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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every time I step into the Horseshoe, the 1997 Rose Bowl, the entirety of the 2002 season (especially "Holy Buckeye", The Game, winning the National Championship), the 2006 season - pre-disaster in the desert, the Game of the Century in 2006, the 2010 Rose Bowl victory against "unstoppable" Oregon, the next decade of CFB dominance under Urban Meyer.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith, Anthony Gonzalez, AJ Hawk, Andy Katenmoyer, hopefully Braxton Miller
  • NFL TEAM: Green Bay Packers
  • NHL TEAM: I assume this is a joke?
  • NBA TEAM: San Antonio Spurs
  • MLB TEAM: The 1997 Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Never heard of it.

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Comment 27 Mar 2015
Minimal time commitment? Obviously you've never spent 6 out of 8 hours of a work day on Eleven Warriors, pouring over every stat and detail from the previous Saturday's game, followed of course by the rage and ranting on the Internet that comes after the Buckeyes fall 3 spots in the polls despite winning by 50. Minimal time commitment, my ass.
Comment 20 Mar 2015
Although I grew up in Columbus until age 16 and now live near Seattle, I spent many of the years between in Texas, which has some of the finest Mexican, Burgers and Bbq fast food know to man. My favorite is a tie between Taco Bueno and Chicken Express, two places that you won't find outside of Texas or maybe Oklahoma. For that I feel sorry for all of you unaware. Worst would have to be McDonald's for me, although they do have good fries. If I have to eat there, I'll eat one of the premium chicken club sandwiches; why anyone would ever eat any of their "beef", though is beyond my miniscule abilities of comprehension.
Comment 13 Mar 2015
I don't think anyone is calling Hairbag a loser, but most TTUN fans seriously believe that his resume - that of a super bowl loss, two NFC Championship game losses and zero titles - was on par or greater than that of Urban Meyer. They really are delusional, which is something we can all agree on.
Comment 13 Mar 2015
Holy shit, what a perfect moniker for Hairbag. Basically a guy that got everyone all excited for a few minutes then flamed out miserably. Jimmer. Haha.
Comment 13 Mar 2015
If anything, Tennessee fans should be beating the poop out of their own damn quarterback. Or themselves, for being UT fans.
Comment 02 Mar 2015
So, much like the last time PSU lost a highly rated recruit named "Terrell" to Ohio State, this is probably the part where Penn State fans start running their mouths about how they didn't want him anyway and how he wouldn't be able to "compete" in James Franklin's system. I guess that's about all one has to look forward to, when one is a Penn State fan...
Comment 28 Feb 2015
If you're a TTUN fan, yeah.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
This is a tough question. On one hand, I don't see Urban coaching here another 10 years, given his track record, but then again, he is home. THIS is his Holy Grail, as well as his family's. Realistically, I'd say 5 more years, but I don't think he'd go to another college team after. Maybe the NFL, simply because I don't see Urban Frank Meyer retiring to the golf course before age 60. He's too competitive. He would be driving Shelley nuts. All I know is that THIS is the golden age of Buckeye football and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. We see from our smelly and arrogant neighbors to the north that even the blue blood teams in CFB can backslide into mediocrity.
Comment 27 Feb 2015
Buckeye Pastor, under normal circumstances, you'd be right regarding the expectations at Ohio State. But you seem to be ignoring the PRIMARY reasons for this season being so incredible and unexpected, Braxton getting hurt and then JT Barrett playing like a seasoned vet - followed of course by JT Barrett getting hurt and Cardale Jones playing out of his mind. Anyone that actually expected Barrett or Jones to play the way that they did - without ANY previous tape on either guy against legit college competition - I think is being unreasonable and disingenuous. You're right that we have the talent and resources to compete for titles every year, but what Urban did this year was absolutely legendary and no one saw it coming.
Comment 23 Feb 2015
True, but Alabama and Oregon both knew what was coming, Oregon and the counter trey, in particular, yet they couldn't even make a dent. So, at that point, what's the difference? Was the Tressel era Dave play just not executed as well? Or were these power concepts under Urban Meyer simply schematically superior to the old Dave play? Or was this 2014 team just that much better that they could run it down opposing team's throats, even when they knew it was coming?
Comment 23 Feb 2015
Brig, I agree that a few of the games this year weren't pretty, but our offense was dominant all year long. Go watch the 2012 Indiana game or Cal game. Aside from the occasional 60 yard Braxton TD or Devin Smith 50 yard bomb, that offense was painful to watch. And don't forget that the defense that year required a fullback to convert to MLB to stop the bleeding caused by inexperience and injuries. No way does the 2012 team beat this year's Wisconsin team in the B1G Championship Game, or Bama or Oregon.
Comment 22 Feb 2015

