upset we lost.  I was mad at C Brown for dropping that ball.  But I also know it sure is a lot harder to perform when the pressure is HUGE, and the pressure at that moment was.  He messed up, blame to go around, we still had a great shot to win the game.  They are the best players available with eligibility, and we should love them.  The only great plays those haters will ever make is on x-box.  I hope the players realize that almost all of us truly support them and love them, and they will always be a real part of Buckeye Nation.  I'm hoping most of the bastards that tweeted those things are either covert Michigan fans or ex Buckeye fans.  We sure don't need em. 

Comment 16 Dec 2013
I disagree with the second part.... I thought we played a bad game, except for oline and Hyde. But they are a good team. Hopefully better than Stanford.
Comment 12 Dec 2013

I am going to the game, and I can't say I am looking forward to halftime now :/  Looks like a good time to wait in line for food/drink. 

Comment 11 Dec 2013

We are the best program in the country that is not in the SEC.  You could argue Texas, but I would kill that argument.. Anyway, we don't fit the  ESPN moneygrab storyline, so that explains the media, and we have the at the very worst the top 2 fanbase in the country.  What other team is also hated?  Notre Dame, who also has a top 2 fanbase.  Those are the reasons... IMO. 

Comment 09 Dec 2013

That's a little over the top... UFM isn't going anywhere, and he doesn't have to.  He lost a game.  He needs to make changes, for sure, totally agree, but everything else you said?   C'mon...

Comment 09 Dec 2013

In all honesty, our defense needs some help, but...... if our offense plays like they can last week, we still win that game.  Fault goes to both sides of the ball.  My heart breaks for Carlos Hyde... he was a wrecking ball, and he deserves better from our coaches. 

Comment 30 Nov 2013
Combination of poor tackling, missed assignments, and a poorly called game. We should be able to fix all of these things. We can't fix some weaknesses in the secondary, but we can cover it up with pressure. We can be drastically better, and have been drastically better. Just know we can't have this type of performance again if we want to keep winning.
Comment 30 Nov 2013

I like to analyze the games, and what are these forums for if we can't do that.  We are all happy we won, if we didn't, I would be too drunk to see straight right now, and not wanting to talk to anyone.  However, I believe the defensive issues can be fixed, to a certain degree, and we will need that to happen to win next week, and also the NCG.  With our offense, and a good defensive performance, which we are capable of, we can win this damn title.  Let's talk about it.  Go Bucks!  Love the win, but this effort will not make us National Champs.