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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every time I step into the Horseshoe, the 1997 Rose Bowl, the entirety of the 2002 season (especially "Holy Buckeye", The Game, winning the National Championship), the 2006 season - pre-disaster in the desert, the Game of the Century in 2006, the 2010 Rose Bowl victory against "unstoppable" Oregon, the next decade of CFB dominance under Urban Meyer.
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Comment 13 hours ago
I am on my phone and thought that must have been a mistake on espn.com. How did that happen?
Comment 16 hours ago
Yeah, guys on message boards don't have "sources". There's no way this happens.
Comment 16 hours ago
I am incredibly proud of CJ and how far he's come in his Buckeye journey. I'll be honest, at the beginning of the year when reports indicated that he'd be the #2 behind Braxton, it didn't make me feel great. All I knew, admittedly, we're the negative things and headlines, which were heavily publicized. Of course, what we didn't hear was how damn hard he's worked over the last couple years, even when he had no shot of actually playing. More importantly, his maturity has grown exponentially, as is obvious by his calm, level headed responses to this media inundation; which, for a guy who has started all of one game, should be overwhelming him. The fact that he acts like he's been here 100 times before is a testament to his growth and the unbelievable coaching job our staff has done. Our smelly neighbors to the north are elated right now, and are already clearing out space for their new Heisman and championship trophies, but good luck getting past this Buckeye team. We've never had it so good, fellas.
Comment 20 hours ago

I'm not cherry-picking a couple of comments, but am instead referencing an entire thread which attempts to paint the picture that there's chaos in Buckeye land due to this hire. Certainly there are some more positive comments in that thread, at least as positive as a TTUN fan can be towards the Buckeyes, but there have certainly been a decent number of posters there who seem to see perceive Buckeye Nation to be trembling in their boots at the thought of a Harbaugh-led Michigan team, which isn't a sentiment I've seen or heard from a single Buckeye fan. 

Maybe it's just excitement and the hubris that accompanies a hire of this magnitude; god knows we'd be insufferable if we had to go through 7 years of hell. I can only imagine what the 90s would have been like with Twitter and Facebook. 

Comment 22 hours ago

You're probably right, but it's more the principal of the matter. The SEC clearly has developed an "us vs. them" mentality, and although I'm not as much of a conference-supporting buffoon as many SEC fans, I do think there should be a little bit of an alliance amongst B1G teams when it comes to playing outside of conference. This really comes across as sour grapes to me, as my guess is a lot of the teams in our conference are tired of getting a mudhole stomped in them year in and year out. I guess they forgot that they could actually, you know, WIN a game against us every once in awhile? 

Comment 22 hours ago

You know what is so hilarious about all of this? There's a thread on Mgoblog claiming that everyone on 11W is panicking about this hire. Has ANYONE here been concerned about TTUN's new coach? If anything, we're happy to finally (maybe) have a rivalry again. 

They're almost as fucking delusional as Penn State fans. Then again, these are the same people claiming that Harbaugh is an infinitely better coach than Urban Meyer, because losing two NFC Championships and one Super Bowl trump 2 national championships, apparently. 

Comment 23 hours ago

First of all, I wouldn't put much stock in Harbaugh's recruiting classes at Stanford. It's a touch school to get into, so you're simply not going to see as many ELITE athletes elect to go there - or even get offered, for that matter. 

As far as the man himself, there's no doubt that he can coach. He's had success everywhere he's been, although he hasn't quite crossed the championship hump yet. What sets him apart as a candidate is his relatively young age and competitive fire. He'll be a welcome change to the stodgy Big Ten, who needs more top flight coaches like Urban and Harbaugh. I feel bad for MSU and Penn State - and ESPECIALLY Rutgers and Maryland, who have to literally be shitting in their pants at the thought of having to play both Meyer and Harbaugh each year. 

Comment 23 hours ago

Ha, don't tell that to TTUN fans. They all legitimately believe that Harbaugh's 3 NFC Championship game appearances and 1 Super Bowl loss trump Urban's 2 National Championships. Freaking hilarious. 

Comment 23 hours ago

See, this pisses me off. I've been pulling for every B1G team in their bowl games thus far, and here these same teams are feeding information to the enemy? Fuck them. Yet another reason why this conference is a laughingstock; I promise you that some of it stems from the ass beatings B1G teams have gotten at the hands of the Buckeyes over the last 3 years. 

Someone above stated that the only reason the conference is even as relevant as it is now is due to Ohio State's sustained excellence and wins on the national stage/BCS bowl games, which is something few other teams in our conference have experienced. I agree 100% with that sentiment. I'd love to see other schools (looking at you, PSU, TTUN, Nebraska, Iowa) carry the torch as well, but hey, if you can't beat 'em, may as well rat them out to the enemy. 

Comment 23 hours ago

I get what you are saying, and I wasn't sure how we'd look in the B1G Champ. Game. I think a lot of us have been apprehensive this year about the big games, after what happened last year and against VT. That said, the way we played against MSU and Wisky definitely warrant optimism amongst Buckeye Nation. Granted, we haven't played a team as good as Bama yet (although MSU is close), but we've seen what these Buckeyes are capable of at full throttle. 

Comment 28 Dec 2014
Uh, no one cares if he is giddy or celebrating due to the hire. We only care because he's being a trolling jackass. I wish TTUN fans well, but there's no need for guys like this to come here and start shit completely unprovoked.
Comment 27 Dec 2014
So, would the OP like to reconsider his opinion, now that the B1G is 2-1 and Nebraska is playing tough against SC? I put more stock in Rutgers and Penn State win than the garbage Illinois trots out onto the field every week.