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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every time I step into the Horseshoe, the 1997 Rose Bowl, the entirety of the 2002 season (especially "Holy Buckeye", The Game, winning the National Championship), the 2006 season - pre-disaster in the desert, the Game of the Century in 2006, the 2010 Rose Bowl victory against "unstoppable" Oregon, the next decade of CFB dominance under Urban Meyer.
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Comment 21 hours ago
I agree that population shift isn't the ONLY reason the B1G is down, but to pretend that it doesn't have a major impact is simply naive. If population shift and outsourcing of blue collar manufacturing jobs can decimate once thriving major cities like Cleveland, Milwaukee and Detroit, it absolutely has a huge effect on college football recruiting and performance. The southern conferences have all of the population and weather advantages, as well as a much more relaxed moral standard. They also have MUCH better coaching than the B1G.
Comment 22 hours ago
Horvath, I'm with you on this, but I always see you calling people out for being "emotional" rather than having thoughtful and insightful commentary. I, too, wish we could all be educated scholars of college football, but you would do well to remember that this is a MESSAGE BOARD and not an Ivy League cigar and brandy lounge. I love all of the Buckeye commentary here, including some of the Neanderthal-like angry outbursts that folks occasionally have. This is a place for us to release our thoughts and frustration, some of which we can't share with real life adults without fear of doing time in state prison. Accept it for what it is, which is a damn bit better than even the best internet cesspool frequented by PSU and Michigan fans.
Comment 22 hours ago
Fear the Nut, you make a good point, although I think this week's laughable AP Poll underscores the point the writer is trying to make. There are evidently 7 teams worthy of top 15 consideration from the mighty SEC, whereas there is ONE from the B1G. Yes, one. So, although it might be total horse shit, the perception is that teams like Ole Miss are on part with the best team in the B1G, which at least convinces the uneducated morons sucking at the ESPN teet that the SEC is dominant from top to bottom. Hell, even Vanderbilt was a top 10 program a few years ago and when was the last time their B1G equivalents (Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue) were ranked that highly, much less within spitting distance of the top 25?
Comment 07 Dec 2013
Never been there, but I spend a fair amount of time on Black Shoe Diaries. Penn State fans are almost as delusional as ScUM fans.
Comment 07 Dec 2013
I read MGoblog mostly for the schadenfreude, since that's the only thing the site is good for. The writing and analysis there is laughable, at best. The fact that the blog's owner feels a need to write a lengthy self-righteous diatribe threatening to ban anyone who disagrees with him is pretty pathetic, although to be fair, he is dealing with the bottom of the barrel in terms of internet communities. As far as the forum posters go, lets just say that they strongly reinforce my absolute hatred of ScUM fans; 99% of them are utterly delusional and they're all incredibly irritating. I can honestly say that their joke of a team is exactly what they deserve.
Comment 04 Dec 2013
Marcus is going to be one of the all time great OSU backs! I expect him to fill the hole that Carlos leaves after graduation this year. Now its just a matter of whether Marcus Hyde can beat out EzE for the starting job... /s
Comment 01 Dec 2013

Why are the Mods not banning trolls like this? This idiot is in every thread saying asinine things like this and getting hundreds of DV's. The guy adds nothing to any topic and has no reason not to get his shit banned.

Comment 30 Nov 2013
Here goes Brad Edwards, already greasing the rails for Auburn to pass us. Fucking bull shit, but it still won't happen.
Comment 20 Nov 2013
Wildbear, perhaps reading comprehension isn't your strong suit. Pretty sure it was stated IN DETAIL by Ramzy what about it is unfair. Having our team dropped several times in the rankings this year AFTER resounding wins is unfair. Criticizing a team that put up 60 points on the road is unfair. Oh, and the team that passed Ohio State in the AP poll this week won by an almost identical margin, yet they "rolled", while our Buckeyes "survived". Pretty sure all of those things are specific enough.
Comment 17 Nov 2013

Dude, the announcers in the game were incessantly talking up the fact that Ohio State had "struggled" and would get passed over by Baylor or Stanford. Then of course every other ESPN talking head used our game as an opportunity to disrespect our conference and completely ignore a 22-game win streak. Stop pretending that Buckeye fans are making this up.

Comment 17 Nov 2013

I wish you were right, Buckeye Rocket, but I seem to recall shutting down a potent Oregon team in the Rose Bowl and doing the same to a highly ranked SEC team in the Sugar Bowl. How did that work out for us, perception wise?

Comment 17 Nov 2013

I know the AP is completely irrelevant, but goddamn does this piss me off. How in the holy hell does Baylor pass Ohio State after allowing almost the exact same number of points? My god, this is just fucking laughable at this point.

Comment 16 Nov 2013
I absolutely agree. I've been a Buckeye since I was 10 years ago, which was coincidentally the year before Eddie's Heisman. Carlos Hyde is right behind Eddie, and would have had an opportunity to place himself alongside the great Buckeye RB's, if not for the "scandal" and coaching change two years ago.
Comment 11 Nov 2013

I thought this too, at first. But, much like the first several games last year, UFM made it very clear to all who watch his team that he expects high level football, which quite frankly, we are just now starting to see out of all three phases of Ohio State football. Now that the team has proven to coach what they are capable of, he will 100% go to bat for his team in the media.

Comment 09 Nov 2013
Utterly laughable! Sadly, the SEC gets a pass because "Omg, the SEC conference schedule is sooooo difficult". I really hope that this gets considered when the playoff selection committee starts next year.
Comment 08 Nov 2013
I currently live in Seattle, which is a pretty cool place to be. I run into a lot of Buckeye fans, and even those who aren't (WSU and UW fans) hate Oregon and the SEC. No complaints at all.
Comment 07 Nov 2013
Dude, I get what you are saying, but holding a team like Oregon - a legit team who averages FIFTY FIVE points a game - to no points this long, while running it down their throats on every damn play? You're goddamn right it's impressive.