I'd have to say 2010 gets the nod at #2, based on sheer talent. If not for a couple of awful quarters in Madison, that team very well could have gone undefeated and won the championship. 

2012 was obviously great for a lot of reasons, most importantly the fact that it helped cleanse us of the filth that was the 2011 season. That said, I think the final 12-0 record somewhat overstates how good that team was. Certainly they got better throughout the season, and there were occasional flashes of brilliance (Nebraska, most notably), but I've watched several of those games over (Indiana, Cal), and it's amazing how limited they were offensively. The playbook consisted of Braxton right, Braxton left, the occasional deep bomb to Devin Smith and then Braxton scrambling after going through 1-2 reads. 2012 will always have a special place in my heart, but I think a lot of folks forget how much that team struggled at times, so I don't think they can reasonably be placed at #2...

Comment 22 Feb 2015

I said this in the Skull Session, but it bears repeating. I am so proud to have had guys like Mike Bennett wear the Scarlet and Gray. Anyone ever spewing the outdated notion that "Urban only plays/recruits thugs" needs to listen to Michael Bennet or JT Barrett or Darron Lee or Evan Spencer in an interview. Not only are they all amazing athletes, they are all articulate and intelligent and unbelievable representatives of The Ohio State University. 

Comment 22 Feb 2015

I'm sure they already are, according to people like Clay Travis. 

Comment 22 Feb 2015

Holy shit do I love Michael Bennet. I am really going to miss that guy.

Oh, and anyone who likes to throw out the tired narrative that "Urban only plays thugs", go listen to Josh Perry or Evan Spencer or JT Barrett or Darron Lee or Michael Bennett in an interview. Incredibly articulate and intelligent guys, every one of them. Guys like that make me proud as hell to be a Buckeye. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

The Internet  MgoBlog is generally a cesspool of absolute shit, this is our corner and community. Good job team.

Fixed that for ya. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

I wasn't around for the conversation last night, but looking back at the timeline and the overwhelmingly positive and supportive nature of the responses 618 got from people here, all I can say is that this site is fucking amazing. Anyone that thinks that Buckeye fans - and 11W Buckeye fans, in particular - only care about football is wrong. We definitely take care of our own and it feels good to be a part of such a caring community. Glad you're alright, 618. 

Comment 18 Feb 2015
Lovely Molly is also a good one. You mentioned a lot of great ones.
Comment 18 Feb 2015
Great topic, as I love horror movies. Agree with the Woman In Black; very well made period horror flick. I'm not usually into movies set in the early 1900s, but this was an exception. One of my favorite modern horror films is Sinister, which is extremely bleak and has a lot of supernatural umdertones, my favorite. If you want really fucked up "found footage", ala the Blair Witch, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Last Exorcism, which is my all time favorite horror film. Not the second one, which sucks. Another film I love is Grave Encounters, which is also a "found footage" style flick, albeit a well made One. It gives it an even scarier feel because it feels more like real life and less like an expensive Hollywood production. My two cents.
Comment 17 Feb 2015
Oregon will be talented, but I agree that they take a step back without a proven leader at QB. Don't forget that the Pac 12 is gonna be LOADED this year also.