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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every time I step into the Horseshoe, the 1997 Rose Bowl, the entirety of the 2002 season (especially "Holy Buckeye", The Game, winning the National Championship), the 2006 season - pre-disaster in the desert, the Game of the Century in 2006, the 2010 Rose Bowl victory against "unstoppable" Oregon, the next decade of CFB dominance under Urban Meyer.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith, Anthony Gonzalez, AJ Hawk, Andy Katenmoyer, hopefully Braxton Miller
  • NFL TEAM: Green Bay Packers
  • NHL TEAM: I assume this is a joke?
  • NBA TEAM: San Antonio Spurs
  • MLB TEAM: The 1997 Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Never heard of it.

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Comment 10 Feb 2016
Obviously that's because the SEC schedule is such a grind, their OOC schedules get bumped up in quality just by proxy. Besides, what does it matter who your OOC opponents are when you play 27 ranked SEC teams in conference every season?
Comment 10 Feb 2016
Knarcisi is right; Iowa plays a garbage schedule every single year. And yes, I know ours sucked last year, but when's the last time you saw Iowa play a ranked team out of conference? It's probably been at least a decade. Kudos to a team like Wisconsin for scheduling the big boys; they might get beat every time, but I respect the initiative.
Comment 08 Feb 2016

So, did all of the people bashing Newton in this thread do the same thing after Zeke's rant following the MSU loss? I'm not the biggest Newton fan, but he's young and he didn't handle the most crushing loss of his career as good as he should have. My guess is that he'll probably end up learning a lot from all of this, just like Zeke did. 

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Was just about to post this. U2 was the best show, by far. 

The worst, hands down, was the Black Eyed Peas a few years back. Absolutely terrible performance, though I don't know why anyone would expect otherwise. 

Comment 06 Feb 2016
Another reason I dislike 1999 is because that was the year of my first Buckeye game, which turned out to be a waxing at the hands of Wisconsin and Ron Dayne.
Comment 06 Feb 2016
2011 was pretty bad, but 1999 and 2000 were also terrible. We go from being a hair away from the 1998 NC to missing a bowl game and losing to SC the subsequent year. As someone alluded to above, the 1999 and 2000 teams were some of the least likeable rosters in Buckeye history. Steve Bellisari? Ken Yon Rambo? Yeesh.
Comment 03 Feb 2016
Another cute stunt. I love the recent ESPN article, where Urban basically says "yeah, we don't need to do that". Michigan is still selling hope; we're selling 50-4, a title and no fewer than 5 kids in this year's draft. You don't need quirky gimmicks when you have a record like ours.
Comment 03 Feb 2016
I don't think Saban is necessarily a better recruiter than Urban. He has the advantage of being in the south, where virtually every top 4 and 5 star prospect stays. Rarely do you see a stud 5 star player leave LA, Alabama or Mississippi for a northern school. We've had a bit of success with Florida and Georgia kids, but that's about it. Also, winning 4 of 7 championship trophies is a hell of a drug. So in that regard, maybe Saban is "better", but if you put Saban at Michigan and remove the inherent location and talent advantage and I don't think he automatically gets the #1 class every year.
Comment 02 Feb 2016
Extremely happy with the offensive haul, even though I'm still somewhat curious as to how the offense will evolve with a pocket passer like Haskins. We got some very talented defensive guys, but as mentioned above, defensive tackle still seems to be the Achilles heel for Ohio State recruiting. But, it's hard to be disappointed with what will almost certainly be a consensus top 3 class!
Comment 01 Feb 2016
Can't fault a kid for staying home, as much as it sucks. Some guys would rather be loyal to their hometown school, family and friends as opposed to playing for championships at a place like Ohio State. And that's just fine. Best of luck.
Comment 26 Jan 2016
I absolutely love Braxton Miller and always will. Think of all that the guy has been through and yet he STILL stayed true to Ohio State for 5 years and was a class act the entire way. That he never won a Heisman trophy or a national championship while healthy is a cruel fate undeserving of one of the most talented and classiest players to ever don the Scarlet and Gray. I hope he gets drafted in the top 2 rounds and gets paid serious bank. He damn sure deserves it.
Comment 25 Jan 2016
What about the DT who just decommitted from USC, Camp? Maybe it's just the timing of that with his offer from Ohio State, but I thought there was a good shot he'd end up a Buckeye? Also, no offense to Bruce, but I think we're absolutely solid on the WR-playmaker front for awhile. If Corey Smith is really getting another year, that'd be invaluable to this year's incredibly young team. Let's not forget that he came up huge in last year's playoff run and had a solid spring also. We could see big things from Corey this year. As long as we can close with Fuller, I'm good. Hell, even if we don't, we'll still have a consensus top 3 class.
Comment 21 Jan 2016

OP, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but 100% of Lawrence's Crystal Ball predictions have him going to LSU. Is that gospel? No, but I have to believe there would be a FEW people with information indicating otherwise. I'd be shocked if he picked Ohio State, at this point. Which is disappointing because of our lack of a dominant DT, but I think other incoming players and current players will step it up this year. 

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Now what good would that do? That would make a thread full of sunshine and roses, creating a false sense of security regarding his committment - making it all that much more of a gut punch if/when Lawrence goes to LSU. I'll pass. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

It's less of a counterpoint and more of a confirmation of exactly what Ramzy is trying to say: When Ohio State goes away from the run game - its bread and butter - especially against a tough opponent, we're much more likely to lose.